The Pink Pig, Ceva

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

There is a wise pig in Cindy's house...

The Pink Pig, Ceva



One morning, the Pink Wish which is a farm of pigs was stirred with news that a mother pig bore seven beautiful baby pigs. First of all, one baby pink pig has three big black spots which are round on its back, the spots looked very cute. The pink pig which has cute spots was loved from the master’s daughter, Cindy. Cindy put its name to “Ceva.”

  After weaning Ceva from its mother, Cindy often went for a walk with Ceva. Ceva was smart so it was able to keep things distinct. For example, whenever Ceva went out, it didn’t make an excretion anywhere. It always relieved nature on its own fixed place. And it also could understand some simple order from Cindy, “Stand up,” “Lie on,” “Stick out your hand,” “Wait,” and so on.

  Ceva slept in master’s house, and other pigs stayed in pigsty all day long. One day Ceva missed its mother so it came into the end house of pigs. Ceva found its mother in the end of the cage. As Ceva’s mother saw Ceva, she noticed her baby, Ceva.


  “How have you been, Ceva?” She asked in the cage.

  “I have been very well, mom. Is there anything to be uncomfortable?” Ceva asked holding his mom’s hand.

  “I’m fine. The cage is enough wide and is often cleaned. I drink fresh water daily and eat good meal. All of them are by Mr.Bols who is father of Cindy.”

  “But where’s my brothers and sisters? They have not been seen in here. Were they sold?” Ceva asked.

  “No, Mr.Bols doesn’t sell his pigs by the usage of meat. He just sent my children to his relatives who live far from here. I want to see my children but I would not see them. But I’m happy that you are still here with me. I want you would often come to see me.”

  As soon as Ceva’s mom said to Ceva, Ceva kissed his nose to his mom’s nose. Cindy was calling Ceva. Ceva went out of the pings’ house. Another pig gave Ceva regards.


  “Where were you, Ceva? I’ve been looking for you. Ok, how about going to market with me? There are gorgeous things in market. But you never eat them without paying money. Ok, let’s go.”

  Ceva could understand human words a little. At first, when he was very small, he didn’t understand human words, but gradually he came to know human language.


  When Cindy and Ceva reached market, there were many people on the road of the market. Cindy gripped the string which ties Ceva’s neck not to miss him in the crowded people. Ceva saw many things in the market. He saw corn, chicken, and stack of noodles. Cindy walked slowly in the gap of people and Ceva just followed her meekly. Some people who they met in the street gave interest to Ceva. Ceva’s three spots on his back made people very marvelous. They touched Ceva’s back and even took pictures.


  After coming back home, Ceva was tired, so he slept in front of the fireplace. Suddenly something strange fell on the fireplace. It was dirty round thing which has much fur. It stood up slowly and became a small man. And one big bag fell on the fireplace, too. The man opened the bag and wore shorts and red vest. He woke Ceva up. Ceva was surprised at seeing him.

  “I have to take you into Wish’s Land. You have three spots on your back. Pigs in human world never get such round, cute spots. You are very special so you have to register your name into Wish’s Land personally.”

  “If I got to there, would it be possible to turn back home?” Ceva asked.

  “Of course, after register yourself to Wish’s Land, you can go back to your home. Register means you become a wish to people. So you have to register your name to Wish’s Land.”

  “Where’s Wish’s Land?”

  “There is a King in Wish’s Land. He can see all of world. And he wanted to gather the information of the existence which has wish, to give wish to people. You are selected by the King.”

  Ceva nodded by his explanation. And he wondered how to get to Wish’s Land.

  “How can I reach Wish’s Land?” Ceva asked.

  “Sit on the floor. And close your eyes.”

  Ceva did as the order of him. The little man took his bag and opened it. He took small yellow blanket and covered the pig whole. The little man took the end of blanket and said strange spell. After a minute, there’s no one in the Cindy’s living room.


  Ceva felt he is passing a narrow, bright passage naturally. At last, the moving stopped and the little man cleared off the yellow blanket. Ceva looked around and he can see red pillar’s tree and striped rats. They looked very odd.


  “Come, follow me.”

  The little man walked down through the road with the big bag which is bigger than his body. Ceva followed him. Ceva smelled chocolate from the wind. A small house appeared. And from the chimney of the house chocolate cloud was coming out. They passed the house and walked continuously.

  A big castle was on the high hill in the end of the road. The little man walked into the gate of the castle with Ceva. They ascended the stairs and one big door appeared. The little man opened the door. There was a King inside the door. He sat on a chair which is decorated much jewel. The little man went into the King with Ceva. The King looked very kind.

  The little man opened a thick book in front of King’s chair. He wrote something on any page.

  “Now, you have to impress your front foot on this page. And you become registered “A special.””

  The little man pasted black ink on Ceva’s front foot. Ceva impressed his foot on the book. After register, Ceva was able to eat some fresh vegetables from King’s consideration. Ceva was very hungry so he ate them all.


  “Now, it’s time to go to your home. Your existence has already become a wish to any people. And let you live as the shape of a wish. Good-bye, Ceva.”

  The little man covered Ceva by the yellow blanket. Ceva became sleepy.


  “Ceva, Ceva?”

  Ceva opened his eyes at familiar voice. There was Cindy in front of him. Ceva stood up and looked around. He came back home. There was nothing in the fireplace. Ceva thought as if he dreamed. Cindy brought his bowl. But he felt he was full.


  Several days later, Ceva came to see his mother. The house of pigs was noisy but he concentrated at what his mother said.

  “You look healthy. And don’t worry about me. I eat food well and take a good sleep. What are you doing these days?”

  “I’m reading some books of Cindy. They are very interesting but I can’t make a sound like Cindy. I can just show pig’s sound.”

  “Oh, what a sad baby my son is! A pig can’t read books of human. But you can read and know the meaning of letters. It’s a great thing though you can’t pronounce it. You are really a genius pig.”

  “Do you think like that? Am I a good pig?”

  “Absolutely, you are very clever. Have a confidence!”

  “Mom, I love you.” Ceva said staring at her eyes.

  “I love you too, my son.”

  Ceva came out of the pigs’ house. Cindy came to Ceva and complained.

  “I want to have a bear doll enough big. But papa pretended not to hear about it. My friend Gina got it. I’m so jealous to her. I wish I have a big bear doll.”

  Ceva wanted to get it to Cindy. But he had no money to buy it. Ceva knew the concept of money. People can trade things by money. Ceva hoped that Cindy would get the big bear doll.


  That night, all family slept in Cindy’s house. Ceva lied on the floor in front of the fireplace. He didn’t sleep till midnight. The sound murmuring together was heard. And a big bag fell on the fireplace. Ceva walked to fireplace and took out the big bag from the fireplace by his nose and front legs. He just knew that there is a big bear doll in it. He waited not to open the bag. He thought Cindy would be happy to see it. And he wondered who sent it on earth.

  Next morning, Cindy opened the bag and took out a big bear doll. She discovered a card and read it.


  Dear Cindy,


  We’re the keepers of children’s wish,

  And you also protect our precious Ceva,

  We heard what Ceva’s heart wants,

  So we could know you want to have it.

  Let you thank to your Ceva.



From The Keepers of Children’s Wish


“Wow, do you understand my words?”

  Cindy asked to Ceva.

  Ceva nodded and smiled. Cindy hugged Ceva tight. Cindy felt good all day long. Ceva thought that they are related with the little man and the King of Wish’s Land. But he didn’t know how the little man is related with them.

  Cindy was pleased with the bear doll. Ceva was thinking of Wish’s Land but he stopped thinking of it. Daily routine with Cindy was more important than Wish’s Land.


  Several months have passed. Ceva became adult pig. So he was as big as his mother. Ceva had to live in pigs’ house by the order of Mr. Bols. Cindy wept so much when she sent Ceva into normal pigs’ cage. Nevertheless Ceva felt this is nothing, changing the house. He just expected to be with his mother every day. And Mr. Bols put Ceva in the side of Ceva’s mother. After school, Cindy often came to Ceva and talked about outer world.


One day, Cindy came to Ceva and began to talk.

  “I don’t want that you are here. You are very smart so you can stay inside house. You don’t make any trouble, as well. But father’s thought is different of me. He thinks a big pig is never in the house.”

  Cindy said like that and sighed.

  “One good thing has happened. My piggy bank has been full so I can buy something for you, Ceva. What do you want to have?” Cindy asked tenderly.

  At that time, something surprising happened.

  “I want to have a small blanket for my mother.”

  Ceva said it by human words. Cindy and Ceva were surprised at Ceva’s clear human words.

  “Please, Ceva, can you tell me anything again?”

  Ceva smiled and said.

  “You are Cindy, my best friend.”

  Cindy opened the cage and kneed. She hugged Ceva and decided for him to come out of the cage. But Ceva don’t want to be parted from his mother. Ceva explained he can speak human language to his mother.

  “What a great talent you have! Go with Cindy. You don’t have to stay here. I’ll be Ok, so don’t worry about me. I love you, Ceva.”

  “I love you, mom.”


  The pigs’ house shook by any shock. The little man who had come to Ceva came into the pigs’ house. And he came near to Ceva and Cindy.

  “Cindy, have you had an experience to get a bear doll?” He looked stern.

  “Yes, I had a big bear doll that I really wanted to have. Did you send it to me?”

  “Cost follows all things. Now it’s time to require the cost about your bear doll.”

  Cindy’s face became dark.

  “What do you require me? I have no money.”

  “You just have one thing to give me as the cost.” The little man said.

  “You mean my Ceva?” Cindy asked.

  “Oh, you have tact.”

  “But the bear doll was just a present not requiring price. That is written on the card.”

  “I say again that cost follows all things.”

  Cindy started weeping but Ceva said to the little man.

  “I can say a real language. So I have my insistence and thought. I’m no longer anyone’s possession. I can’t be treated as the cost of bear doll. I would select I’m here not to go with you.” Ceva said.

  Listening to Ceva’s words, the little man nodded his head.

  “If you think so, I have no reason to take you. But if you are here, you will be dangerous by people.”

  “Why?” Cindy asked.

  “People would study how the pig says human language and people would annoy you all the time.”

  “I’ll just talk with Cindy. No one except Cindy can hear my words. If I didn’t say to other people, would I stay with Cindy here?”

  Ceva said sensibly. The little man stared at Ceva. And he took something out from his pocket. It was a small scroll. He spread it and wrote something with a small pen.

  “What are you writing on the rolled paper?” Cindy asked.

  “The pink pig became to say human language. But it’s a secret to people. The pink pig became a new hope to Wish’s Land. That’s all.”

  “Have you been gathering things that would be a hope or wish?”

  Cindy asked with curiosity.

  “Yes. We’ve been gathering new information to be a wish. The higher wish gathers, the stronger our land is. Our land can stand by much wish. If there’s no wish, our land would disappear. So many keepers including me collect a new hope like your pig, Ceva.” The little man said seriously.

  “Do you really stay here with Cindy?”

  The little man asked to Ceva softly. Ceva thought something for a minute.

  “If I went to Wish’s Land, can I become a wish to others?”


  “Cindy, I want to be a wish to others. Staying here is good but I want to help others in the wide world. Do you understand my decision?”

  Ceva said with clear eyes.

  “I can understand you. Leave here and go to a new world to realize your dream.”

After Ceva kissed Cindy and his mother, Ceva left the pigs’ house. He was covered by yellow blanket. The little man lifted the blanket. Ceva opened his eyes.

  “Now, you would meet some beings who are selected as a hope for others like you.”

  “Would they like me?” Ceva was careful.

  “They’ll love you. You are so big but have cute spots on your back and you are very mild.” The little man set Ceva at ease.

  “Look! One man is walking to here. His name is Zolten. He is good at making cheese.” The little man shouted.

  “Does making cheese become a hope for others?”

  “Yes, of course. He gives inspiration to others to let them make cheese well.” The little man explained kindly.

  “Wow, it’s great.” Ceva shouted.

  Zolten looked sharp but he asked to Ceva kindly.

  “You are the pig which has cute spots and can say human words. You would be a good friend to sick seniors or children.”

  Zolten said and he touched his black hat. He took a small thing out from the hat and showed it to Ceva. It was a rat with a short tail like a rabbit.

“How cute it is!” Ceva shouted.

  Zolten heard Ceva’s voice and looked satisfied. He saw his watch and put the rat into the hat.

  “I’m going to the party which is held by Iode. I have to go there now. I’m very sorry I have no time to talk with you. It was nice to see you, Ceva.”

  “See you.” Ceva said.

  “See you.” Zolten said and he went away in haste.

  They walked through the road. After walking for an hour they took a rest under the tree. From the tree a boy who wore a red hat and green clothes came down. He looked at Ceva and laughed so much. Ceva thought Ceva itself would look funny.

  “Hi, I’m Rof. I’m working in the tree. I do work that the tree would be seen well by people’s eyes. A good tree gives people a wish. And what do you do, a big pig?”

  Ceva would say what he can do, but he felt some frustration.

  “I’m just a pig. A pig without work and eating much food, which is I am.” Ceva said sadly.

  The little man became angry to the boy.

  “Ceva is a special pig. He can learn the language.”

  “I think he can say words. How could it happen? I just asked him not knowing for him to say anything.”

  “Ceva says well. But he has just arrived here. So he doesn’t get his duty from the King.”

The little man said to the boy defending Ceva. Ceva and the little man walked again. On the road, they met one crow flying in the sky. The crow flied and sat on its legs on Ceva’s back. Ceva wasn’t frightened.

  “Here is comfortable. I would take a rest on your back. Is it Ok?”

  “It’s Ok, a beautiful bird,” said Ceva.

  “Did you say what to me? Am I a beautiful bird?”

“You look good. Am I wrong?” Ceva asked.

  “You are very kind and a good pig,” said the crow.

  The little man was just hearing their conversation. The little man and Ceva was walking continuously and the crow was on Ceva’s back. After talking, the crow flied away.

  “It is a high talent to see others good.” The little man said.

  “Do you think I did good job to the crow?”

  “Yes, you did everything well to the crow. The crow changes people’s dark, gloomy mind into positive. The crow had an experience it was gloomy by low confidence of its own. But you said to the crow, it is beautiful.”

  The little man said.


  The castle where the King lives was shown. They came into the castle and met the King. One small squirrel was imprinting its foot on the thick book. After the squirrel went out, the King told them.

  “The squirrel can sing a song. So I select it and it becomes one of our wishes. And welcome to the castle again. I heard you can say human language.” The King said looking at Ceva.

  “I can say what I want to say, the King,” said Ceva politely.

  “Oh, it’s a good language to here. I have a plan for you. Every animal uses different languages each other. Some of them we can learn without any effort. But we need help in detailed and correct understandings of each language of animals. You have an experience to learn the most complex language of human in all languages. So I hope you would do the work to describe each language of animals. It will be another hope to you and others. How do you think my suggestion?”

  “I have a confidence to learn different language. I think it would be funny.” Ceva said.

  “I also think you could do it easily,” said the King.

  “How do you let me learn animals’ languages?” asked Ceva.

  “My castle has a long passage in secret place. You have just to pass the long passage. After going out the road, you would hear and say animals’ languages. But be careful one thing. You never ask the species’ of animals in each cage in the passage. There is just something covered with black cloth in each cage in the passage.”

  The King looked stern and careful.

  “You mean every animal though they are different but they get same heart. So you mean don’t distinguish each language of animals but hear all by my heart.”

  The King became surprised at Ceva’s logical and correct answer. He smiled and didn’t speak any more. The little man took Ceva to in front of a big door which is covered with patterns of birds.

  “This is the door that you have to pass. Are you ready?”

  Ceva hesitated a little.

  “What’s wrong?” asked the little man.

  “I’m a little fearful if I can do it or not.”

  “Don’t worry about that. You are already our wish. Just think of this study as the game of heart. Although you wouldn’t do it very much, it is not a problem. So try it with belief to yourself with hearing the words of your heart.”

  The man said kindly.

  “Okay. I’m ready,” said Ceva with confidence.

  “Now, I would open it and run into the door quickly!”

  The door opened and Ceva ran into the darkness of inside the door. Slowly it came to be brightened. A long floor of hallway looked endless. The end of hallway was in the darkness. Only the place where Ceva stood was brightened. There were two sides of the hallway. Each side was a cage and there was one black thing in each cage. It was silent and Ceva made sound by his walking.

  One cage made its sound but it stopped soon. It was not any language but it was just sound. Ceva heard it like that.

  Our way is endless,

  I can just know only today,

  I hope tomorrow would be fine…


  Ceva walked on the hallway shaking his heavy body in this side and that side. Whenever Ceva walked on the hallway, around Ceva became brightened. Ceva stopped walking by hearing the sound from one cage. It was just sound too, not any language.


  Tears are endless,

  Doom of us is cruel,

  We’ll never meet again,

  Oh, my heart beats in thinking of you…


  Ceva interpreted the strange sound like that. Ceva walked slowly and heard the sound like singing in the darkness.


  All of my years were harsh,

  But I was always in hope that tomorrow would be better than today,

  And I came to know my life,

  It was that I had to make my hope,

  I didn’t do that; I just hoped fortune without any effort,

  Now I’m very old but I’m going to try to turn my life into good by my hand,

  And a guest! How about seeing back yourself not just seeing any hope.


  The strange sound stopped and Ceva thought all he heard. Ceva decided that he have to make his effort all the time so he wanted to make his hope real by his hand. To learn animals’ languages just started in his mind. At that time, it was brightened around Ceva. There is no hallway but there is a good forest in front of him. The castle which the King stays was shown far from here. The little man came down from a small tree.

  “You reached here. It means that you have already known the principle to know anything.”

  “I just decided that I would try to make some effort to know everything slowly not giving up.”

  “What a surprise! Now you have three wishes in our land. First, you were born with cute black spots in your back and second, you can speak human words and third, you have your own power to realize your dream come true. These are all written on our book.”

  Ceva quivered his nostrils.

  “And now what I will do here?” asked Ceva.

  “It depends on your selection. To stay here or turn back your home where Cindy lives.”

  “I want to turn back my home. I can do my plan to realize my hope to there. Let me go to my home,” said Ceva.

  “Go into the forest. It is connected into the field of Mr.Bols,” said the little man.

  “It was good time with you. I could grow up by you. I’m very satisfied with my accomplishment.”

  “A real wish or hope is from just realizing what he or she does for his or her dream,” said the little man.

  Ceva came into the forest. The song is full in the forest with shine of leaves. The road in the forest is wider and wider. At last, it appeared that the road to reach Cindy’s house. Ceva walked with pleasure. Cindy was reading a book under the tree. Ceva walked to her.

  “Cindy, I’m back. It was a good experience to let me grow up,” said Ceva.

  But Cindy didn’t see him and didn’t show any reaction to him. It was strange for him that Cindy didn’t show her reaction. Ceva would touch Cindy’s arm but he couldn’t touch her arm. He shouted to Cindy.

  “Cindy, I come back here to see you! Tell me whatever! And show me your smile!”

  But Cindy was just reading a book and didn’t see Ceva. Ceva felt something is wrong. And he ran to the pigs’ house and found his mother.

  She was drinking water in her cage. Ceva would kiss his mom’s nose but he couldn’t feel anything from the end of his nose. He called his mom.

  “Mom, I’m here. Don’t you see me?”

  After drinking, she came into inside the cage. She crouched down her body and slept. Ceva called her several times but she didn’t make any reaction. After a while, Ceva’s mom just talked with her neighbor pig through the gap of the cage. Ceva was disappointed and came out of the pigs’ house. He could see the forest where he had come out from Wish’s Land. He walked into there. As soon as Ceva came into the forest, the forest had gone.


  Seven years have passed. Cindy’s family left the country and went to the city. Ceva’s mother died. A gentle man appeared in the country where Cindy had lived and he bought the land and the house where Mr.Bols had possessed. The Pigs’ house was still on the hill. He opened the door of the pigs’ house and stood in front of Ceva’s mom’s cage. Coming out of the pigs’ house he came into Cindy’s house. He sat on sofa and saw the fireplace. After all tests to realize all hopes, Ceva came to be a man. Now, his name was Ceva Volt. He still had spots on his back.

  He just looked for Cindy. He thought Cindy would be a lady who studies everything well. Cindy was sixteen years old when Mr. Ceva Volt appeared in front of her. Mr. Ceva Volt wanted to support Cindy’s studies till Cindy’s graduation of college. Mr. Bols who is father of Cindy received Mr. Volt’s suggestion.

  Mr. Volt wrote many letters written in strange languages and put them into a bag that was hanging in the fireplace. The day after he put the letters into the bag, all letters disappeared. He was a minister of Wish’s Land. So it was his work and he got some gold from the King. He sent King’s message to all animals and plants by their languages. Mr. Volt was very able to his work.

  One day, Cindy visited Mr. Volt with a bundle of roses. Mr. Volt was delighted by her visit and present. They talked about much thing and Cindy put out the story about her pig, Ceva.

  “He was very special so I had to let him go to be good. But I really miss him.”

  “Do you still like him?” Mr. Volt asked.

  “Yes, a kind Mr. Volt. He is the only one existence to me,” said Cindy with tears.

  “I think he would be good wherever he is,” said Mr. Volt.

  He was truly moved by Cindy’s remembrance of Ceva. Cindy turned back her house in the city and he thought many things when he was a pig. Tears dropped on his knee.

  One day, he was writing letters. A little man fell on the fireplace. He was put into the bag. He grumbled and stood on the floor.

  “This is a new work. Read it.”

  He disappeared unnoticed and Mr. Volt took the card.


  My Able Minister, Mr. Volt,


  I have a problem to connect our land to human land. The existence higher than me sent me a message. He said we just stay only in our land and never go to human world. It is an important order. It meant me that we would never give any wish to humans in secret, including animals and plants in human world. The higher existence is very stern in this matter so I hope you’d meet him right now and persuade him. I think you can solve this matter well.


From Your King,

Renald Bins


After Mr. Volt read the letter, he wore his gray coat and held black bag. He took out the yellow umbrella from his bag and struck the fireplace by it. Some dust cloud rose up from the fireplace. After thick dust went down on the floor, there’s no one in the house.

Mr. Volt was walking to Sky Land. He was able to see gorgeous white diamond palace on much white cloud in the sky and it was the end of the passage where Mr. Volt stood. He stepped his feet on the white cloud. And the yellow brilliant road appeared. He walked through the road and reached the palace. There was no one in front of the door of the palace. As he stood in front of the door, the door opened automatically.

He came into the door quietly. Through many doors, he reached the hall of the higher existence than his King. The name of the higher existence was Horri Ojar. Horri Ojar was the existence who had shown hope to the King of Wish’s Land at first. No one knew that Horri Ojar had done anything else. He was a secret existence. Horri Ojar was sitting on his chair which is made of white diamond and wore white clothes is decorated with white diamond.

Mr. Volt went to him with his yellow umbrella and black bag. Horri Ojar looked a little stern but Mr. Volt looked fine.

“How have you been, Mr. Volt?”

“I’ve been well by your consideration,” answered Mr. Volt.

“You must be here with any purpose to persuade me?” Horri Ojar said sharply.

“No, I just came here to thank you about your consideration that you permitted me to be a man. I really thank you about it again and again.”

“Do you have a just that purpose to come here?” Horri Ojar asked.

“Of course, I came to be a man though born in as a pig at first. The wish that had started by you showed me a hope and I came to be a man who can do everything by my will. I’ve got a kind of freedom. Though the work of Wish’s Land hasn’t been seen but it always gives any hope to anywhere. And Wish’s Land shows the power to let people or animals or plants go to better future,” said Mr. Volt.

“I’ve been thinking of Wish’s Land. But people became to live without hope or wish. And animals or plants looked lost their voice. I think the world became frustrated in whole. I feel I can’t make hope any more, so I notified my decision to your King,” said Horri Ojar calmly.

“You just failed to notice the fact that I’m working in the Wish’s Land. I was a pig but now I became a nice man. It is the evidence we have to keep Wish’s Land though the world looked cold. We have to work in the shadow of people but we can accomplish to send hope to people or a lonely tree. The most important thing that we have to do now is to keep Wish’s Land and to work in the shadow of people. We would never give up our work,” Mr. Volt explained his opinion well.

“I need a time to think. Can you come here after two hours,” Horri Ojar looked confusing.

After walking on the white cloud, Mr. Volt came into the palace again. There’s on one in the hall. But a small bird took a letter to him and it flied away through the window. Mr. Volt opened the letter.


At first I felt we all need wish or hope, so I set Wish’s Land and started to work to let people and anything else have wish. And I got a hope by myself. So I came to be the existence that you see. And your King, Renald Bins was just an oak tree but now he is the King of Wish’s Land. Yes, your insistence is right. Wish comes from frustration. Though all worlds fell into frustration, we have to sow the seeds of hope. You are right. I felt shame to see you as a founder of Wish’s Land. I’ve already sent a message to your King. Take care.


From in shame, Ojar


Mr. Volt felt good his inside. Out of the palace, he opened his yellow umbrella and hid his body into the white cloud. The yellow umbrella flied away by wind but there’s no one under the umbrella.

Mr. Volt was walking to the castle of the King. Arrived at the castle, the King came out to see him. Mr. Volt felt thirsty so he drank a glass of water.

“I believed that you would solve the problem,” said the King.

“Now, all things are going to roll well,” said Mr. Volt.

“It may be so,” nodded the King.

“Can I go back to my house?”

“Yes, absolutely you would do. You are very faithful Minister to me.”

“I know, the king.”


As he opened the door of his house, some rats were cleaning the floor by small brooms. He smiled at them and went to the kitchen. He took some cheese from refrigerator and gave it to the rats. They got cheese and worked fast and went away.

He felt some tiredness so he went to the bedroom and slept. Next day, he started his work and got a letter from Cindy in the afternoon. She’s fine and is studying geography hard. She loves to be a geographer to explore many regions. After reading Cindy’s letter, Mr. Volt wrote a reply letter. He sent it to Cindy with some maps that he had.

He wrote letters to animals and plants till night. The letters written by him would be sent by changing animals and plants’ languages in wind.


One day, Mr. Volt was walking in the field alone. He can feel many languages mixed in wind. He thought many languages and interpreted them and he felt better. In nature, he was not alone. There were flowers, trees, and small animals. And they talked each other sending their words into wind. The wind was a mailman to them.


Several years later, Cindy came to college in big city. Cindy showed tears in the train. Mr. Volt said good-bye to Cindy. Cindy would study geography in the college.

Mr. Volt felt some gloom. He was alone in human world. And he felt that he would never marry human woman. He knew that he had been a pig. The more he knew anything, the more he felt alone.

One fairy that makes bloom came to him one day. She sat on the small chair with a big bundle of flowers and was throwing a flower one by one into the floor.

“Do you have any complain?”

“No, I haven’t. I just hate these ugly flowers.”

“Are you a fairy to make bloom?”

“Of course, I’m yes. But sometimes I hate blooms. They show me some gloom.”

“Why do they make you gloomy,” asked Mr. Volt.

“There’s no principle I who is a flower fairy would always love my flowers. I’m the being who feels any emotion. Do you know my feelings whenever I feel?”

“I can understand what you mean,” said Mr. Volt.

“Then you can know your emotion now?” The fairy asked.

“I’m the being who can just feel any emotion whenever.”

“Good! Now I have to go to roses that I would let them bloom tomorrow.” The fairy went away in a moment.

‘Yes, I can fell any emotion including gloom regardless of my work. Now it’s time for me to feel some gloom. Let me take a rest without any work.”

Mr. Volt came into the bed. He covered thick blanket his body. He slept for a long time. The season was changed but he was still sleeping. When winter came, he felt the sound of snow. He woke up and stood in front of the window and saw the scene that all things covered with white snow.

The fireplace was burning and someone sat in front of it. He was the man who rules over Wish’s Land. He stood up slowly and saw Mr. Volt.

“I came here to say something to you,” said the King.

“You look a little pale. You become to have much silver hair, too,” said Mr. Volt.

“Yes, of course. I’ve governed Wish’s Land for 400 years. I think it’s time to take a rest as the look that I was. I was an oak tree which loves the whisper of wind,” the King said feebly.

“Yes, I think you need a rest. And who governs Wish’s Land?” asked Mr. Volt.

“From now on, you will be the King of Wish’s Land. Take this Seal. This is the indication of the King of Wish’s Land. And I hope you……,” the King suddenly disappeared.


Mr. Volt took the seal and put it into his jacket hanging on the bedroom. He checked what the date it is. He became surprised at checking today’s date. He has been sleeping for 100 years. He went out but there’s no field that he had bought. He could just see the castle of Wish’s Land’s King. The house where he slept was already moved to here and he was sleeping in Wish’s Land safely.

He thought Cindy but she must have died. He became sad and went to the castle at evening.

Mr. Volt became a new king in Wish’s Land. The Seal opened a new work to him. He called many talented animals and gave them chances to become a higher existence than now. And he sent his message directly through wind to the heart of anyone. Sometimes he gave inspiration to fairy tale writers. And Mr. Volt himself wrote many fairy tale stories.

Mr. Volt loved many fairies. They were very clever to get something from Mr. Volt. Of course, Mr. Volt knew well that fairies want something good from him. Knowing fairies’ intention, he gave something good to them. Mr. Volt loved many fairies.

Mr. Volt always wondered Cindy’s information. He thought she must be in Sky Land. Nevertheless he wouldn’t know anything about her. One day a bird came into the hall where he is. The bird was biting a letter. He took it and opened.


Dear Mr. Volt,


After my death, I came to here, Sky Land.

I’m a granny here but I heard you never grow old.

And I came to know that you were my pig, Ceva.

What a wonderful growth you showed!

I’m waiting for you all the time.

And I hope you do well as the King of Wish’s Land.


With Love,

From Cindy who is a granny


Mr. Volt felt good. And he laughed at granny Cindy. He thought he can see her when he goes to Sky Land. But years have passed. A hundred years flew away. Mr. Volt didn’t go to Sky Land since he became the King of Wish’s Land. And he didn’t send a letter to Cindy, as well. He was just waiting for the proper time.

He felt tired at his work. And he passed his seal to a new King of Wish’s Land. He gathered up his things into the black bag and took an old yellow umbrella.

After arriving at Sky Land, he became a pink pig, Ceva. He wanted to be a pig in front of Cindy though she is a granny. Now, a granny Cindy is walking to Ceva. Ceva runs to her, not getting any bags or umbrella.



- The End -

Submitted: April 08, 2012

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