Rachel's Boyfriend

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Brads father past away when he was young and Rachel, Brads mom, had not been in a relationship since. However, Rachel finds a new boyfriend and loves him, but something is wrong. Brad finds out and will do anything to protect his mom.

Rachel’s Boyfriend
Sitting in the middle of his 10th grade math class at Ford High School in Austin, Texas Brad receives a text message from his mom, Rachel. “I can not stop crying Brad… what do I do?” It was the fifth anniversary of the tragic day when Brad’s father died in a construction accident. Brad had no clue what to do so he responded by saying, “I love you mom… I will do anything for you and you know that.”
Math class was the last class Brad had that day. He went straight home where his mom was sitting in the living room, just crying her eyes out. She looked up with her bulgy red eyes and said “I love you, come and give me a hug.” Brad gave her a hug and went straight to his room for the rest of the night. Brad cried most of the night and tried to figure out how he could comfort his mother. He had the idea of his mother dating other guys, but he did not know how he could handle that. He was used to his father being around and he did not know if he could handle another guy being around his mother. Brad fell asleep with this thought and woke up for the next day of school.
During the school day, Brad was certain that the idea of dating other guys could be a great way to comfort his mother. After school Brad went up to his mom and started talking about dating.
“Hey mom.” Brad said.
“Hey son how was your day?”
“It was good, just a little stressful. But I was wondering, have you ever thought about dating other guys for more comfort?” said Brad awkwardly.
“Yes I have, I actually like this great guy, but I loved your dad so much that it is just uncomforting when I talk to him sometimes.”
“What is his name?” Brad said anxiously.
“His name is John Haden and he actually is a client of mine. I actually asked him if he wanted to meet you a couple of days ago. I have been bragging a little bit, because you’re a buff wrestler. I told him I am so proud of you and it seems like he really wants to meet you.”
“Alright. I am fine with that. Just tell me when and where and I will meet him. I hope I like the guy because if not you know it will cause many problems.”
Walking away with a smile on her face Brad’s mom says “I am pretty sure you will like him; he is a great guy!”
Brad had doubts about this guy. He had never heard of him and he had a gut feeling that this guy was not going to be the guy for his mother. Brad wanted to get the perfect guy for his mother. His dad was the perfect guy, loving, caring and charming. Brad wanted to find a guy that was almost like his father.
A couple days later Brad walked into his house and his mother was on the phone. She was laughing and having a good time. When she got off the phone Brad ran up to her and said “Mom why are you so happy?”
With enthusiasm she said, “John is going to be here tomorrow for dinner. He is so excited to see you and be with us.”
“That’s sweet mom. I hope he is a cool and fun guy. I don’t want you to have a nerd boyfriend. Mom, I want you to have a fun one, so we can go out and do stuff together.”
“Don’t worry he’s not a nerd! He loves to have fun. He actually just moved out here about a month ago from Tampa, Florida. So I am sure he knows how to have fun if he came from Florida.”
“I hope so mom.”
After that Brad had a tingly sensation go down his body. He was happy because his mother hopefully had found a boyfriend and it seemed, to Brad, that she was a new person.
The next day during school Brad was nervous and could not concentrate at all. He was too focused on tonight, when he was going to meet John. This was a big step in his mothers relationship with other men and Brad wanted it to be a successful one. After getting out of wrestling practice, Brad went straight home. He was eager to see this guy named John. While he was walking he was constantly asked himself questions: “Who is this guy? What if I don’t like him? What if he is weird?”
Brad finally was home and he raced into the front door. There John was sitting on an old antique chair in the dark, cool living room.
“Hey. You must be Brad. Nice to meet you. Your mother has told me great things about you.” Said John.
“Yes I am Brad nice to meet you. That can’t be true. She never says anything good about me.” Said Brad laughing with his mother.
While laughing in the background Brad’s mom says “That’s not true Bradley! I always say nice things about you to other people.”
“I know mom I was just messing around with you. So what are we going to eat tonight? I am starving and I just had a tough practice.”
“We are having steak, rice and some mixed vegetable.” said Brad’s mom.
“Yes my favorite!” Brad replied with a big smile on his face.
“Mine too. See we already have something in common.” John said laughing.
After the great meal that the three had together Brad, John and Rachel, Brads mother, talked for two hours. They loved the time that they were spending together and it was only the first time they had met. Brad thought that this was the perfect guy for his mother. He was perfect tall, dark, handsome and just a personality to die for. It also seemed, to Brad, that John had great morals. John talked about his childhood and it seemed like his parents did a great job of raising such a fine young man.
After they stopped talking John went into the living room to watch some T.V. Brad and his mother went into the kitchen and started to do the dishes.
“Hey mom. So how much do you like this guy?” Asked Brad.
“Right now I think he is a great guy. It seems like he is to perfect to be true.”
“Yes, that is true mom. He seems like such a great man. It actually seems like he hasn’t done nothing bad.” Brad said in a sarcastic way.
“That is true. I am just going to have to give it time. It seems like he is the first man I have met since you father.”
“I know. Nothing will ever replace dad, but this guy seems like a great man with a good heart.” Brad said.
As Brad and his mother left the kitchen, John got up to use the restroom. It was about 11 o’clock and Brads favorite television show, Americas Most Wanted, was about to come on. Brad was excited and told his mom to sit down by him so they could watch it together. The commercials passed and the first couple seconds of the show it said “BREAKING NEWS!”
Brad was excited about Americas Most Wanted and he was eager to see what had happened. John Walsh, the host, was talking and he started with this: “This guy is angry and he wants to hurt someone. His name is John Haden and he is considered armed and dangerous. He is wanted for two counts of murder in Tampa, Florida. If you have any information on him please call our hotline.”
As soon as Brad and his mother saw this, both of their mouths dropped and right as Johns picture was on the television he came out of the bathroom. John was shell shocked and it seemed like he did not know what to do.
John then ran over to the counter, which was on the other side of the room, and grabbed a knife.
“Mom run! Go to your friend’s house! I will be safe! He will not hurt either one of us I promise!” Brad said with adrenaline running through his veins.
“No Brad I will not leave without you!”
John then started to run after Rachel, but Brad told himself that no one will ever hurt his mother. As John was running with the knife in his hands Brad took him to the floor. With the knife flying in the air Brad’s mom rushed to the phone and started dialing 911.
Yelling at John, Brad said “You will not hurt either of us John. You will go down tonight!”
John then got a hold of the knife and stabbed Brad in the side of the hip.
“I will not be stopped!” Brad said fearlessly.
Brad then managed to overpower John and take the knife away from him. Brad stabbed him three times, once in the leg and two times in the arm. Brad then got on top of John and said, “If you move you will never live again.” But John did not listen and he then threw Brad off and ran out of the back door of the house.
With sirens in the background, Brad chased after him saying “Come back here John. You will not escape!”
John then jumped over two fences. With Brad right on his back he made a sharp left. He did not realize that the police had went to the wrong street. The cops saw Brad chasing after John and then they let the dogs loose. Hoever, Brad caught John first and started hitting him in the head. The policemen ran over to the scene where there was pools of blood coming from both Brad and Johns bodies.
After getting up, Brad said “I told you that you weren’t going to get away John!”
Ben then spit in his face and said “I will get you back Brad Fueger. You will not escape me. I have hurt many people and you will be the next.”
Brad then walked away, while John was being handcuffed and taken away, and saw his mother running towards him.
“I love you son!” Giving him a kiss afterwards, Brad’s mom seemed like she was the happiest person ever.
“Thanks mom. I will never let anyone hurt you. When I saw his face on T.V. I knew something bad was going to happen to John. I may have been stabbed once, but he is way worse. I promise mom I will always protect and love you.” Said Brad with a big smile on his face.

Submitted: January 17, 2010

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I loved this!
Brad is such a good son.

Sun, January 17th, 2010 11:15am


hahaha this is funny because i think this was made into a movie? But nevertheless great story and nice ending!

Fri, January 22nd, 2010 5:35am

garret g

duuuuuude epic!

Fri, January 22nd, 2010 5:38am


yes it was but i made it wrote it before the movie came out! haha

Fri, January 22nd, 2010 5:46am

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