Multinatioanl Corporation As Facilitators Of International Trade

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Despite increase in the number and levels of FDI in developing countries, the positive spillovers that is expected to accrue to and assist in their economic development is usually not been realized, instead the economies continue to struggle while the MNCs continue to grow and expand into new markets.
The truth is that MNCs decision to conduct FDI in developing countries is influenced not only by their location, but factors associated with the legal, cultural, economic and political landscape. It is how much they can extract and not how much they can give that influence the choice of their overseas productive centres.
The questions to be asked are; can developing countries survive economically in a global market place without embracing the activities of the large MNCs?, to what extent will developing countries economies and peoples benefit from the activities of these MNCs?, how can the developing countries influence changes that will bring pressure on MNCs seeking to exploit their country’s human and natural resources?.

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Multinatioanl Corporation As Facilitators Of International Trade

Submitted: December 13, 2011

  Multinational Corporation  As Facilitators of International Trade - Their Impact on the Economies of Developing Coun... Read Chapter