Apology (Brown eyes)

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This is an old poem about being in between your feelings.

Submitted: February 16, 2012

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Submitted: February 16, 2012



Bittersweet happiness burns me.

I've won.

He loves me, but where does that leave her?

My friend.. will she be hurt?

And what of my own love.. How it's ripped in two.

Will my heart stand the tear?

Will his green eyes that look on me with such love be winced with hate?

Will the blue eyes be condemed?

On account of my brown eyes that led us all to sin.

It's cruel the happiness I feel

It's dark and sick.

My glee at such expences.

My sin with such pretenses.

A face I wear to hide what I may do.

I wish to appologize..

Sorry to the friend that I let down.

Sorry to the green eyes I threw.

And to the blue eyes I hold so dear,

sorry to the brown stain I must be.

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