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My thoughts about Jesus and Salvation!

Submitted: August 01, 2009

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Submitted: August 01, 2009




I sometimes wonder, why You died for me,
On that Cross at Calvary.
I'm not a perfect person you see,
I'm flawed, I sin, I fall short you see!

Some I can understand about,
So sure and right and good, full of all they should!
But I seem empty, though I speak & sing in 'Tongues',
I fall short, I'm flawed, not a very Holy one!

I try to do my best,
I try to match up to the rest!
My Bible, I read sporadically...
While others seem to have the key!

Isometimes wonder... will I get to Heaven?
A done deal says Margi, as I flounder.
In a sea of STUFF that wants to drown me...
While others float by all around me!

Is it selfpity? Or selfdoubt?
I don't seem to know, pity or doubt?
Is it both? Is it neither?
This verse doesn't rhyme well either!

Nor does life seem to rhyme,
My mind is troubled much of the time!
I stumble at the Cross again,
"Sorry, Jesus... just me again!"

He tells me, He Loves me,
And if I was the only one...
He'd have died for me,
The Father's Precious Son!

My tears won't flow,
Though I feel that they should!
What Love, what Love,
Is it what I deserve?

"Yes!" Says JESUS...
"Yes!" AGAIN!!!
"Bring Me your fears, sickness &pain!
Bring them to Me again and again!!!"

"For I do not count them,
Or against you hold...
I will alwaysLove you,
Young orold!"

"Scared, or bold..."
"Thank you, JESUS,
For Loving me...
Enough to die at Calvary!"

It's late at night,
Or early in the morning...
In a couple of hours,
A new day is dawning!

So be close to me,
Keep me safe and clean.
Help me to be nice, not mean,
Iwishthat I was more keen!

I'mnot a great servant,
I'm too opinionated and proud!
Upset meand you'll hear me loud...
I roar and rant, a sonof thunder!

WhyYou died for me, I sometimes wonder,
Yet... I know You did, forYou do not lie...
Oneday I'll seeYou in thesky,
Until then help mebe the best that I can be!

Cut through the clutter of my mind,
Help me each day Youto find!
When I'mlow lift me up,
Thank youfor drinking that bitter cup!

And now to sleep, Ishall go,
It's late again, I'm sureYouknow!
Thank You, JESUS, for dying forme,
I am'A Workin Progress' as you can see!

© Copyright 2017 i am just a dude. All rights reserved.

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