Kinsey Risner is Dead. (exerpt)

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This just a taste test of a new story i'm working on. Hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: February 18, 2012

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Submitted: February 18, 2012



The gates stood before me taller than any man. Gazing through the bars I saw my father's chateau. It was beautiful and terrifying at once. Beautiful for its scenic gardens and rich gold pillers, terrifying in the fact I'd never imagined he'd run from us here. A whine from my back pack urged me to move. I adjusted so Foxy would be comfortable and pressed the red button on the speaker box adjorned to the gate. Instantly the box sizzled with electricity. I followed its progress so well it almost felt languid. Intricate pattens crossed one another until they reached the person on the other end. Some one breathed into the speaker and my heart shook.

The speaker was spanish and went off in a language I was lost in. Finally he paused and I got to put in my two cents.

"No habla Espanol."

I heard a click and waited as the speaker redirected me to someone I hopefully could understand. Now it was some snooty sounding Frenchy, wait.. Frenchy? The thought made me nearly burst out laughing. My father had hired a French woman to answer his calls while living in Brazil. What was a french person even doing in Brazil! Then again who was I talk. I was an american practically ship wrecked at the feet of the one person who abandoned ship a long time ago. Now sobered i spoke into the speaker box and asked for Mr Risner.

The french women dawdled in a half baked attempt at politeness. "Do you av an appointment?"

"No but-" She cut me off. "No one sees the Doctour without an appointment." I sneered at the new found condescending tone.

"I'm his daughter." I spat.

There was a silence then another click. I placed my palm on the rough cords of the speaker box to better navigate the gargantuine network of electric signals being passed, my heart soared at the possibility that she'd rout me straight throughto Dad, but i felt myself being rerouted back to Frenchy and growled with frustration.

"What is your name?" the woman asked. I hesitated, My name. Everyone knew my name now. My name was a headline and it wasn't for winning a soccer game. My closest cousin was the monster in the attic.I gulped fo rair and dove in.

"Kinsey Risner."

The gates swung open with such force I had to jump back. A figure in charcoal was walking down the path to greet me. Her hair hung in a side tail over her shoulder. Her skin glowed with exotic beauty and her blue eyes lit with surprise and suppressed fear.

My teeth burned in my mouth just looking at her, but I held back, forcing my body not to become that creature of death. She may have been the one to ruin my family and take my father thousands of miles away, and she may be carrying the seed of my father's cheating past within her,but she was still my stepmom.

"Kinsey" She greeted me with fake enthusiasm while running ruby red nails through her twisty mane. "You look good." Her lying was pathetic.

I couldn't becivil with her.Not then and not now. I shouldered past her mutely and made my way up the walk into the mansion. It was wall to wall lavish and reminded me of an arabian style mixed with aristocracy. Very not Brazilian. Long cream and brown curtains pooled on the marbled floor. I heard the home wreckers clickity clack heels behind me.My little familliar growled from my bag.

The heels stopped and i heard her gasp with surprise. "Is is that a-" I cut her off "Yes Shana it is a fox." Her blue eyes narrowed at my less than respectful tone but my reputation kept her mute as a dead dove. I smiled wickedly letting all my harnessed hatred and intimidation flow 'til her little mousy heart was pinned against the wall.

"Now take me him. And don'tyou dare touch a phone."

Terrified she led me up a grand staircase and into a long hallway. She passed several doors until she came to one in particular. I heard the skin of her knuckles graze the waxed woodwork.. Impatiently I pushed her aside. She had seen him everyday while I had not in years.

It was My turn.

He was My dad.

I slammed the door behind me and didn't dare look up into his face. Not before my pulse calmed. I should have hunted first before I came here. My Dad could be in danger.

Finally I composed myself enough to speak. I looked up at the man who'd walked out on us. He was rounder than I remember and his dark hair was streaking with gray. He sat primed behind his mahogany desk, a phone reciever dangling limply in his deadened hands.Our identical eyes met and allI could squeak was "Daddy."

"..Kinsey" He regareded me carefully, setting the phone in its cradle"What are you doing here?"This question wasn't what I had hoped for. His coldness disoriented me. He made no move to stand and wrap me in his arms, or even call me his Baby Girl. But i guess that was just to much to ask for.

"I need help" I whispered finally. His to perfect eye brow raised in a question but he said nothing. "I've... Dad it's not right. I'm a beast and I need your help. You can fix me." I put all the hope and desperation into those lines so as to break the spell that ice witch had obviously casted on his heart.

He didn't speak for a little while then he looked at me as he used to, with compassion. My heart soared and then he shot it.

"Did you really kill all those people?"

All i could do was nod.


"I had to." my voice sounded weak. " I'm a vampire Daddy. That's what I'm trying to tell you."

He rose from his seat, pacing. I watching him, following his progress from one corner of his heavily burdened desk to the next. Isaw his hand swing frommy vision and something like a siren made me wince. My anger flared instantly. The beast growled at the painful sound."Turn it off"

He paused, surprised at my tone and regarded me like the doctor he was. I motioned to where I knew the tape recorded sat. "How did you?"My snarl made him stop. He clicked off the machine and I relaxed a little. I thought it might be good now to answer his question.

"I could hear tha tDad. Anything electric screams or sizzles. I also hear your heart racing. You're scared of me. Well you know what so am I. Ibring people to their knees so that I can rip their heart out of their chest.I make grown men shake with fear. Bewitch with just a touch. I drink blood like you drink in this misreable livly hood you've chosen to take" My voice broke to a softenened whisper like it had when I was mortal. I met my fathers eyes, pleading, "I want my old life back. I don't want to be this monster, please help me."

He didn't hesitate. His voice fell like a bomb over that inkling of childhood that still saw him as a hero.

"No" .
"NO! What do you mean No. Do you know what I've gone through to get here!" I was slipping. The beast growled inside me. My heart rate was spiraling in my chest. The pain in my teeth erupted. Pages scattered across the floor like broken dreams.The leather of his coat was grinding against my stony fingers. the cold glass behind him gleamed with blood. The part of me with humanity wrestled for a foot hold.This was my father that I had just smashed against a door sized window. That I was holding, strangling. I couldn't make it stop.

My father's legs shook beneath me."You're insane and I want you out of my house right now!" He fought to drive me off. His nails clawing the flesh of my neck and arms. the act was more painful then I could have imagined. Rejected once again by the man I used to love.

Left alone again.

The beast took me. Kinsey Risner was gone. It drove bone white teeth sharpened to fatal accuracy into my fathers throat. His ribs cracked beneath the weight. It threw him shaking him like a dog across the terricota carpet. The blood seeped. He screamed.

Still I felt my own conscience bleeding. It was my chest being ripped not his. My blood being drained, my screams echoing off the wall as this cannibal killed me. I was weakening. It was that awful empathy that followed a hunt. I knew their life and death as no one is ment to know another.His life was flickering like candle light before my eyes. Pictures, memories, there only a second before they were wiped from the world forever. Isaw my mother, the beautiful blonde and my siblings, a black sheet falling over their figures.

Sarah's birth.

red sheen.

Shana's beautiful eyes.

Fighting with Mom.


Another woman I didn't know.

dismay, distrust, hatred.


All the horrors and highlights of my father's life until the candle reached its quick and blew out.

Pulling away from that body was like falling deep into an abyss.The scream behind me roused my hunger a new. I heard the buzz of a phone on hold. My snarling face turned to the pregnant witch that had stolen happiness from me.

I wheeled on Shana.

KIlling her was nothing like my father. I disposed of her slowly. Ripping into her stomach and killing that alien being inside first. Killing an unborn hurt as I never believed possible but I did it.Then I turned to her with a maniacle efficiency. She screamed begging for her life. Pounding on the door behind her until her knuckles bled. Electric life was brimmng through the house but I knew no one would come just as I knew she would never leave. Her cell lay discarded to the side. I kept it on. Whoever she had called would pay witness to this justice. It was sick to relize that that was what it was. This kill was not the beast. It was me, and I was enjoying every second.

She finallyf ell silent. A cracked pumpkin on the red carpet. I had tasted no memories from her blood, maybe because I didn't want to or maybe it was only the beast that could feel the sting. Either way she was dead and the phone was buzzing. I lifted the speaker to my ear. People scurried like rats through the reciever. I cleared my throat. The silence gave mewings. I spoke the words that had become trade mark. The words i had written in blood on everyone of my victims. The inner workings of my heart now with a new motive. A new piece of me to hate.

"Kinsey Risner is Dead."

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