Forgetting You

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(Just a little story I came up with in the spark of a moment-- not my best but hope you enjoy it anyway) Cosette has lost all of her memories, including the memories of her boyfriend Keith.

Submitted: May 25, 2014

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Submitted: May 25, 2014





"Cosette! Please wake up!"

Who is it?

"Cosette, can you hear me?"

I feel a forceful pull on my body. A male voice is sobbing in the darkness. My eyes flutter open to reveal the source.

"Cosette!" He hugs me tightly and digs his head into my shoulder crying like a little boy. "Cosette!!" 

I push him away. "Who are you?"

"Come on Cosette. Don't play this game. Especially after what happened." He replies.

"What game? Who are you and where am I?" I am scared.

"Cosette?" He reaches his hand to touch my cheek but I turn my head.

"Stay away from me!" I say. He reads my eyes.

"Holy crap..." He says. He backs away from me. Anger surfaces to his face and he begins to throw chairs and tables around through the room, cursing.

"Stop please." I say softly.

He looks at me, not angrily, but yearningly - as if he has lost something precious. My heart hurts.

"Keith." Another man enters the room. "What's wrong dude? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"She doesn't remember anything. Not me at least or where she is." He says wearily.

"Cosette?" The man walks over to me. I inch away from him.

"It's me." He holds out his hand.

I look at him, then his hand. It is outstretched towards me. "I'm sorry. Who are you? Do I know you?"

"Yeah." He takes his hand back. "You did."

After this, the boy named Keith storms out of the room and out the doors of the building. I run over to the window and watch him. There is a fountain nearby and a bench. He settles himself down there and I see his head in his hands.

"That's Keith. Your boyfriend." The man says.

I turn around. "Boyfriend?"

"Yeah. The kid's crazy for you. You helped him a while back."

I direct my attention to the window again, placing my warm hand upon the surface of the freezing glass. The contraction mixes. "What did I do to him?"

"That kid had some problems. He's got a good face. Could pick up any girl he wanted. One day, he tried it out on you. And you refused him. He was about to get physical, but you said something that really changed him."

"What did I say?"

" 'Why would I be with you? If you truly cared for me, then you wouldn't do the things you do. I think a boy who plays around like that can't even be considered a man, let alone a person. It's low - playing with a girl's feelings is about as worthless as you are. I don't want to be with someone who doesn't even know what love really is. Can you really tell me what love is and if you have it? Because I see a insecure boy who will never be a man in my eyes'." The man says.

"I sound like a cruel person." I say.

"Well, he was being stupid back then." The man replies.

My eyes fix on Keith's brown hair. "What was I like? My family like?"

The man sits down in a chair next to the doorway of my room. "Your name is Cosette Tyson. You were the youngest of 5 siblings, all boys. And you had a mother and a father, both whom have passed away because of the accident you were in with them." He pauses. 

"I was in an accident?"

"Yeah, a car crash. We almost lost you too. Thank God you are still here." He says.

My eyes water a bit. "Why can't I remember anything?"

"Cosette don't push yourself."

"I caused so many people pain. I'm awful." I begin to sob. 

The man pats my back as I carry on crying.

"Say your name." He says.


"Yeah. Try saying it."

I stop. My body trembles with fear. "My name... is...Cos..ette... Ty..son." I sigh with relief.

"Good girl. Now try saying Keith's name."

"K-Keith is my b...oy...friend." I feel my heart beat rapidly. Why?

"Good. Cosette, you once told me something that I've never forgotten. I think I should educate you a bit now. This helped me figure out what to do when my girlfriend left me. 'Love will overcome any obstacle, because it is love. Love doesn't require thinking, it requires taking action. If you don't take action, then you aren't in love'. Don't think about if you love him, you should know if you do. And if you do, do something about it. You've probably thought about Keith this whole time."

I nod. I take a coat off from a chair and run out of the room. 

The man yells at me to come back, but I do not stop. Thank you for helping me brother! I remember who you are.

I run till I can't run anymore. I race out of the building and to Keith. I hug my arms around him. He is surprised and jumps. 

"Cosette? What are you doing here?" He sits back down.

"Is this seat taken?" I ask.

"No." He replies.

I plop down next to him. I lay my head onto his shoulder with no resistance from him. My long blonde hair catches the snowflakes that fall from above. 

Keith glances at me and angrily says. " You've got no damn shoes on! Are you insane?"

"Oh I didn't notice" I look down at my bare feet covered in water and snow.

"You idiot!" He takes off his boots and slips them onto my feet. 

His feet are bigger than mine. I wiggle my toes. "Thank you."

His face is blushing. "You're welcome."

I look away from him. "I'm sorry I caused you pain and trouble."

"Don't be sorry. It isn't your fault this happened."

"No it is. Keith, could you help me remember? And-" I pause, " if you still want me to. Would it be okay if I fall in love with you again?" I am blushing like crazy. My heart yearns to be with him. My past "me" knows it, and I want to embrace that feeling that she had.

He laughs and puts his arm around me. "Don't need to ask me." He takes my hand and intertwines our fingers. 

"This is our place right?" I ask.

He is surprised. "Well, not exactly. In a park, there's a bench. And I confessed my love to you there."

"What did I say?" I ask.

"You said 'Get a life you fucking son of a bitch'." He replies.

"I did?!" 

"Nah, but you were probably thinking it." He laughs.

"Hey! I don't think I would've!" I fire back.

"No you would not have. I told you that I would make you fall in love with me. And you told me to answer one question." He smiles. 

"What did I ask?" I say.

"It's a secret." He places his pointer finger to my lips.

"I deserve to know."

"Not just yet Cosette." He repeats the phrase under his breath.


"When I'm on one knee with a ring in one hand and your hand in the other. Then and only then will I tell you what you said to me that day."

"And that will be what day?" I want to know so badly.

"The best day of my life!" He says.

He holds me close and I shut my eyes. 




"I love you Cosette Tyson." He proclaims.

"How far are you willing to go for me?"

He pauses. "As far as it takes to get a proper answer from the girl that I love."

"What is love, lowlife?" I ask.

"Love is something that I've never had until you came into my life. Love is my life with you and it always will be."

I laugh and smile. "The playboy actually found an answer. "

"Is that a yes? Will you go out with me?"

"Will you be there for me? Or will you crush my feelings like every other girl? If you crush me, crush me being able to say 'I actually was in love with her'.

"I will be there for you. I will love you no matter what curveballs life throws at us. I promise. " I stop. "Wait, you like me?"

I laugh. "You're the only boy that's approached me to give me an answer to make any girl's heart sway. No one needs looks to approve. Just by being you is what captivated my heart the most of all."

Hs eyes widen. 

"Keith, I don't think I could ever forget you. Forgetting you would be a nightmare I could not ever wake up from."


My eyes open. Keith fell asleep. It was a dream about the confession. Coincidental? I think not. I smile. You kept your promise. I won't forget to remember it too. Not again.

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