(a Grimmjow love story)

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about the story i had help with it me and my best friend Kristen worked on it together whoever reads this story your name is Kate you are working side by side with Toshiro the ice master but you soon find out he has a huge crush on you but your crushing on an enemy named Grimmjow what will happen if Toshiro finds out

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



Kate= purpleGrimmjow= blueToshiro= light blue Erin= greenKristen= pink me (aka) Steven= redthe story starts at the battle fieldsSteven: Toshiro do you think it's safe allowing Kate on the training fields?Toshiro: she will be fine.Erin: i am going to be using my new attack against Grimmjow.Kristen: Grimmjow but he is powerful we don't know if Kate can be able to go against him.Erin: i am afraid it is the Grimmjow i fear.this is what Grimmjow looks likebleachgrimmjow2.jpgGrimmjow: we meet again Toshiro i see you have new followers now or maybe your just replacing your people that i destroyed.Toshiro: i will never forgive you for what you did but i am not replacing them.Grimmjow: who's behind you then?Toshiro: the people behind me happen to be my new team they happen to be very powerful.Grimmjow: i see *looks at Kate* i am looking for a girl named Kate.Toshiro: *eyes widen* i won't let you have her.Grimmjow: so you would rather fight?Toshiro: yes fighting for Kate's safety seems like a good way to go Kristen take Kate inside.Kristen: Kate come on we need you inside they need help in the hospital wing.Kate: *looks at Toshiro and Grimmjow* but i want to fight.Kristen: i am sure Steven will let you train with him.Steven: what about me?Kate: we are going to train together.Erin: Kristen it's Toshiro he needs our help.Kristen: what happened?Erin: i can't explain right now we must hurry Kristen leave Steven and Kate inside because Toshiro want's Kate with someone at all times since Grimmjow is after her i still want to know why.once they make it to the training grounds they see Toshiro pinned to the ground. Kristen: TOSHIRO *runs over to where Grimmjow pinned down Toshiro* Grimmjow i am going to ask you this once let my master go or else i will make your life terrible.Grimmjow: you think i am scared of you? if you do think that i am not *let's go of Toshiro* if you want Toshiro to live you will fight me if not say good bye to him.Kristen: bad mistake Grimmjow i am really powerful.Grimmjow: show me what you got but your not the one i am after therefore i am calling you weak since i am not after you i am after Kate who happens to be very powerful make me believe you are strong.Kristen: with pleasure.ok this picture right here just pretend Kristen clawed his face.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSwhyx8_QDZGAbAlpet6NKGrimmjow: *touches his face* you are powerful *backs up* bring me Kate now or else. Kristen: i am not scared of you after all i am powerful after all.Erin: Kristen get back he is healing himself he will try to attack you wants his body heals.grimmjow.jpgGrimmjow: *get's ready to attack*Kate: *get's in the way and blocks attack* i am so bored in the hospital wing *does a chant and the ground starts shaking*Erin: Kate what are you doing?Grimmjow: she is bringing back the dead. Toshiro: how do you know? Grimmjow: i was reading her information about here and her beauty is more amazing up close. me and Kristen will finish this story soon. Toshiro: SHE IS MINE! Grimmjow: what? Kate: what did you mean i am your's? Toshiro: i love you Kate. Kate: *eyes widen* but i love someone else *looks at Grimmjow* Toshiro: *follows her gaze to Grimmjow* you love Grimmjow?! Kate: *blushes* yeah... Grimmjow: i love you too! Toshiro: but he is the enemy! Kate: and he is also the guy i love enemy or not i love him and nothing can change that. Toshiro: i see but we can't let you leave with him. Kate: and just why not? Toshiro: he will try to turn you against us. Grimmjow: you wish. Kate: see *walks over to grimmjow and hugs him* Kristen: ouch! Erin: i am sorry master but Kate is old enough to make her own choices in life that includes her love life you can't just pick it for her. Kristen: Erin is right Toshiro. Kate: *carrys bags out the door* bye Toshiro bye Kristen bye Mrs. Henderson *laughs* Erin: who is Mrs. Henderson? Kate: it's you silly. Erin: my last name is not Henderson! Kate: you should get it changed to it then. Kristen: Erin calm down where is Steven? Steven: *jumps down* right here. Kristen: *screams* Steven you scared me. Steven: sorry Kristen *looks down* i was praticing my fire attack on the roof tops. Erin: i noticed. Steven: what? Grimmjow: nice place you have here it's burning to the ground at least i don't have to destory it. Steven: SNAP! Erin: you think. Kristen: Steven your so random. Steven: of course i am *smiles* random people rock. Kristen: sweet. Steven: totally. Toshiro: *put's out fire* Erin: Kate is this what you want? Kate: yes it is. Erin: ok be careful if your in danger i will be there to help you out but don't call me Mrs. Henderson it's not me. Kate: but you act alot like Logan. Erin: do not! Steven: do too. Grimmjow: *takes Kate's hand* Toshiro: *get's jealous* Steven: *looks at the ground* Grimmjow: hello you there. *waves hand in Steven's face* Steven: *grabs Grimmjow's hand* Grimmjow: i see your fast now let me go. Steven: *catches Grimmjows hand on fire* Grimmjow: LET GO OF ME I AM ON FIRE! Kate: STEVEN LET HIM GO! Steven: *looks at Kate* he is lying to you Kate i can since he is going to turn you against us you have to stay with us please i don't want to be your enemy i want to still be your best friend is Grimmjow worth loosing your best friends over. Kristen: *looks down* *puts hands together to form crystals in the sky* *touches the brightest star* Grimmjow: what is she doing? Erin: she is going to find out if you are telling the truth or not. Kristen: *looks at where Grimmjow takes Kate to see him propose* Kate: *blushes deep red* Steven: *mouth drops open* wow. Grimmjow: that is an amazing power. Toshiro: Kristen are you ok? Erin: *shakes Kristen* wake up! Kristen: i am not sleeping. Erin: *smacks head* sorry my blood sugar is low. Kristen: you almost shook me to death. Toshiro: but Kate he is dangerous. Kate: i still love him why don't you date Kristen. Kristen: *blushes* Toshiro: how did you know i loved her anyways Kate? Kate: the look in your eyes show's alot. Toshiro: *puts hands on head* just what i need another enemy! Kate: again with another enemy listen i am not going to be your enemy but your friend. Grimmjaw: come on my beautiful Kate that looks like aamazing princess.

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