To Wish You A Happy Father's Day(for Shellie Burg's Father's Day Challenge)

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While she's on the phone with her dad and wishing him a Happy Father's Day,Willa McPherson tells him about Lucy Spiller and some of her other DirtNow co-workers.

Submitted: May 15, 2011

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Submitted: May 15, 2011



Hi,Dad.It's me.Willa McPherson.Your daughter?How's Mom doing?Oh,that's good.I'm glad that she's doing okay.Oh,I'm just calling to wish you a Happy Father's Day.Trust me,Dad.I also want to be there to celebrate the holiday with you and the rest of the family.It's just that I'm still working for one hell of a bitchy dragon lady right now!

I'm sorry to say that I'm not with you on that one,Dad.Lucy Spiller had a father.It's just that I had found out from her best friend Don Konkey that her father had committed suicide when she was only Fifteen years old.I know that I should feel sorry for her on a day like this.But with the way her workaholic attitude has been going so far,it really is hard for me to become good friends with her even outside the offices of DirtNow.

Trust me,Dad.I really do doubt that Mister Gibson Horne would be a good enough father figure for Lucy right now.Besides,she has enough on her plate to listen to him anyway.As a matter of fact,she would not even listen to our publisher Mister Brent Barrow.Yes,Dad.He's the one who had revealed that it was Prince Tyreese who had leaked the information about Aundre G being murdered by Tweetie McDaniel.

Well,Dad.I feel sorry for Prince Tyreese,too.But to tell you the truth,I really don't blame Brent for turning chicken shit!I mean Tweetie was about to have Brent's dick cut off,cooked and fed to him if he had not told Tweetie who Lucy's source was!No,Dad.I'm okay.Tweetie hasn't started targetting the rest of us yet.

Look,Dad.I know that you're worried about me right now.And to tell the truth,I really don't blame you to be.But you don't have to worry about me.I'll be just fine.Yes,Dad.I could still take good care of myself.You just enjoy your special day.What's that?No,Dad.I really don't think that Courteney Cox would be interested in stepping out with a guy like you.

For one thing,you're old enough to be her father.And number two,she's still married to David Arquette.Plus the fact that you're still married to Mom.Yes,Dad.I know.'Even an old guy could dream'.Wholly shit!Sorry about that,Dad!It's just that I had looked at my watch and realized that I'm suppossed to be in a meeting with the rest of the DirtNow staff right now or Lucy would really be so pissed at me that I would have no choice but to get my ass kicked out of here!With any luck,I'll be able to see you soon.I love you too,Dad.Happy Father's Day.And don't forget to give Mom a nice kiss for me,okay?I really appreciate it,Dad.Love you too.'Bye.


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