After Death....

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Submitted: April 13, 2012

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Submitted: April 13, 2012



After Death

HI Friends,

I hope you saw the topic " after death..." and if you think I'm gonna give you answers then, sorry to disappoint you as I'm not give you any answers but I wanna ask you some questions.

Before I could write further I reveal that I'm just a 13 or 14 year old girl. I always wonder that what is there after death. I do believe in ghosts but sometimes I also find very hard to accept it.

I always wanted to find answers to the questions which arise in my mind immediately and I do believe that all people are the same, but the question about life and death, and god and evil still remains unanswered and I don't believe that they are unanswerable.

In science, everything has an answer except for the phenomena of life and death. But if we take these questions out of science i.e., something like err... I just don't know how to picture a correct word, so let's keep it something like Magic, though not exactly.

Religions do tell us that there is a life after death. Some tells us that based on our qualities or what we did when we were alive, we'll be sent to heaven or hell.

Some tell us that we'll be born again if we are sinners and we'll be with God if we did not sin. And some tell us that we'll be born again even if we are good or bad but we'll be born rich or poor based on what we were in previous birth.

I just can't take it when someone's dead and I have never experienced the death of someone very close to me. But I like to tell you that before a year(or more), my neighbor, a man in his 50's died. Sadly,his daughter was pregnant.

His death shaked his entire family. But after a few months they recovered from it and I still can't accept it.

Imean, when a person was talking with you yesterday and today you're told that he/she is no more how can you take it?

Alright now coming back to our topic "Is there really a life after death? Does a world of death really exist?"


Someone answer my questions.


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