Loyal 'Ol Me(a dogs thoughts)

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A dogs thoughts

Submitted: March 20, 2012

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Submitted: March 20, 2012



The road passes by in flashes past the glass.

I know your mad,

It's my fault, but it's your fault too.

don't blame Loyal 'Ol Me.

Remember that first night

I cried in the dark.

Then you were there.

Your bed was soft.

I curled under your chin, and made you a promis.

"I'll love you forever."

Remember the lake?

How we splashed and played.

I'd bark at those girls 'til you pulled me away.

That was our scheme, remember?

But then it worked to well.

Cindy moved in.

I carrried that stupid pillow down the isle.

You gave me a wink and then turned to her.

I knew you loved her so I promised her too.

"I'll love you forever,"

Cindy grew big, and Cindy grew mean.

Why were you always gone?

I saw her crying one day

I tried to put my head in her lap

But she pushed me, she screamed and I felt her hand before she ran away.

Then one day you both didn't return.

I scratched at your door. I whined to the windows.

Someone tried to get in and I growled at them just like you taught me.

Once I got thirsty you finally came back.

You filled up my bowl and told me to stay.

I begged, but you left anyway.

Now you're both home and you've brought home a Pup.

All it does is whine,

Why do you let it in your room at night and leave me at the door?

We don't walk now or go to the lake.

You're cooing that pup that looks so like you.

flabby, pale, and hairless, smelling of milk

You leave me now, all the time.

I tear up your curtains. I rip up your sheets.

I'm upset.

I hate it, and I hate you!

You named me Loyal.

It wasn't my fault, I just sat down.

I didn't see it there.

It was out of its cage.

I got up when it screamed.

I just sat down....

Now the cars stopped and I see the tracks.

You get out and hold the door.

I jump down.

We've never been here before.

I see a stick raised in your hand.

For a moment there's hope.

You toss and I chase again.

I'm still Loyal 'Ol Me and your still-

I turn.

You're gone.

I'm alone,

abandoned on this road.

A dog without a name.

© Copyright 2017 I am Revera Love. All rights reserved.

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