A Purpose Driven Life

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Live with a purpose.

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



The other day, when I was riding a bus there’s this one old arab man who got in, being assisted by a man, for he was blind.  Traveling alone, with his 2 back packs and stick, he was confident enough.  I let him sat on my place (which is mainly for the ladies only) and transferred to the other seat.  As I was about to get off the bus, I heard the conversation of the blind man and the driver about how to get to a certain mall, and the driver instructed the blind man he can get down and ride another bus.  What the hell? Who would assist this blind man, he was alone and heading to a mall?!  Okay I gazed around and nobody else was getting off the bus and even the driver didn’t care to assist the blind man or didn’t even ask other passengers  for assistance.  As what the situation calls, I told the blind man “okay I’ll assist you sir”, then we walked and tried to find the bus station where he can ride onto going to the mall he wanted (we had a short chat and I enjoyed talking to a blind man).  Unfortunately, I also didn’t have the idea where was that bus (hehe) and luckily there were these two arab guys who offered help to find the bus; so it was their turn to help then let me leave.

It was funny because me, a person with sight found it difficult to find that bus (well I often get lost that’s normal with me haha), what more if you cannot see, just like that blind man? But I saw how courageous he was to travel alone without any fears, with the hope that there are people around him that can help him on his solitary journey.

Though life sometimes sucks for us, whatever our situation is, whatever others think of you, and whatever you think of yourself -a worthless creature or whatsoever..we should still be thankful enough that we can see, we can hear, we can talk, we can feel-happiness, pain…we should be thankful that we are alive because whoever you are, wherever you came from, each one of us has a purpose within us that we often don’t recognize because we dwell on too much on things that make us forget the other important aspects in our lives.  So keep on living and don’t let the negativity in life stop your from wanting to live \":)\"

-Have a purpose driven life \":)\"

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