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You know when theres that one person you cant stand, but u act like you're best friends???

Submitted: February 09, 2008

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Submitted: February 09, 2008



I hate you.

Every ounce of toleration inside my heart

Flees at the sight of your damned, ghastly soul.

That smile on your lips,

The way those lines slightly curve into a smirk,

Like you know best

Bugs the hell outta me.

Your eyes,

Wide with arrogance and ignorance

Stare at me like I’m filth.

Your voice,

Crackling like a microphone

Yet perfect like a piano

Plucks every last string inside my heart.

I want to shriek how much I despise you

How much I wish you would rot in hell,

How I want you to move far, far away.


And yet,

We’re best friends.

You tell me the secrets I don’t want to hear

And I put up with you,

Smiling at your lame jokes

And hugging you when you ask.

I listen to your opinion

And never make fun of you out loud

(No matter how much I want to).


But that will never stop me from hating you.

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