One Hundred Assassin's (Chapter 2)

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After witnessing his Sister's death. Reginald awakens within the confines of a box. He is trapped, he must find the key to escape. And find out what's really going on.

Submitted: July 16, 2015

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Submitted: July 16, 2015



The One Hundred Assassins
Book 1: Death before Family
Chapter 2: Mysterious for Anonymous 

Reginald awakes. Panting. 
“Where am I?” Reginald thinks to himself. 
Reginald places his hands in front of him and touches a wall, then to the left and right of himself and behind. 
He is trapped. 
“What the…” Reginald mummers 
The walls have an odd texture, similar to marble; yet, everything is dark. 
No light to be found. Trapped inside a marble box with nowhere to go, barley enough to room to move his body. 
Reginald Panics. 
“What the… Help! Help! I can't move!” 
Silence is all that can be heard.  
Reginald lays on his back, an inch of moving and he’ll knock his head against the back wall. 
Trapped, isolated, no food, no water. 
Reginald intensely sobs. 
With no escape plan or opportunity to contemplate his next action Reginald lays down and thinks. 
“Ok, ok, ok, I can do this…-“
Reginald punches the box severely out of anger and fear only to have his hand bruised. The box seems unbreakable, impossible to escape. 
“This is a dream… This has to be a dream!..-“ 
Clinching his fist and harshly punching his knees Reginald screams “WAKE UP!” 
Another scream. 
Useless as his tactic seems Reginald keeps trying. 
“Come on, come on, wake up!” 
Just as his plan seemed to fall apart, although it wasn't a very thought of plan, something happens. 
In front on Reginald glaring against the wall just inches from his feet a screen appears. Such as if it was a hologram levitating in thin air. 
Reginald jolts away slamming his head against the marble wall
“Shit” Reginald exclaims  
The screen seems to be loading, getting exceptionally clearer every second. Reginald moves his hand behind the levitating screen to find nothing but air. He jerks backwards to see if something is projecting from the wall, nothing is seen; no light, no image, nothing but the marble surface. 
The screen cycles through the booting up stage, at the bottom of the screen in red letters as plain as day Reginald sees a loading symbol. 

Loading system 4% 
Estimated wait time – 35hours, 10 minutes

“Are you serious?” Reginald barks out. 
With no action of stopping Reginald lashes out and throws a haymaker at the screen, the screen was not affected as if nothing is there and Reginald crushes  his hand against the marble surface. 
More curse words flung from Reginald’s mouth as if he had rehearsed them. 

Hope had been lost, trapped inside a box, no visible way of escaping.
“Is this the end?” Reginald thought 
“No, I can find a way” 
After minutes of starting at a screen Reginald dozes off. 


Awoken by the sound of silence, Reginald leans up and focuses at the screen which is still floating there menacingly. While sleeping, a box appeared along the bottom right of the screened imaged. The box read:

Are you trapped? Need any help? Type in the password and be set free! 

“Password?” Reginald thought. 
Shortly after reading the ‘memo’ Reginald picks up his hand and clicks ‘Type in Password’ along the bottom of the pop up box. 
The screens goes dark only showing one small line of text and a keyboard. The screen has eight letter spots to enter a valid password. 

Reginald thinks.
“My way out? This is too convenient. A password? Something I must've saw or heard while…-“
A small sigh and remembrance of his sisters lifeless body overwhelms him. A family death, the youngest member, murdered. 
“.. Murdered for what?..-“  Reginald thinks
“Wait… They lure me in, they captured my sister after tricking me into leaving the house, they pull a trick robbery to lure me in, this is just a game to them! They're controlling the pole and I'm the fish and they keep making me bite”
Reginald clicks something in his mind. 
“They… They, the One Hundred Assassin’s. From the letter, they did this. They must be the password.” 
Reginald types in ‘Assassin’
The screen shakes and another box pops up reading ‘Entry Declined’ 

“Hmm” Reginald says to himself. 
“What game are they trying to play this time” 

After thinking for a few minutes Reginald types in another response.
The screen simply says ‘Entry Declined’ 
Another moment passes and Reginald types in a third response; ‘OHA’
‘Access Granted’ the screen states then flickers off as if it was not even there. 
Reginald is enraged with glee. The wall of the box in front of Reginald’s feet makes a sharp screeching noise then opens. 
Reginald can see nothing but light, bright white glow that burns his eyes from being engulfed with darkness. 
Reginald climbs out, squiggling his way outside the box then placing one hand on the box to help him stand, and the other in front of his eyes. 

“Hello” a voice calls from behind Reginald.
Reginald turns slowly 
“How're you this evening?” 
Reginald doesn't respond, his eyesight still blurry from isolation. 
“My name is Doctor Briggs, or you can call me DB – either works” 
“Where am I?” Reginald speaks
A short pause catches Doctor Briggs as if he's trying to find the right words. 
“You're nowhere; inside the assassin’s chamber currently, but honestly the only word I know for this place is ‘nowhere’. This place is hidden. Thousands of feet below the surface of the earth. Does that answer your question?” DB says to Reginald
“Not really, although; I have another question, would you mind to answer?” Reginald asks the Doctor
“I can try, I will not guarantee”
Reginald walks a few steps closer. 
“Why me Doc?” 
The Doctor walks back a few more feet. 
“I am here to congratulate you upon the opening of the box. Nothing more, the box opens and you're in the room. Well, this room. This is your room. You will now wait approximately three days for the others. Now, there is water and foo-“
The Doctor is interrupted by Reginald. 
“You said ‘Others’… Who are the others?” 
The Doctor closes his mouth and sighs. 
“You escaped your box. Others have not. You better be grateful your mind can stretch farther then theirs” 
The Doctor turns to leave the room. 
“Wa.. wait! One more” Reginald almost yells. 
“Sure” DB says 
“How many ‘others’ are there?” 
The Doctor grips the door handle to indicate he's leaving. Before exiting he pokes his head inside speaks to Reginald. 
“ninety-nine others, ninety-nine other boxes, ninety-nine other rooms” 
The door shuts and is immediately locked. 


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