vwpoem In The Local Cantina(for Virtual's Box Competition)

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A beautiful senorita steps into the local cantina and nearly causes a rift to form between two brothers.

Submitted: April 24, 2013

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Submitted: April 24, 2013



It was while I was playing my guitar with my brother

In the local cantina that I allowed myself to see her

Step inside and begin dancing her little salsa dance.


And at that moment, I had fallen into a deep trance

Because her beauty was indeed unlike any other.


But that was before I noticed that she was smiling

At both me and my brother while we were still playing

For the other senors and senoritas within the cantina.


That was when I let myself look at the beautiful senorita

And make an attempt with all of my heart in asking

Her to be my beautiful bride, only to be interrupted by

An old woman who walked over to me, grabbed my

Arm and said, "No, Manuel! It must be the older

Brother who shall take the bride! Let Jose have her

Hand in marriage and do not even dare try

To destroy their happiness! It must be done!"


That was when I realized that he is the older son

Of our family and my mother is right in interrupting

My foolish and yet heart-filled attempt in stealing

Her away from the one who was known as the Don

Juan of our entire village because of the many women

He had lured into his bed for pleasure and sin.


However, the spoils of a happy marriage had slipped away

From his grasp as well on that one terrible day

And it was because a horde of banditos had barged in

And fired their guns at everyone who was stupid enough

To stand and act like they were the ones who were tough

Enough to stand up to those savage animals with the guns.


But when they shot poor Jose dead, I picked up a shotgun

And fired at those cockroaches until I had done enough

Killing in the name of the one man who was supposed to take

Selena's hand in marriage and allow themselves to make

A wonderful life for themselves in a beautiful hacienda with so many

Wonderful children instead of not having been given any

Chance of defending himself against those who had dared take

The life of my own older brother away from him with one single shot

Of a gun inside a local cantina and on a day that was so hot

That even the buzzards had let themselves land and take a drink

From a watering trough before feeding on the bodies that stink

Of death as a result of men drawing their guns and getting shot.

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