Star Trek: Non-Cannon Story Part 2

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Episode II: To thine own self be true

Captain’s log: stardate 29259.2. We are performing a routine star charting task in a system placed in an unexplored region of the quadrant named Kaelor-Theta. Our secondary objective is to identify any class M planets or one that can later be terraformed.

Lieutenant-Commander Jonas was in the lounge at a table with Lieutenant Lloyd having some “old time” whiskey[1].

The commander, Elaine, ordered a beer and came at their table, asking:

  • Mind if I join you?
  • Please, commander, Jonas said.

Elaine sat at their table in a comfy position.

  • So, how is it guys?
  • Oh, we were just talking about our last mission, about how the captain tricked those Cardassians.
  • Oh, yeah. I must admit that I am in Starfleet for 26 years and I never saw anything like that before.
  • Right, just to take a risk so high that you have just about 98% chances of failing and actually to succeed, I mean, that’s blind luck, Jonas said.
  • No, lieutenant, that’s about skill and guts, I do not believe in luck. I mean, the captain had a plan, and if it wasn’t a good one, I don’t think it would have been how it was. Of course there is the risk factor, so in it lies the so called “luck” which is a favorable turn of events for a given point of view.
  • You have your point, commander, it was just… impressive.
  • Indeed, Lloyd said.

Audrey contacted Elaine trough the commbadge.

  • Commander, report to the bridge.
  • Understood.

Elaine poured the beer down her throat and went on the bridge in a hurry.

  • Captain, what’s going on?
  • We encountered a phenomenon, again. We have to be ready for anything.
  • Is this it?
  • Affirmative.

Elaine looked through the window and saw a white, high-frequency flickering orb with the diameter of 500 meters.

Audrey#2 looked around and saw that she was floating in space, but she was standing on something solid, there was gravity, air, everything needed to live. Normally she would be scared in this kind of situation, but curiously, she was very calm. All of a sudden, she heard a strange voice that didn’t seem to come from a particular direction. It was an echoing voice that was saying:

  • Wake up, wake up…
  • Who… who is that?
  • I do not have a name. Like you do.
  • But, you can answer question, right?
  • Yes.
  • Who are you? Where am I? And how did I get here and why?
  • You asked a lot of question, but you didn’t ask who you are?
  • …What do you mean?
  • Who are you?
  • I’m captain Audrey Fisher of the Federation starship USS Intrepid, who are you?
  • Well, well, slow down. I am an extra dimensional life form, so to speak. I made great effort in order to understand your way of communicating. And let me tell you that you’re not Audrey, at least not the Audrey you know. You’re a copy of Audrey.
  • Wait. What? What copy?
  • I made a copy of captain Audrey Fisher of the Federation starship USS Intrepid, she is still there on her ship and you are here, with me.
  • But, how is that possible? I still feel myself.
  • Yes, and she still feels herself too. This is very confusing for you, so focus on what you have to do.
  • What do I have to do? First of all, you didn’t answer my questions.
  • Alright. Audrey, and by that I mean you from a few seconds ago, entered a space which is a convergence point of my dimension and yours and your curiosity might negatively affect my species or even kill us.
  • How? We never approached you that much so we could harm your species.
  • You have to help me to make you avoid harming us. I just try to survive, don’t you understand?
  • What do you need me to do?
  • You need to go to the Intrepid and convince yourself to stop investigating the phenomenon.
  • And by the way, did it occur to you that what you did is not ethical? You just created me, artificially.
  • I’m sorry if I did something you consider wrong, but I don’t know exactly how your species think.
  • Why didn’t you contact us?
  • I couldn’t take your form of existence, instead I learned how to create matter that can exist in my universe using a habitat, and also in yours.
  • How did you have time to learn all this?
  • Time here travels 10 times slower compared to your time.
  • I see. Let me ask you, what is going to happen to me once I convince “Audrey” to stop the investigation?
  • The choice will be yours.
  • Why didn’t you take a physical form and come on board?
  • I can’t do that, at least not yet. You have to go Audrey, there’s not much time left.
  • All right. But I have to tell you that what you did is not right.
  • It’s about our whole existence, or maybe about yours.
  • What do you mean?
  • I have to tell you that if you do not succeed to persuade the captain to discontinue the investigation, I’ll have to do anything necessary to prevent that, even to destroy the ship.
  • That’s unacceptable!
  • Do what you have to do, Audrey, it lies in your hands now what happens to your ship; after all, you’re the captain.
  • Fine, I’ll do it!
  • Good. I request that my presence remains unknown, or this might happen again. Your ship must not tell anyone about this incident and put a warning buoy near the phenomenon that indicates an explicable danger that might destroy the incoming ships.

Audrey wasn’t happy at all with this situation, but she couldn’t do anything else but comply.

  • Alright.
  • Now, I will take you to your ship, you’ll appear on the bridge in a few seconds, be ready for anything.
  • Ok.

Audrey was surrounded by a bright cloud and she instantly appeared on the Intrepid’s bridge. When she arrived, Lieutenant Lloyd took his phaser and pointed it at the “intruder”.

  • Identify yourself! He said.

Audrey stood up from her chair and looked amazed at her counterpart.

  • Who are you?
  • I’m you, a copy of you.
  • What?
  • Let me explain, in that phenomenon we’re studying, there lives an extra-dimensional species that will destroy the ship if we do not interrupt our investigation of the phenomenon now, they created a copy of you and sent me here to prevent you from doing that.
  • Look, I don’t know who you are and what you really want, but first we have to take our safety precautions, you’ll be escorted to the brig, and we will discontinue our investigation until further notice. Mister Lloyd, let escort her to the brig, Audrey said.
  • Audrey, this is not necessary, I’m exactly like you, I’m a copy of yourself, you don’t need to do that, but of course, who am I to argue with the captain of the Intrepid?
  • You have to understand that this is just a standard safety precaution until we pinpoint who you are exactly, first. If you really are alike me, you should understand that.
  • Of course…
  • Lieutenant, remove her commbadge and lets escort her to the brig.

Lloyd, Audrey and Audrey(#2) arrived to the brig where she was put in. The brig cell was reinforced with two force fields at 1,5 meters distance between them to ensure the safe passage of who enters inside for a short period of time, a food replicator, a bed and a toilet behind a back door.

  • Audrey, Audrey(#2) said, you must get away from the orb now and it also said to never expose it’s presence at any cost and put a warning buoy near the phenomenon that this is a danger to the nearby ships.
  • That’s quite a directive. Why doesn’t this entity come here and talk to me instead?
  • It said that it can’t do that as it didn’t learn already to take our form.
  • I don’t understand; it can create you and can’t show up somehow to make us aware that there really is an alien life form. As far as I’m concerned you could be part of an elaborate deception trying to manipulate us, sent here by a foe.
  • Perhaps, but what does it cost you to stop investigating the orb, just as a safety precaution?
  • Alright.

Audrey went straight to the bridge kinda disturbed by what happened. When she arrived:

  • Lieutenant, bring us about at 4 light minutes from the orb and continue the exploration avoiding this area at this limit, but not before you launch a comm buoy warning the ships of danger near this area.
  • Yes, captain.
  • Fisher to Duncan, I want a complete bio-scan on our “visitor”.
  • Yes, ma’am.

Audrey went to her quarters on the bridge.

Counselor Braun looked at Elaine about the same time as she did. Elaine was looking at her like saying: you should check on the captain, and Diane looking at her like: I should check on the captain. So she went to her door:

  • Enter.

When the door opened, Diane saw Audrey looking through the window standing up, with her hands on her back. She didn’t even turn around to see Diane.

  • Captain, am I intruding?
  • …No, counselor. Please.

Audrey turned to sit at her desk:

  • Take a seat.

Diane sat on the sofa. There was a moment of unnatural silence.

  • Do you want anything to drink?
  • No, thank you.
  • Captain, you must take into account that her is just an impostor, pretending to be you or some sort of alien that can take different shapes to deceive others.
  • No, Diane, I looked at her when she sat down in her brig, she sat down exactly like I do.
  • But…
  • Duncan to Fisher, (the commbadge), I made a bio-spectral scan on… her and everything indicates that she’s alike you, I made even a brain scan to detect the organization patterns which excludes the possibility of cloning. Captain you are genetically indistinguishable.
  • Thanks doctor.
  • Captain…, Diane said.
  • Counselor, I appreciate your help, but I have to live with that. That thing that created Audrey surely doesn’t know what was doing, we have to find a way to establish contact with it and set up some terms. I am just concerned about what will happen to her.
  • Maybe the being will take her back and let her live there.
  • Doesn’t she has the right to choose for herself what she wants to do with her life?
  • Of course, but we don’t know what this thing is capable of or what its plans for her are in the long term.
  • Noted. I’ll try to do something to investigate it and not to put the ship at risk at the same time.
  • You’re the captain.
  • Indeed, counselor, if you’ll excuse me, I wish to talk more to Elaine to establish a strategic plan.
  • Of course.

Diane stood up and went back to the bridge.

  • Fisher to Foster, report to my quarters.
  • Acknowledged.

Elaine stood up and went to Audrey to see what was going on.

  • Captain.
  • Please commander, take a seat, Audrey said while looking at a holographic projection of the charted part of the system.

Elaine sat on the chair in front of her desk.

  • Commander, I need to solve this mystery with this extra-dimensional being that can multiply persons and force us to leave, but still alert other vessels of a danger near this space via a comm buoy. Doesn’t it think that someone might investigate just because here is a buoy?
  • I think we should ask our visitor more about how this creature thinks, operates and how it is. Maybe there is we can offer in exchange or a mean to communicate with it.
  • There definitely must be a way, said Audrey with an optimistic face.
  • There’s one more thing I don’t understand: If this creature is extra-dimensional, what does it have to do with us, and why does it consider us a possible threat, we can’t interfere with it and by the way what’s this all about with the flickering orb thing, what is it? Elaine asked a stream of questions.
  • One small step at a time, commander.
  • Yes. We still need to figure out a way to approach this life form.
  • Duncan to the captain, the doctor interrupted, Audrey wishes to speak to you.
  • Understood, send her to my office.
  • Looks like we’re having a visitor commander.
  • This should be interesting, I always wondered how would I get along with myself.
  • Yes, it’s an opportunity and a scary experience at the same time.
  • Why scary, captain?
  • Think about it: we must watch her, she knows everything about this ship, the Federation, everything I know. She could use all that in her favor.
  • If she really is like you, she would never do that.
  • Let’s hope you’re right commander, but remember that iron can rust and once it does, rust is no longer iron.
  • I’m not sure I see your point.
  • It mea…

Audrey rang at the door.

  • Enter, the captain said.

At the door, Audrey saw Audrey and Audrey saw Audrey an Elaine sitting at the desk talking to each other rather looking like they were up to something.

  • Please come in and take a seat.
  • Thanks, Audrey said sitting on the sofa, I’m not used to sit at this side of the room.
  • Commander , would you give us a moment?
  • …certainly.

Elaine stood up and slowly got out a little bit disturbed by what happened. She returned to her post on the bridge.

Back in the captain’s quarters, the two Audreys were talking:

  • The being said that after I complete my “mission”, I will decide what I’ll do.
  • And it’s right, you have the right to decide what you want to do.
  • Don’t you say, how about being the captain, commanding her ship?
  • Look, I can’t say I know how you feel, but I try to imagine and believe me, it’s not comfortable.
  • Yeah, tell me about it.
  • I mean, what should I do now? I can’t be captain any more, do I even count as a human?
  • Of course you do.
  • Yeah, and that’s just one problem, a few hours ago I was in command of the Intrepid and now, I’m a civilian. What? Should I go to StarFleet Academy again, be and ensign all over again?
  • You would have the experience of a captain, the captain said with innocence.
  • Would you do that? I ask you? Or how would you feel to do that? It’s inacceptable!
  • What do you want me to do? It’s not my fault about what happened. Look, just try to relax, it’s normal to feel this way, do you want some tea?
  • Yes please, green, honey sweetened, 50°C, please.

Audrey was trying to make her comfortable, but she knew it wouldn’t be an easy task, just imagining the turmoil she must be getting through was making her uneasy.

  • Green tea, honey sugar, 50°C, the captain said to the replicator.
  • You must be angry at this creature that did this to you. Audrey said while giving her the tea.
  • Actually, maybe we should not think about it like that, maybe that’s the way this species communicates, maybe they don’t have the same rules, ethics like us.
  • Yeah, but still, such an intelligent species should know how you would feel.
  • I’m not sure that’s true.
  • Anyway, I intend to find out more about this species, I’m not leaving it here without studying it further.
  • How are you going to do that, it might destroy the ship.
  • Jonas found out how this species destroys incoming ships. After a more thorough look at the sensors analysis, we found a tachyonic gas weapon that disrupts our shields by being in a constant temporal flux, but Jonas found a way to adapt our shields in order to resist. Moreover we even developed an adaptive phaser modulation that can enable us to defend ourselves against it.
  • Why are you so curious about this, if it doesn’t want to be disturbed, we should respect it’s wishes.
  • We’re explorers, Audrey, that’s our job.
  • Yes, exploring, not invaders and space violators.
  • I don’t think that’s the case. We are already going there to get some answers.
  • No, I don’t want that, I don’t need any revenge.
  • But I call it exploration.
  • Exploration is no longer exploration when it’s combined with violation.
  • You’re overreacting.
  • No. I am exactly like you and I would never do that.
  • Maybe you’re not like me after all, maybe that thing left you with some alterations.
  • This is none sense.
  • I’m going to the bridge to conduct the approach, you go back to you’re quarters now.

Audrey went to the bridge.

  • Commander, are we ready?
  • Yes captain, the shields are up and phaser banks at maximum.
  • This is it. Ensign, full impulse power, engage.
  • Aye ma’am.

 Audrey’s copy came to the bridge and saw that they were about to do.

  • Audrey! She yelled.
  • Please return to you’re quarters Audrey, don’t make me call security.
  • You’re wrong, can’t anyone see that this is wrong, she said watching around her at the crew. Commander, don’t you see what you’re doing here, we must not violate they’re space?
  • They did this to you, I think we deserve some answers at least after all this, don’t you think? Elaine said.
  • I am fine. I don’t wish to be avenged.
  • I’m going to ask you one last time to get back to you’re quarters, Audrey, the captain said.
  • I won’t let you do this, this is against all what we believe in, the StarFleet regulations are totally against everything you want to accomplish here.
  • Don’t you tell me about regulations, you’re no longer the captain, remember?
  • This can’t be right, I would definitely not do something like this!
  • It’s a little late for that don’t you think? Asked Audrey very proud of herself.

Audrey looked around again very confused and in an instant she said:

  • Computer, initiate auto-destruct sequence, authorization code: “Fisher-Sigma 7-9-4”. Set timer for five minutes. Activate.
  • Authorization code denied. Auto-destruct sequence will not be initiated.

The captain looked at Audrey and said with an evil smile:

  • Yeah, nice try, it seems like neither of us is not stupid after all.
  • I disagree, you are. Only someone who is stupid would do what you’re about to do.
  • Get her to the brig! Audrey said with disgust.

Two security guards grabbed Audrey and escorted her to the brig while she was saying “What is it Audrey, You’re having a hard time facing out the truth?”. When they arrived, they let her in the brig and sealed it with the force fields. Audrey remained there in silence thinking deeply about what happened. She was absolutely sure that something wasn’t right with Audrey, she was the only person who knows her the best and she would never do this.

On the bridge, Audrey was ready to enter the orb’s space.

  • Lieutenant, ready phasers and the Bussard collectors to release the disruption gas.
  • Aye, captain.
  • Ensign, engage!
  • Yes, captain.

There wasn’t long before the orb started to emanate a blue glowing gas-like substance into space that was heading for the Intrepid.

  • Lieutenant, release the gas now. Audrey said.
  • Understood.

The ship’s Bussard collectors started to emanate a red glowing gas substance that would neutralize the other, but only a small portion of the blue gas hit the ship on deck 7, where the brig was located. It shook the ship a little.

  •  Damage report, Jonas. Elaine said.
  • Minor damage on deck 7, commander.
  • The brig! Audrey exclaimed.
  • Do you think the creature is trying to help Audrey ma’am? Elaine asked.
  • Yes, of course. Mister Lloyd send security teams at the brig right away.
  • Understood captain.

The brig’s force fields were offline because of the power surge created by the gas. Audrey instantly jumped out and attacked the guard while he was confused by the blast. She managed to take his phaser from him and pointed it at him.

  • Stand down, officer! She said.

He looked at her angry and rushed at her, but she stunned him with the phaser, but not before she set it on stun as it was previously set to kill, which surprised Audrey to see. Audrey wanted to get to engineering in order to change the Intrepid’s command codes in order to initiate the auto-destruct sequence, but she knew that would be an easy task as guards were most probably on their way already.

So she got out of the detaining room to the engineering room on deck 5. She started to run on the corridor as fast as she could but all of a sudden, she hit a force field and she tried to get in the other direction, but she hit another. She was trapped in a 1,8 meters long section of the corridor by two security force fields while she was running out of options. She started to hear how security guards were running at her, but before they could arrive another blast shook the ship and the force fields were again disabled. When this happened she started running at a Jefferies tube opening in order to hide from the guards.

On the bridge there was tension. The ship started to shake again.

  • Lieutenant, fire phasers at the orb! Full power. Audrey said.
  • Aye.

Lieutenant Lloyd shoot at the orb and it was clearly damaged by the phaser fire, but not considerably, so it attacked again causing the nav console to overcharge and exploded in Riley’s face, knocking him down.

Meanwhile Audrey’s copy was making her way to engineering through the Jefferies tubes. Finally when she arrived at the opening which was getting to engineering she slightly opened it in order to carefully take a look at what was happening there and she only saw Jonas with other two technicians working at a console with a tool case opened. She got out fast and lightly incapacitated them saying: “Sorry Jonas”.

On the bridge, Lloyd noticed something:

  • Captain, I’m reading phaser fire in engineering.
  • It’s Audrey! Elaine said.
  • Yeah, I think she’s trying to override my command codes with her palmprint, Audrey said, Lieutenant, cut the power to the palmprint input device in engineering.
  • Aye captain.

Back in engineering, Audrey wanted to change the command codes just to find out that the palmprint input device was offline.

  • Damn it! She hit the console.

But after a few seconds of thinking, she realized that she thought before at what command code she would replace if she ever had to. And she said:

  • Computer, change captain’s command code from “Fisher-Theta 8-7-5” to “Fisher-Gamma 9-0-4”.
  • Command codes successfully changed.

Audrey put a smile on her face, thinking: “Saying you’re smart, huh?”.

  • Computer, initiate auto-destruct sequence, set timer for 5 minutes, activate.
  • The warp core will be overloaded in five minutes.

The computer announced ship-wide loud and clear for the captain to hear.

  • What? Audrey said back on the bridge.
  • How did she do that? Elaine asked very surprised.
  • She must have remembered the backup codes. Audrey said after a few seconds of thinking.
  • What are going to do now? Elaine asked.
  • We… comply.

In an instant, Audrey’s copy, while standing in engineering, all the ship and the walls surrounding her dissolved into nothingness leaving her afloat in space just like she was when she encountered the entity for the first time. Two meters in front of her, a very bright white stream of light took the shape of a blurry outlined humanoid being. Seconds after, it came close to Audrey and said:

  • I finally managed to take your form.
  • What, is it you? Audrey asked.
  • Indeed it’s me.
  • What just happened?
  • You just earned my trust.
  • What are you talking about?
  • You see, all what’s happened was a simulation which I created to see how well you actually know yourself. It turned out to be more than well.
  • What do you mean?
  • Audrey, I tested you to see how you would handle the situation. You see, in the past, I was very welcoming with the species that encountered me and they seemed friendly; at first, but not long after, they took advantage of me, tried to study my form of existence while they were actually damaging my form.
  • They took advantage of you?
  • Yes, they used me, treated me with disrespect and I had to suffer a lot after all of that, so I developed a method to see how trustworthy are others who came in contact with me by testing them in this kind of situation.
  • So, you’re saying that none of this was real.
  • No, it was not. And you proved yourself being worthy of trust from me. You would have destroyed your entire ship just to protect me. That’s a noble honor.
  • But even then, the people I’ll talk to about you might spread the rumor and come to search for you, maybe causing more harm.
  • I told you that I have complete trust over you, I’m sure you’ll tell only to the people you’ll consider trustworthy to own the information.
  • This is incredible. I never saw this coming…

Audrey look a little overwhelmed.

  • It’s all right, my species is called the Veron.
  • I really wish to know more about you.
  • You will, but another time, right now you should be on your ship, you’ll be able to visit me anytime you’ll be in this system. Now, farewell, Audrey.
  • Wait…

Audrey couldn’t say anything and as a bright flash of light surrounded her and she suddenly woke up in Intrepid’s sick bay laying down on a bed. As soon as she opened her eyes she got up from the bed slowly and saw Samantha in the other corner of the sick bay running some analysis.

  • Doctor?

Samantha turned around surprised and saw the captain up.

  • Captain, you should lay down.
  • No, doctor I’m fine, what happened?

When the doctor was getting ready to respond, Elaine entered the sick bay to check on the captain and she looked just as surprised.

  • Captain, you’re up. Elaine grasped.
  • I suppose so.
  • Captain, you suddenly lost consciousness entering a coma, but you had a very high neuronal activity.
  • How long was I out?
  • About 15 minutes.
  • 15 minutes?! Audrey asked very surprised.
  • Yes, I couldn’t wake you up by any means. I can’t explain what happened to you even by conducting thorough analysis.
  • I know what happened, doctor, we just made first contact.










[1] Synthehol - (a portmanteau of "synthesized" and "alcohol") is a chemical variant of alcohol. It appears to have the same taste and smell as "real" alcohol to most individuals, but none of the deleterious effects associated with alcohol for most humanoids, such as debilitating intoxication, addiction, and alcohol poisoning.

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