I've Got You

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Jesse is a bad boy type, guy looking for excitement and fun after his great escape for the week from New York and the girls that have chased him constantly. He thinks every girl he has ever dated is boring or fake and really wants someone genuine. Arriving in Malibu and catching up with his good friend, Griff, they go to a party. What Jesse wants isn't exactly what he wanted, but something better.

Submitted: March 15, 2015

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Submitted: March 15, 2015



"Hey brother!" My friend Griff walks up to me and greets me with a  guy hug. "How've ya been? Summer been treatin' you well!"

"You know it! I'm so fuckin' happy to be in Malibu and out of my shitty house in New York! You have no idea." I laugh.

"Well here, it's a party. The drinking, the parties, the girls." He nudges me. "Heard that you're on the market again."

"Who told you that?"

"Your brother."

"Remind me to kill that asshole later." I say as we begin walking out of the airport.

"No promises on that dude. He's a pretty chill guy." Griff replies. "So what happened?"

"I lost interest." I shrug. "Not much more to say."

"You're so particular." He takes my luggage and throws them into the trunk of his convertible. "If I looked half as good as you, I would get the first girl that talked to me! You get all of them and yet, you still are choosy."

"It gets annoying. They all bore me." I exclaim, getting into the passenger seat. “I want someone unique.”

"Your last girlfriend; didn't she say she would do it for you?"

"Yeah, but I don't play those games. So I dumped her. Wasn't that crazy about her to begin with though."

"6 months." Griffs says. "You kept that up for 6 months. You're an idiot."

"Chill dude. I'm here to have a good time." I lean back in the seat and put my sunglasses on. "No needs, no worries, just fun. Not really looking for a girl either."

"Sorry but that last one’s gonna be hard. They’re everywhere. And they all cloud around you. " He gets in the driver's seat. "We've got a party tonight out on the beach. That means babes in bikinis. Free drinks till 2 and nothing but freedom. Parents are out of town too so do what you want."

"Sounds great to me!" I smile. I hope something exciting happens.


"Yeah, baby!" Griff yells. "Hey, wanna get a drink?"

"Nah, not now." I say. "Just gonna scope out the area."

"Suit yourself!" Griff says and disappears into the crowd of gorgeous girls and drunk guys. I walk over and look out over the balcony of where the party was held. It is at this incredibly insane mansion that overlooked the pier and beach.

I feel an arm on my shoulder. "Hey you."

I turn around. A supremely sexy girl is standing beside me. She is wearing skimpy clothing and her breasts are nearly falling out of her crop top. She's wearing shorts that hug her booty and has a full face of makeup. Drop dead gorgeous with an amazing body.

"Yo. What's up?" I say, sighing. So uninteresting and unexciting. Boring.

"Nothing much." She pauses. "You're cute Bad Boy. Wanna go somewhere alone?" She smiles slyly.

I take her hands and brush her away. "Sorry cutie, but no thanks!"

"Wait!" She grabs my hand. "Come on! Don't you want to do something crazy?"

"Yeah, but not stupid." I say, chuckling. I leave the balcony and head down towards a quiet beach. The sunset illuminates the water and its ripples. Only the sound of the tide rushing in and out fills the area. I take a seat on the sand and casually dig my toes into its soft surface as I relax there.

After a few minutes, I don't hear the tide, but laughter. And splashing noises. I turn towards the direction of the sound. A girl. A bit younger than me. Maybe three years or so. She's playing with her little brother who looks like he is around 4 years old.

"Awww Benny look at you! You splashed me again! It's my turn!" She smiles and brushes upon the water, letting it spray a bit on the little boy. He falls back a bit, laughing but gets back up and splashes her in random parts of the water.

I laugh a bit. I thought I was quiet, but apparently I wasn't. The little boy, Benny, races over to me. He stands by my side smiling. "Hi!"

"Hey." I pat his head. "How's it going?"

"Benny, come over here!" The girl came over to me and pulls the boy away. "I'm so sorry."

"Hey, it's okay. No worries." I smile my charming smile. "He's such a sweet little guy."

"Thank you!" She smiles. "Benny, can you say 'thank you'?"

"Shank too!" He yells proudly.

"Haha!" I die of laughter.

"Fway!" Benny says.

"Fway?" I repeat.

"Haha. He said 'Play'!" She exclaims. "Would you like to join us? We were just playing in the water over there. I'm assuming you're at this party though so we wouldn't want to draw you away or anything."

"No, it's okay. I was getting away from the chaos anyway." I get up and bend over. "You ready Benny?"

"YEAH!!" He takes my hand and drags me over to the water's edge. He rushes into it and begins splashing everywhere.

"Hey!" I smile and laugh, racing in after him. I begin lightly splashing him and he loves it. I pick him up and lift him high over my head. "You're Superman!" I yell. "Look, you can fly like a bird!"

"Yayyyy!" He screams. "Het's jet Char!"

"What?" I laugh.

"He said to get me." The girls smiles. " 'Let's get Char!"

"Char? So that's your name!" I smile slyly. "As in Charlotte?"

"Yeah!" She smiles brightly. Her face is as soft as the sun's rays, but still beams brightly.

""That's a beautiful name."

She blushes. "Thank you. What's yours?"

"Jesse." I say.

"Nice to meet you Jesse." She says.

"Likewise, but," I turn to Benny, " Let's get her!" "

"Fweah!! Jet Char!" He points to her. I put him on my back and we run over to Charlotte.

"Hey stop!" She exclaims, laughing as Benny and I chase her around the beach. After a brief moment, Charlotte drops to the ground out of breath. "I'm done! That's too much running!"

Benny hops off my back and runs over to her. "I win!" And then victoriously runs off into a house nearby.

I laugh and plop myself down next to Charlotte. "Nice running, but boys rule over girls."

"Please, I was just going easy on you." She laughs, gets up, and runs into the water.

I follow her.

She begins to splash me and I splash her back. I eventually pick her up and throw her playfully into the water. She gets drenched, but continues laughing. "Hey!"

"Sorry, but I couldn’t resist." I go over to her and help her up. She splashes me when I have my guard down and I fall back. I begin to laugh.

"Gotcha!" She says, making a gun sign with her hand.

"No.” I say. "I’ve got you!" I race over and pick her up again and spin her around.

"H-hey!" She smiles.

After a few spins, I set her down gently in the water. She looks up at me and we're face to face now.

"Jesse..." She starts. “You’re awfully close.”

“Yeah,” I scratch my head. “I am.” I back off a bit.

“No you’re okay.” She smiles a pretty smile.

“It’s getting dark. Do you want me to walk you back to your house?” I ask.

“N-no. I can go myself.” She runs out of the water and onto the sandy beach.

“Are you sure? You don’t know what crazy bastards are out here at night. Especially knowing that there’s a bunch of drunkards next door. It’s not safe.”

“I’ll be fine!” She says and races off.

"Wait! Charlotte!" I race after her. I grab her wrist.

She looks back at me. Her blue eyes shined with the sunset. “What is it Jesse?"

"Nothing." I let go of her wrist.

"That's a lie." She says. She walks close to me. She looked up and locks eye contact. “I’ve not known you long. Actually, more like an hour or so, but I can tell that you want to say something.”


I remain quiet, but I smile. When I do, she blushes. “Well, you can read me so well can’t you little Missy?”

She breaks the ice and out of no where persists. "How could you spend time with a girl like me when there are girls who will give you what you want? I'm not a girl that would be fit to be hanging out with you or being seen with you or anything. You're handsome and perfect, but I'm just ordinary."

"Haha.So that’s what you wanted to say." I say and wink.

“Hey! You tricked me!” She hits me on the shoulder.

I laugh. "You’re not ordinary. You're exciting. Something that in every girl I’ve dated hasn’t possessed. You're fun and adventurous and childish. You're different. You're beautiful. And I like that."

She looks back at my determined face, blushing. A smile creeps to her face. She proceeds to look down and take my hands. She begins to spin around and laugh.

“What?” I laugh and let her pull me along with her. “You’re so random.”

“Yeah. I am. Can you keep up with me?” She asks, still spinning around. We both go so fast that we get so dizzy and fall over onto the sand.

“Nah. Not really. I can’t keep up, but you will get pulled into me like a tide does to the sand.” I pick her up and start walking with her in my arms.

“Hey!” She says, but resists fighting me. She knows I’m not going to let her go so she lays her head against my chest and closes her eyes as I take her back home.

After a second, she whispers. “Jesse?”

“Yeah?” I reply, nuzzling my face into her hair.

“Even though we’ve just met, and you’re going to have to leave soon back to New York, I’ll always think about you.” She looks up to me. “Even if we don’t know each other anymore. Even if we aren’t friends or more than friends. Even if we are, I won’t forget you. Forgetting someone is like forgetting a memory that they create together. I absolutely won’t.”

“God only knows how much I’ll be thinking about you too.” I smile. “When you get older, I’ll be back. And one day, we’ll see each other again. But until then, grow up a little. You’re like 3 years younger!” I laugh a bit. “Silly girl.”

She giggles and places her head back on my chest and her arms around my neck. Without my knowing, she plants a gentle kiss on my cheek.

“Gotcha.” She says softly.

I stop in my place and gently kiss her smooth lips. “No, I’ve got you.”

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