Best Friends Never know Best

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Have you ever had a friend that asked for your advice but wouldn't take it? Then you'll understand this.

Submitted: March 10, 2012

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Submitted: March 10, 2012



(First verse)

I see the pain, etched in her text.

She says she's fine, I know what's next

Denial, Anger, Exceptance

Always goes that way

Makes me wonder what am I supposed to say?


(Second verse)

I'm the one who knows it all.

I'm the one to catch her when she falls.

I'm the one who saves the day.

Holds her in my arms and tells her it'll be okay.



But when she's sitting alone crying on the bathroom floor

And all I can do is stand outside the door and hope she can hear me

As I'm telling her she's beautiful, wonderful,

He was such an idiot, She's wasting her tears on all the wrong faces.

But does she hear? Does she know?



The best friends neveer know.


(Third verse)

She says I'd never understand

She says I cannot comprehend

A love so deep it beats the sea..

(Yeah) 20000 leagues of MISERY!


(Repeat chorus)



She will pour out her heart once more.

and I'll be right back, at that door.

Telling her she's beautiful... wonderful...

But I guess

the best friends never know Best.

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