A Dream made out of Love

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When you're in love, you'll find yourself lost in a dream until you cannot distinguish anymore dreams from reality.

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



I thought Love was that easy…
That it would always be blissful
Something that can keep you away from fears
And will set aside your tears
Something I thought of as a fantasy
Which could always make rainbows appear
That could make the sun shine so bright
And could give a glow to the stars every night
So I chose to enter this dream I made
But suddenly everything seemed to be untrue, because…
Love is not that easy
Something that cannot totally keep you away from fears
And will bring tears to your eyes
Something which is far from fantasy
Which cannot always make rainbows appear
That sometimes steals the brightness of the sun
And can hide those stars behind dark clouds
Then…I figured out that what I dreamed before
Are just pure dreams
For they cannot be all true
That love can hurt me
Can stab me straight to the heart
Make it bleed until it cannot fight anymore & die
But thank God because He never left this heart I have
That everytime I get hurt, cry & almost die…
He always reminds me that all that causes me pain are part of the dream I created….
The dream that I chose to enter…
Which I can leave anytime I feel
But if I leave…what would happen to the dream I made?
What would happen to me?
What would happen to the Love that I have found as I enter this dream?
I have no idea…
But all I can say is….
I found my Home in this dream…
Despite of all its imperfections & bitterness…
I still chose to take a journey in that dream
And ready to accept all the pains & fears I can encounter over & over again….
I Love the dream that I made
And will continue loving the Love I have loved from the start.

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