The Lonely Man

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A man was always lonely then he found God

Submitted: February 09, 2007

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Submitted: February 09, 2007



  Once there was a man who was very rich. He couldn't understand why he was still unhappy.  He had a family as in a mother and father, and a nice house and good friends.  But he was still unhappy. He turned to drugs, achahol, and women.  He had not married yet.

He thaught that was the problem. so he started looking;He finaly foud the one he loved very much. For awhile he was happy;Then he became unhappy agian. He stayed on his drugs.  What could be wrong with me he thaught. He tried going to doctors. They found nothing wrong with him

You are probably wondering what it could be in your life that is missing to.  Have you not found that space to fill up in your heart .  Are you thinking I am like that man.  What could be wrong?

On day he was walking in the park and saw a little girl playing in the park by herself; but she looked very happyalone.  she would dance and sing songs he had never herd. So he stoped to asked her what made her happy being alone? she answered him and said I'm not alone.The man looked around and said I see noonelse here with you. Thats because you need to see him with your heart as a child. OH i see the light and at that moment he became happy and went home.

He's wife questioned his happiness. He told her about the little girl and her friend Jesus Christ.Day by day went by he never saw the little girl at the park agian.  Years and Years whent by the old man died.  Now he and her might reunite.  so if you feel this way think as a child and let Jesus Christ in your life

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