Murder Mystery

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A poetry book of a life of crime, mystery, heartbreak, and so much more.

This is dedicated to the people, alive, and passed, In the parkland shooting.

I pray for you,

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Nana

( this will be in poetry, but also some in story book format)

A girl, who has sensory disorders and adhd, tries to live on her own in new york, a place were crime likes to deal its cards.
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Chapter 2: Picola

Picola, picola, picola. Little one, little one, little one, Run, run run  I run down the streets of the new and stranger... Read Chapter

Chapter 3: Papa

heres some questions that you can answer in the comments, if you have any of your own, just ask!

1. In chapter 2 what do you think I ment by "Thunder killed papa" 2. What is Piccola mean in itallian? 3. What is her real name? 4. What do you think is "Thunder" 5. What do you think so far ;)
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Chapter 4: Stranger

 Thunder boomed from behind me. Dust swirled from the streets Screams, Screeches Sirens. A fell nothing but  a... Read Chapter

Chapter 5: Thunder

Rose took my nose I suppose.  Rose took my nose I suppose.     The stranger turns to me. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6: Police

DThe lights. They are in a pattern almost to good to be bad But they are When you see them you move out of the way Bu... Read Chapter

Chapter 7: Lights

The lights that I see creates a sad feeling within me Nothing holds me up Nothing brings me down I'm staring at the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8: Boy

TThe boy's mind wasn't clear The boy's heart was destroyed. He was tired of the teasing one day he just broke broke b... Read Chapter

Chapter 9: Jake

I'm Jake.  I'm...  Pause, I'm a lot of things. Picolla, little one, Rose. I'll go with my name.&nbs... Read Chapter

chapter 10

Rose Jake How long have you been out?  Long enough  I already answered so many questions.  all of them... Read Chapter