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I've only known them for a year, but we've been pretty good- if not best- friends. She's always been there for me through everything; relationships, home issues, and just flat out drama. She's been the one person that could always make me smile- and now, now that im just getting to really know her- shes moving. And this is my way of saying goodbye lol...

Submitted: January 04, 2008

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Submitted: January 04, 2008



Normally, writing comes easy-

Just write down my thoughts

And the words will flow-

But tonight, the screen stares at me.

How do I write down how I feel

Or what our friendship means

When there’s so many emotions involved?


How do I write down our marble fight

Or the bruise on my foot from the softball you threw?

How do I explain those days in PE

When you ran with me instead of ahead

Because of my knee?

How do I put in ink those times in the sound

When we would “lay” each other

Or those strolls past the path

Through the vines and trees

Into our secret little beach?


How do I explain those late night calls

When I thought my world was ending

But you caught the pieces?

How do I simply write your honest answers

To my most difficult questions

Or the times I needed a shoulder

And you were there?

How do I pen the times I collapsed

And you actually cared

Instead of just pretending?


How do I explain all the times you made me feel

Like I was worth something?

All the times I needed support,

And you were the only one there?

All the times I felt like giving in

But you convinced me not to?


How do I explain our friendship?


I can’t believe you’re going…

That I’m going to have to finish high school without you.

But I know its hardest for you

Leaving all your friends again.

But I want you to know we’ll never forget you.

We’ll never forget your friendship

Or what you’ve done.

I know you’re going to make tons of new friends

And succeed at whatever you do.


But how do I write that?

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