Our Dream, Our Fantasy

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Submitted: December 25, 2017

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Submitted: December 25, 2017



I did not have much friends, the only few I remembered were Lucy, Baldwin, Chloe, Jasmine and a few more. Funny enough, we all had one thing in common, we were not sociable, and were labeled as those ‘boundary nerds’ back in school. We met randomly, it’s like one of those old fashion high-school movies, nerds were only friends with other nerds, I guess it is true. However, the way me and Lucy met was special. In a random, ordinary day, we are having social education as usual, the teacher was talking about importance of friends. But all of a sudden, she stood up, a girl who never talked and was forbidden by others, like we all did, I don’t need what they called ‘friends’, all I need is just one true friendship. Then the teacher smiled, then what makes a true friendship? She stood there silent with everyone staring at her, later sit back down and never answered. Then after lesson, I simply walked up to her. I will make you a true friendship.

We were all weird people, as they said, with complex backgrounds. Lucy suffered from genetic depression, but surprisingly enough, she hid it well. Baldwin had some family issues and suffered from acquired hypochondria. Chloe was mysterious. She is beautiful, but she simply just did not want to talk with people. Whenever people asked, she simply reply, I am way too tired of this. Jasmine was borned in a poor family, but she was the most optimistic one among us all, she was a great leader of us. And me? I do not know.

We formed a tiny gang, chilling and wondering around in this big, wide world. Observing, adventuring, questioning, synthesizing, we searched for happiness and goals for living on from this dark gloomy place. All together, we shared the loneliness and bitterness. Someday in summer, right after school. We came across a huge, old cherry tree. It is full of spider webs and dust, it seemed it had been through cruel wars and tortures. It’s dry branches were crashed, half of its tree stem was cut down, it had some grose mushroom growing on it. But it was still standing straight, facing the sun proudly. This is the one, the one we have been looking for. Jasmine yelled. Guys, this will be our other home, full of dreams and hopes. We first made a wish separately, and then we told one and other. Surprisingly, our wishes were somewhat similar, all including friendship and happiness. So we combined them all, into one common dream, ‘We hope we will live a happy life, with everyone around us happy.’ We digged the paper with our dream written on it into the soil in front of the cherry tree. But who can guess, that was the last time we traveled together. Jasmine moved to a far place because of economic situation, I left and went to United States, someone went to singapore, someone stayed and someone went somewhere else, since then, less and less communication appeared among us. We lived on, in different ways, still bewildered and aimless, with that one dream in mind, we chases something that doesn’t exist forever.

When I went back, the tree was gone. When I look back, we are not weirdoes, we just simply know more of the reality and cruelty of this world than they do. We are just smart, in a sad way. We are apart today, everything changed and will change, but one thing will not, is our wonderful, childish, unrealistic dream. We will always be dreaming that same dream, maybe in different time, in different place, in different worlds.

Our dream, our fantasy, may seems stupid and pointless. But it is the only place where we can hide from reality, the only beauty that belongs to us, the only kingdom that we belongs to, the only motivation to live on.

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