A Haunted Happening

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Shannon and his girlfriend Lauren are a young couple taking part in a tour organized by the local paranormal society who have extended an invite to all thrill seekers and horror fans, a guided tour of the Grand Coronado Hotel on the Coast.

Supposedly one of the most haunted locales in the entire State.

Submitted: December 11, 2013

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Submitted: December 11, 2013



"Wow, creepy." Shannon observed as he shut the door on his car and took in the sight before him. Tall, athletic and blonde, the young man  is dressed casually in a light black sweater and blue jeans. A heavy gold Rolex watch is worn on his left wrist. The massive Victorian era building stood in front of him and Lauren, silhouetted in the light of the full moon high above.

Imposing and dark; the perfect place for a Ghost Tour, at least according to Lauren. Dressed casually like her partner in a black hoodie and jeans, she was a sucker for old buildings and spooky stories and Shannon, ever the attentive boyfriend had booked two a place with the local paranormal society in their latest investigation. The Hotel Coronado, located just outside haunted the city rose ominously from the sea, the waves gently lapping against the cliff faces in the distance. The building still retained some of its allure but on closer inspection one could see its current state of dis-repair. Small wonder the only guests it had lately were the ghost hunting types.

"Very interesting history, the Coronado actually." A voice spoke up behind the couple. A small man, bespectacled and balding, somewhere in his late 40's quietly joined Shannon and Lauren. This was Dr Foster, Shannon recognised him from his website documenting his paranormal experiences. "Ghost wise I mean."

"Oh yeah?" Shannon asked, he was skeptical at best at the notions of 'spirits' and the like but had promised Lauren he would keep his eye rolling and sarcasm to a minimum. 

"Indeed, a tale of unrequited love.  A young woman, similar in age to yourselves....early 20's?"

"We're both 21." Lauren answered brightly, wrapping her arm around one of Shannon's.

"Early 20's, family owned the place. She was engaged to a local lad of good stock. Unfortunately he died before they could be wed. The poor girl in a state of despair threw herself from the clifftops and into the sea."

"And now she haunts this place?" Shannon ventured, already sure where the story was going.

"Indeed yes. Quite the presence too." Foster explained as he held out a hand, guiding the couple toward the hotel and the rest of their small group.

"What do you mean, presence?" Lauren asked.

"Well, often encounters of this nature are generally fleeting, odd noises, breezes, strange faces and perhaps the sighting of some sort of ghostly figure." Foster blew his nose as they joined the group in the Hotel Lobby. The mahogany reception desk stood to their left, a couple of pitchers of water and a few glasses were its only feature. A grand staircase dominated the room, splitting in the middle in the direction of the East and West wings of the hotel. Putting his handkerchief away Foster raised his voice slightly for the benefit of the rest of the group. "In this case, the results are much more....intense. Such experiences are magnified, objects are thrown, people too. Some guests are overcome by negative emotions, others report being physically attacked by a young woman in a black lace dress."

Shannon smiled as Lauren's hand gripped his own just a little tighter. "Scared?" He whispered the question into her ear as Foster continued on.

She smiled wryly. "Should I be? After all, I have you to protect me."

"That's right, although I should warn you, the first sign of some demonic hell-spawn and you're on your own." He joked.

His teasing earned a loud guffaw from Lauren and a stern look from Dr Foster and most of the rest of the tour. "May I remind you this is a serious paranormal investigation?" Said the ghost hunter.

"Sorry." The young couple replied in unison. Shannon sighed and checked his watch, a chunky Gold Rolex worn on his left wrist. "Could be a long night."

The sound of the glass smashing caused the group as one to jump. They turned to see the small pile of shards lying at the front of the reception desk and not one person within five feet of it.

Foster looked strangely triumphant. "Tonight just might be the night." He muttered.

After the initial excitement of a falling glass the tour began and within a few minutes Shannon's interest was already beginning to wane, Foster was a bore and a pretentious one at that. The only saving grace for the handsome blonde was the fact Lauren was having a good time, enjoying both the history and architecture of the place. The falling glass had spooked her and she never strayed far from her boyfriend, which suited him fine.

"Oh my God!" She suddenly exclaimed. "Shannon!" The young man looked up in surprise, ready to face whatever hellish creature from the depths of the underworld had risen. Instead he found his girlfriend pointing at a painting on the far wall of the Great Dining Hall. Without a word of protest he allowed himself to be dragged across the room.

"Lauren, what the hell?" He asked as he glanced at the painting of a man and a woman, dressed in a style of clothing that went out of fashion at least one hundred years ago.

"Shannon, look!"

"Look at what exac-wow...." He saw it now. Blonde hair, blue eyed and about twenty years old, the man in the painting was the double of him.

"Dr Foster?" Lauren waited as their guide approached them. "Who are the two in this painting?"

"Ah, that is Mistress Gabrielle Stobbart, whose family owned this hotel and Master Jeremy Bates, her beau."

"The couple who were engaged?" Shannon asked.

"Indeed. It is said to be her spirit who haunts this building, waiting for her lost love to return to her. I.....Oh my!" Foster stopped in wonderment, glancing between Shannon and the young man in the painting. "Incredible..."

"Yeah, it's awesome." Shannon replied dead pan.

"It is quite the coincidence." Lauren offered, enjoying the peculiar happenstance. "Do you think that..."

Her question was stopped as the lights above began to flicker.


"Depends on your definition, I suppose." Offered Foster, his excitement visibly growing.

"Is it just me, or did it get colder in here?" Shannon asked. It had been a mild night, and he was dressed lightly in a black sweater and blue jeans but the temperature had dropped significantly and suddenly.

"I think it best we re-join the rest of the group in the lobby." Foster offered, leading the two of them out of the room. "Ladies and gentlemen, I think we can safely say that Paranormal activity has already been encountered." He announced as they entered the lobby once more. They were audible gasps of excitement from the gathered tour members.

"What happened!?"

"What did you see?"

Foster held up his hands to stop the flow of questions. "All in good time. I'd just like to say...."


Once again the tour group jumped as one as a bone chilling screech filled the hotel lobby. Heads turned to the balcony to see the ghostly spectre of a young woman clad in black hovering over the rail.

"My love!" The anguished voice called out. "I knew you would return."

"My god." Someone managed to whisper

No one moved, as the figure glided over the rail and down toward them. Slowly at first, her movement almost seemed serene. She stopped in mid-air and looked over the group. Her eyes rested on Shannon. "My love."

She came forward once more but now with unerring speed. Before Shannon had a chance to react she was upon him, effortlessly scooping him into her arms. "No! Don-nhhh..."The young man offered no resistance, falling unconscious as soon as the spectre touched him.

With the fainted Shannon in her arms, the ghost turned away from the fearful crowd and rose above them, moving back to the balcony over the lobby. She stopped to look down lovingly at the unconscious man held tightly in her ghostly grasp. "Now leave." She commanded to the group below.

By now panic had gripped the tour and they ran for the exit, shouting in fear and jostling with each other, not one looking back at the apparition or Shannon, limp in her arms.

Only Lauren remained. "Shannon!" she screamed.


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