A Broken Cup

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Trust is like a broken cup.

Submitted: January 17, 2013

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Submitted: January 17, 2013



A girl had a favorite cup, drank from it but slipped over her hand and broke it.  She tried to fix it over and over again.

For her, though that cup kept on hurting her lips she never wanted to throw it away because it has great value to her.  Then time came when she went for a travel & left her cup in the cupboard, she was blinded by the other cups because they were brand new & of course they didn’t hurt her lips.  One day she realized after drinking from those cups they were painted out of toxins, they didn’t hurt her lips but they almost killed her.  Suddenly, she remembered her favorite cup and wished she had her cup and drink from it instead; for she might hurt her lips again but for sure it can’t kill her unlike the toxins.

That’s why she wrapped it properly in a box, kept it safely in her cabinet and though she missed her favorite cup a lot.  She decided not to drink from it for the meantime until the glue would dry and make it stronger and wouldn’t break ever more if she’d drink from it right away again.  Guess it would take time or maybe it needs to be kept in the cupboard forever but at least she still got her favorite cup in her “cupboard”.

Guess she would never drink from a cup again.

You might learn how to give your 100% trust again to someone but it would be hard to give it to the person who broke it- 99.9% would be the most ; but never a 100%.

Just like fixing your favorite cup when it’s broken, you can still put the pieces together but the cracks will remain.  Nevertheless, you will still risk to drink from it because it’s your favorite cup; but if it doesn’t have a value, you wont risk to drink from a broken cup… you’ll throw it and buy a new one.

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