The Power of hope

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The poem describes the power of hope.

Submitted: May 19, 2012

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Submitted: May 19, 2012



The Power Of Hope


  When darkness surrounds me completely,

When all doors are locked and there's no way to flee


When I'm drowned in the oceans of insolence and rage,

When no part of me is ready to have courage...


When I'm completely worn out, tired and weak,

When I don't to know where or what to seek


When I'm covered by unnecessary fear,

Not having strength to shed a drop of tear


When I have no one around me to caress,

When there's no narrow way to success


When I'm stuck alone in a battle,

When I'm lost from my cattle


When all I see is nothing but dark,

Within me I have a little spark


Though I lost everything in my life,

I feel it's like walking on a knife


Even in bottom I'll never give up my hope,

As I know, to climb up, it's the only rope


Even if my sorrows are unbearable,

I know what my heart is capable of


The hope within me is so strong,

It'll surely change things which are wrong


My hope cannot be shattered by any word,

For I know that it's sronger than a sword


If there's something that's wider than the sea,

It's my hope in God and me


My hope's something without a flaw,

Realy sharper than a tiger's claw



My hope is harder than a rock,

It's like a wild river with no block


My hope can shatter my life's dark cores,

It can unlock all the doors


I know that I can overcome all the evil,

With my power of hope an will


I'm sure that I can fight against all my failures,

'Cause I know after every defeat there is a success for sure....





Remember friends, without our hope we are nothing, with it we'll win everything.

Defeat is not a failure

Not to have tried is

The true failure.












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