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This story follows two bad events linking into one-a serial killer's escape and a strong hurricane.

Submitted: June 01, 2012

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Submitted: June 01, 2012



Whoosh! The trees swayed violently as Maria Smythe shut the curtains. There was a hurricane brewing, the radio said so. She walked around the empty house, wringing her hands. Her husband had just left to fetch food for lunch, and she was worried. The weather was growing harsher, and the wind was picking up. She tuned the radio louder to drown out the frightening howls of the wind.

After 15 minutes of standing anxiously in the kitchen, Maria tried to calm herself down and turned on the little television in the living room. The midday news was on and reported a car accident due to the hurricane, and a serial killer escaping from prison. That did it. She turned off the T.V and continued to pace the house. 

Outside, the weather had become so vicious that a few trees had toppled down like dominoes. Upset neighbours looked on in distress at crushed cars and mail boxes. Steven, Maria's husband, was returning from the store, focused on the road intensely. He reached a stoplight and noticed a man trying desperately to get a ride. He looked hassled, like he needed to escape this wind storm fast. Big-hearted Steven took a detour and pulled up to the man. "Need a ride?" he asked politely. The man just grunted and shoved himself inside the car. Steven continued to drive home through the thickening wind.

A knock came on the door of the Smythe's house. Maria answered happily, thinking her husband had finally arrived home. Her dimples disappeared as she saw a tall man on her front stoop that was not her husband. "Hello" she said kindly. "Is there a problem?" The man looked embarassed and stressed. "Kind madam, my house has been knocked down by the hurricane, and this was the first house I spotted in walking distance. Would you mind if I stayed the night? Sorry to be a bother." Maria looked relieved at having company to distract her from worrying about her husband. “Please do come in, you poor soul.” The man walked in looking a lot less stressed.

Meanwhile, Steven had stopped before a car accident. A long line of traffic followed behind him, and he became frustrated at the thought of being stuck in this hurricane. He turned to face the man in the back of the car. “We may have a bit of a delay. Sorry.” The man ignored him, so Steven turned back to the wheel and turned on the radio.

Back at the Smythe’s house, Maria lit a fire and sat by it with tea for herself and Ben, the tall man. “I’m sorry about your house” Maria said emphatically. “It’s okay. I’m lucky. At least I’m not hurt. Have you heard about all the accidents on the road caused by the hurricane?” Maria’s lower lip quivered as she took a sip of tea and tried to change the conversation topic.

After half an hour, while his wife worried over him, Steven began to grow more angry as he sat waiting for the road to clear. The only thing that occupied him was the radio, since the man he had kindly given a ride clearly did not want to make conversation. He listened to commercials, music and finally the weather report. “Heavy winds can expect to continue and worsen throughout the day. Road safety experts advise avoiding all driving today and tomorrow until this hurricane passes.” Steven’s facial expression changed from anger to fear.

Maria, not knowing what to talk about with Ben anymore, turned on the television. An Italian soap opera was on, which they both sat down and watched together. They were wrapped up in the dramatic Italian drama until the show was interrupted with breaking news. “The serial killer Aziz Rhamadad who escaped from prison at midday has been spotted by police hitching a ride on the East Tomlin Highway in this vehicle.” Maria fainted as her husband’s car appeared on the television screen.


Finally, after 45 minutes of being on the road, the traffic cleared and Steven drove through happily. The radio switched from weather to news as he continued to drive. “The serial killer Aziz Rhamadad has been spotted in a car on the East Tomlin Highway just minutes ago.” “You should turn off the radio and concentrate” the man said in a hoarse voice. “The killer has been described by witnesses as a man in his early 40’s of Caucasian appearance, and was wearing a black jersey and grey pants. The person who is travelling with him should immediately call police who are on stand-by right now.”



Steven stopped the car, turned to look at his passenger, and froze as a gun was aimed at his chest. “Keep driving” the man said, still holding the gun.


Maria woke up to Ben dabbing her face with a damp towellete. She remembered the news and began to weep uncontrollably. Ben tried his best to comfort her, but was not sure how things would turn out. “Um, I don’t mean to be rude, but I would say that this killer won’t let Steven call the police. In fact, I think he may still be driving here. We should call the police right away." Maria nodded, face puffy and red, and walked to the phone.

Steven gulped as he turned into the driveway. He knew he would have a rough time trying to get out of this mess. He parked the car and was led inside at gun-point. As police came out from either side of the room, the man put the gun to Steven’s head and pulled the trigger. “STEVEN!” Maria fell apart as her husband fell to the floor in a pool of blood. The man saw that the police were gaining in on him and shot them all with ease. He grabbed Maria by the hand and dragged her away to Steven’s car. He turned on the ignition and drove crazily away from the home in escape.

Ben watched on from behind the mailbox of the Smythe home.


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