My Final Goodbye

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What a girl wanted to say when she couldn't to a boy who liked her that she didn't. But previously, their situations were flopped and he broke her.

Submitted: August 08, 2015

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Submitted: August 08, 2015



To You,

You chased me.


You said that you wanted me.

That you liked me.

That you desired to be with me.

You said I was different than most girls you've dated.

And that I was myself when everyone else was putting on a face.

You skated with me, pushing and selling ideas in an attempt to win me over.

"Three dates," you pressured, "Just three."

You wanted a chance. An opportunity to prove yourself to me.

You weren't how you were back then.

You said that you know how to treat girls.

But you took that back.

"Wait, let me rephrase that, I know how to treat you."

And I'll admit, you almost had me, except you didn't.

You had a history that I didn't want to read into. An unexplainable past. An unsure present. And an unpredictable future.

And girls that were still obsessing over you, regardless of your breakups.

What they said, which were terrible things, did not sway me.

I did not believe them. I know you better than that. 

They were so much younger than me and I was not prepared to listen to them and their childish remarks.

Frankly, they angered me. They disliked me. They lied to me. And I knew that from the moment they talked to me.

To be quite honest, I didn't want you in my life since the day we stopped talking. 

And all of a sudden, you watlzed your way back in, a new you. If only you were different back in January.

I probably would've taken a chance on you.

But I knew, and know, that deep in my heart that you aren't the one for me. 

You made me happy.

And laugh.

And smile.

But not like one person whom I still love. 

I found someone who likes me back.

Who treats me like a princess.

Who treats me with respect.

Who truly understood me and I truly understood them.

Despite our busy schedules, I can't stop thinking of the boy I like.

It is not fair to put you through that.

Nor to start a relationship with you while having feelings for another.

I just can't do that. 

I can't hurt you. That's the worst way to be hurt. 

So, when you asked for an answer, I knew exactly what I was going to say, and you seemed to have already figured it out.

You knew; I could see it in your eyes.

Pain and sadness.

And it kills me to see you that way. You're an incredible guy.

So, this is my wish for you.

To be happy. 

To be the joyful you that you are.

To make people smile.

To find a girl who will make you happy.

To help you realize how to go about finding the person for you.

To know that I am doing this with good intentions, despite the pain you feel now is treacherous.

To remember that I liked you long ago.

And to not give up. Don't give up on hope. And if you don't,  hope will never give up on you.

This is truly goodbye. 

My final goodbye, in every way that it can possibly said.

I'll never forget how truly happy you made me feel.

Thank you for everything that you've done.

But you don't need me anymore.

From, Me

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