Stranger's Love

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“Looking for me?” A crisp voice echoed in the hallway.

One fine Sunday morning, Damon Ross, a young man, found an oddly shaped spaceship had crashed inside his grange. To his surprise, a young woman with no recent memory comes out of the broken ship. Why is she here? Is it important? Will they be able to fix the ship to find out why she is here? Is something bad going to happen?

Submitted: December 21, 2014

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Submitted: December 21, 2014



“Sensei, Sensei! What will be left of us now? They won’t spare our bones nor our flesh. We need your help Sensei, I beg of you!”

The Sensei remained composed, twisting the stem of a flower, weaving it in and out of the gaps of his crooked fingers.

“Sensei! Please, tell me what will be of us? You are the wisest of us all and an old friend, help us!”

A smile sketched upon the Sensei’s wrinkled face, and his eyelids serenely lifted as he stared right at the King. A chuckle escaped from the Sensei’s lips as he placed a hand on the shoulder of the kneeling soul.

“Ah…Mal” whispered the Sensei, “Never could I imagine a fear so great that you fall down on your knees. Calm your mind ol’ friend; there is no need to fear. For we may part for perhaps years on end, but one shall rise at a given time, a warrior.” His smile extended as his head moved closer to King Mal’s, shivering ever so slightly, “A true warrior!” His whisper echoed in the ears of the King’s, bring a tear of joy and sorrow.

The King, intrigued, spoke up once more, “Tell me more of this prophecy, if I am worthy of hearing it”.

“The warrior will need to be found. The warrior is not among the pure and has sinned”.

“But how will…”

Voices bellowed in fear and horror a few floors bellow, “MASTER, MASTER, THEY HAVE BREACHED OUR DEFENSE AND ARE IN THE CASTLE! MASTEEE…”

The King quickly rose and rushed to the door, it flung open and Queen Swi tumbled in.

“Is Sindel safe? Is she…”

“She’s… in… the capsule”, the queen spat the words out breathlessly, “and…and he’s co…coming this wa…ay, he…Har…Har…”

“Hardor, Hardor Bas Ael Bei”, the sly and sickening voice finished of her sentence, sending shivers down King Mal’s and Queen Swi’s spines, “say, any of you missed me?”


The Velocette, 1964 English bike’s engine roared, cutting its way through the fragile breeze. The smell of smoke diffused into the air as the tires scraped the rocky terrain. Little ripped pieces of the seat danced in the air as the exhaust coughed dryly. Upon this mighty beast, sat a man, no ordinary man. The wind tickled his brown wavy yet short hair. His glasses, perched on top of his elongated nose shielded his eyes from the deadly rays of the fiery ball towering in the sky. A tiny lucent material was pinned on his left ear lobe, glinting and concealing hope. His facial features were calm and charming; upon sight it would take away every misery for a few seconds, which was enough time for some people. His hands securely gripped the hand bar of the bike, maintaining the right speed. Two small bags containing some grocery dangled off the left handle, shouldering the bike at every bump. His leather jacket wrapped itself tightly around his body, like a baby holding onto its mother in fear of the outside world. His muscular yet lean body was outlined. It was a Saturday afternoon, the birds headed back to their cozy nests, whistling and chirping a beautiful melody unheard by man. The trees waved and shivered as the tall yellow grass rested on its roots. The bright blue sky lit up the district and there was land spread out into the horizon. A chipped off wooden signboard read, ‘w-lcome t- Ross Mans-ons – Ohio’. Horses galloped, chasing the rusty old bike with their elegant manes bobbing up and down like the head of a child’s toy. Squirrels played hide and seek, scurrying incredibly quickly in and out of trees and through tiny gaps. After a while the bike halted, the young man got off and unzipped his overly used jacket, and pulled off the two bags hastily, as if it was a regular chore. Upon every step, the fallen autumn leaves screamed as they were crushed. Damon Ross, the young man, walked towards a 12 bedroom grand mansion. It was built during the Roman Empire and later bought by his very rich ancestors, and as a result of that it was sent down generations and was now in the hands of Damon; a lucky man. The mansion was exquisite; it had tall towers bordering it, and a majestic gate. Torches lit up the mansion and the windows were spread across the building. A golden, fluffy dog with long silky hair charged at Damon in joy, with his tongue slobbering wide out of his mouth and his tail energetically wagging.

“How ya doin Roofy?” Whispered Damon to the dog as he itched its back.

Inside, the floor was covered with rich marble, ancient chandeliers hung low, a dinner table ran meters down the hall, and carpets, carrying a sweet and rosy scent spread everywhere. This was the heavenly life of the young man, of Damon Ross.


A ray of light shone throw the tiny gap in the ripped yet priceless curtains. The pestering ray woke Damon up, he slowly heaved up his heavy bones from the snuggly bed and sauntered downstairs while throwing on the shirt he wore yesterday. Recklessly, he grabbed the truck keys and headed outside, leaving the door carelessly unlocked. Despite being a holiday, the Sunday air killed Damon as the farmers were off and he had to head to the grange to feed the restless animals. Unlocking the doors, he climbed up the few steps and sighed in relief when he sat down. He inserted the keys, and twisted, again and again. The truck constantly coughed in reply and roared in the searing pain. Frustration caught up to Damon and he slammed the truck multiple times and yelled while slamming down on the accelerator and twisting the key; it started. The truck soldiered through the rocky terrain and the slender yellow grass. Every bump would send shocking jolts of pain up Damon’s spine and he would yelp like a dog. Alas, he was nearby the grange until a dark hue lingering above the grange caught his attention, smoke! Damon pressed down hard on the accelerator and raced hastily to the grange in fear of the animal’s lives in case it caught fire. The beast screeched in front of the gates of the grange, Damon leaped out, regardless of any injuries and took off towards the locked gates. His shivering hands rapidly unlocked the hefty lock and tossed it aside. With all his might he pushed open the gate and scanned the area for fire; there was none. Just an immense white spherical object sitting deep in the earth, it had created a tiny crater. He peered around and acknowledged that all the animals were safe and alive, though they were petrified. He carefully walked towards the unusual object; all of his senses were alert and ticked on. Slowly, he reached out and touched the sphere; it was cold. He walked around it; it was whole and complete. No gaps, no doors and no buttons either. Damon examined the sphere, which seemed to be a perfectly carved white asteroid, his hand wondered over it until he hit an uneven surface. He applied pressure to it and it moved inwards till he heard a click.


A faint sound was produced and air was let out from the sides, the animals hurried away to the side of the grange in fear of their lives. The sphere began disassembling, Damon stepped back as his eyes bounced around in search for a weapon, just in case. The sides of the sphere began depleting or disappearing, leaving Damon confused, yet prepared for the unknown. But nothing approached him, nothing roared, nothing attacked or growled, there was just a coffin shaped box that had a transparent covering over it. The sphere was gone now but it didn’t concern Damon as he gradually advanced towards the box. He reached the rims of it and extended his neck to secretly peep into the box like a child hiding from his mother. There she was, her silky chestnut hair floated in the liquid she lay in. Damon stared in awe before realizing that he should release her as she may drown. He scampered around in search for a sharp object, upon finding a wrecked screwdriver, he dived at the box and tried to pierce it, however the material turned out to be far too strong for a sharp object to pierce it. Damon; worried and desperate to free the girl, slammed the box several times on all sides as if he was in his wrecked and old truck. Another faint sound was produced, the top third of the box began dissolving inside its self, and soon after the bottom two thirds began disappearing. The large box reduced to a small cube, Damon picked it up and analyzed it closely, just an ordinary cube. He pocketed the cube and crawled towards the girl cautiously.

Removing a strand of hair from her right eye, Damon tapped her and whispered, “Hello?” He received nothing in reply. “Hello!” Damon spoke a bit louder now. “Who are you? Hello?” Damon bellowed, “HELLO?” No reply once again. Slowly reaching under her head, Damon lifter her torso up and then her legs, on the count of three he picked her up and carried her to the truck. The truck immediately started, as if trying to avoid more of Damon’s wrath.


The morning sunrays reflected off her fair complexion, her thin nose created a pyramid like shadow on the seat. Her head rested on the door handle and her body in an awkward position. Damon roughly drove back to the mansion to save her, in hope she would be alive. Damon could here the barks of his dog as he approached his home. The dog ran towards the truck and welcomed Damon respectively.

“Not now Roofy, go and play, I have something to do today pal”, said Damon apologetically, as if speaking to a human child. He jogged steadily to the other side of the truck and carefully brought down the stranger. She was light, like a fluffy pillow. As if they were a newly wedded couple, he gently carried her across the threshold of the mansion and laid her down on the three-seater couch. Roofy walked up to her and sniffed, then licked and barked at Damon who was crouching besides her.

“She’s breathing alright, and seems fine too, what dya think Roofs?” Damon grinned as Roofy barked in reply. “Lets go buddy, make some breakfast and wait for her to wake up, I’m sure she’s starving”.

Damon rose to his feet and began at the kitchen, but he turned around and looked back at her again; confused. Her body was lean and fit, covering her was a tight suit colored dark black and a hue of purple in some areas. There was no opening or closing of the suit e.g. a zip or buttons. Her entire body up till her neck was covered, ‘odd’ thought Damon. The smell of burnt eggs diffused in the air as Damon frantically turned the omelette over and onto the plate. Steam erupted from the toaster; Damon dropped the omelette and rushed to it, flung the toast out and tossed them at the plate. ‘My throwing skills have improved’ Damon thought proudly as he chuckled softly. An agonizing pain shook Damon off his balance as something collided with the back of his head, hazy bubbles clouded up his vision. He sluggishly turned around to face the terror, several heads of the stranger appeared, ‘I knew it! She was a MONSTER!’ screamed the voices inside Damon. Blackout.


“Hello? Hello? Are you okay? I am incredibly sorry for attacking you like that Mister,” A soft and placid voice spoke, easing the pain by a bit.

“Yea I guess I’m a’ight. Say, who are you anyway? An why ya gotta hit me?” Damon replied angrily.

“I am sorry again, I did not know who you are or where I am. My name is Sindel. I come from Planet Rathum, The Home”, Sindel placed a hand on Damon’s shoulder to reassure that she’s harmless.

“Another planet you say? Ha, you’re mind sure as hell is from another planet lady, you’re mad!” Yelled Damon.

Sindel snapped, “I am not crazy, which planet am I on now?”

“Welcome to Planet Earth”, sneered Damon, “You’re completely nuts!”

Sindel ignored Damon’s comments, “Where did you find me?”

“You were on the floor in my hut”

“How did you find me? Was I just on the floor or…?”

Damon sighed as he knew he had to accept the truth, “You were in a spherical object that crashed in my grange, I opened it and it disappeared, then you were in a box sleeping and I opened it and it…wait”, he fumbled in his right pocket and produced the small white cube, “You were in this, believe it or not”.

“My spaceship, thank you. Why would I not believe it?

“Cause its weird…and unreal?”

“This is normal for me.”

Damon relaxed for a bit as tons of questions bombarded his little mind, “How do you speak English if you’re from another planet?”

“While you were asleep, I tapped into your outer soul to gain your language for easier communication”, Sindel confidently replied.

“Okay…weird once again. So if you are from another Planet, what the hell you doin on earth?”

“I don’t know”, Sindel looked down at her hands as she said this.

“You don’t know? So you just woke up one morning and voila, you’re on ‘Planet Earth’?”

“Yes”, Sindel said so bluntly.

“So that’s it? You’re just gonna sit here for the rest of your life?” Damon was now infuriated with confusion.

“No. I was put into the spaceship that means that I must have a reason for coming here. But I do not remember that reason.”

“So you can tap into my so called outer soul but you can’t remember a simple task?”

“Yes, it seems that my head collided with the sides of the capsule, hence I temporarily forgot. Maybe if we reopen the spaceship, I could access the data files where my mission would be stored.”

Relieved, Damon said, “Ah, finally you said something smart, but lets eat first”

Damon began digging into his plate, munching like a bear dying from starvation; half way through he looked up and noticed Sindel blankly staring at him. It then clicked in Damon’s mind, ‘She doesn’t know how to eat!’ Damon smiled, ‘how cute’ he thought.

“So you hold the fork, the one with the three points, in this hand”, Damon went around the table and took her hands in his as he taught her how to eat, an unusual vibe trickled down Sindel’s spine forcing her to chuckle softly.


“So this is all mine, like literally everything you see and even beyond the horizon. My family was once a very, very rich family. Now I am the only Ross left after all of them were murdered”, said Damon in a monotone, “I was brought up by a farmer in the mansion in Ohio, went to school and then college, the farmer who I like to call my dad passed away after a while. So now I spend time as an engineer working on creations of my own and trying to invent something, I don’t need to work to earn cause I have enough”, Sindel nodded as Damon spoke, “You do understand whatever I am saying right?”

“Yes, remember that I tapped into your outer soul, so I immediately gain and understand whatever you say. It is confusing.”

“Okay then smarty”, giggled Damon, “what about you?”

“What about me?”

“Tell me about where you are from.” The truck bounced on the rocky terrain every now and then, the afternoon sunlight hit the giant dashboard and reflected in Sindel’s eyes.

“Well as I already said, I come from Planet Rathum. It is the home of all souls, you are currently abiding in a mortal body, however at Home, we do not have bodies, we are just light, or as you Humans call it; Souls. I cannot reveal too much information about the Source. I am sorry, it would be a crime and I would be sent among you lot, on a planet such as earth”.


“Whenever someone commits a crime in the pure dimension, they are sent to the trials dimension, depending on whether they pass or not, they are sent back or kept here for another trial until they pass, only then are they given a mortal body to use for trial and no memory of their past Soul life, get it?”

Damon sighed, “Lets just get to the grange and open up the damn spaceship before night falls”. The rest of the ride was silent.

The truck screeched, Damon ignored the unbearable sound and hopped off the truck, Sindel following him wordlessly. Once in the grange, Sindel pressed the cube at some point and tossed it on the floor, it immediately evolved into the box she came from, and then the perfect sphere as the spaceship.

“C’mon, do something and fly outa here.” Demanded Damon.

“Why are you so angry?”

“Maybe cause you magically appeared from the sky, you have no idea what you are doing, I am keeping an alien hostage, some US jets might fly over one day and obliterate everything I have because they are in ‘fear of your powers’. Maybe cause I am not the kind of guy that likes adventures, I just want to sit home and work on my inventions. Then you appear, and…and”, he itched his stubble and looked down in embarrassment, “I am sorry, I did not mean it”.

Sindel didn’t reply and walked over to the machine, placing a hand on it she gasped, “This cannot be!”

“What cannot be?” Questioned Damon.

“The infinite energy source has been damaged! How will I travel back millions and millions of light years?”

“Fix it?” Damon teased cynically.

“The source is broken, and impure planets do not hold infinite energy.”

“Is the source completely broken?”

“No, partially, why?”

“Maybe I could fix the broken part with our ‘earthly and impure’ finite energy’”

“The combination would never work.” Claimed Sindel.

“Ever tried it?” Damon challenged.

“No harm in trying then!” With that, Damon grinned and winked as he walked out towards the truck, “C’mere, we gotta go shopping now, tomorrow the farmers will be over and they can’t see you walking around in a Halloween outfit!”


It was a lot colder now, the breeze whipped Sindel’s hair around as she tightly wrapped her arms around Damon’s waist. Damon’s long hazy brown coat covered her alien like costume, concealing the truth of who she is. An odd yet wonderful scent from Sindel was diffused into Damon’s nostrils as she rested her light and fragile head on his shoulders, making him a shield from the devilish winds. The bumps on the road and the disturbing chokes from the Velocette bike went unnoticed as the Sindel envisaged herself being a human. The world was like none other she had been to, it was peaceful, it was serene, and it was like Home. The trees waved a gentle ‘hello’, the grass skipped around like little children. Small cottages sat on the horizon of the vast land that escaped her vision. Cow manure and fertilizers decorated the beautifully natural fragrance in the air. Her thin lips developed into a tender smile and she let out a minor giggle. Damon whipped his head around and frowned, then turned his focus back onto the track and smiled while shaking his head confused.

“Let me warn you, we are turning into the main streets, city life is a lot different to whatever you have seen,” bellowed Damon over the rough winds at high speed.

“What do you mean?” Sindel screamed back.

“Never mind, you will see!”

As Damon took the detour, the road become smooth and soft, there were white lines, in-between which Damon drove. There were large boxes, like the grange Sindel was in, but this time they seemed to be sturdier.

“Those are buildings, people live, work, study, etcetera, inside them”, Damon informed Sindel.

Little children ran with ice cream in their tiny hands down the street as their mother yelled for them to stop while pushing a colorfully dotted pram. Brown and yellow leaves glided on the sidewalk, a four-legged creature walked alongside other humans, sniffing his surroundings while wagging his tail. The unbearable sound of cars honking forced Sindel to cover her ears with her slender hands as she laughed in enjoyment. Damon reduced his speed and halted in front of a white line alongside numerous other vehicles, they all picked up speed as the color on a pole went from red to green. Children ran across the street blaring in joy while the old, slowly and feebly followed them, reminiscing their childhood. The buildings were now see-through, people walked by while casually analyzing the objects inside, some pointed out and whispered a word or two to their companions. Sindel whipped her head around like a madwoman, everything was new, and it was different. Damon took a few turns around many corners, until he finally went down a level and into a dark hall that had multiple vehicles lined up in a precise order. Damon parked in a section that had ‘Bikes Only’ written on it.

“C’mon, we’re here. This place is called a mall, we buy things here” Damon explained, “Lets go”.

Sindel looked around confused, “Umm Damon…I don’t see any clothes around here…”

Damon chuckled softly, “Not here dummy, upstairs”.


Damon and Sindel headed upstairs and Sindel gasps at first sight. Powerful lights beamed and lit up the massive hall. Thousands of people swarmed by, whispers, cheers, chit chats, bites from food, slurps while drinking, baby’s crying, children whining, mother’s scolding, business discussions, life.

“Welcome to Ohio City Center,” Damon said proudly.

They walked towards an escalator and headed down as Damon pointed out a shop, “So we are heading to that shop”.

Suddenly, a cold sensation tingled in Damon’s hand; with a slight hesitation he peered down and found Sindel holding his hand.

“Um, what ya doin?” Questioned Damon abruptly.

“The same thing they are doing…” Sindel pointed at a couple in front of them who were holding hands.

“What…? No! That’s different, they are in love,” Damon pulled his hand away and sighed.

“What’s love?”

“You don’t have love back ‘Home’?”


“Well it is an emotion, when a person would miss the other person, think about the other person all the time, imagine running towards that person in slow motion wearing a brown suede vest, and most of all; die for that person”.

“Oh…Earth is different, I don’t see how it can be categorize as a place for the sinned”

Damon grinned, “You have no idea, not yet”.

They briskly walked towards the shop as Sindel analyzed her surroundings.

As they entered the shop Damon began explaining what’s what, “So this is a shirt, just like what I am wearing on top, and these are shorts, similar to what I am wearing below, but mine are longer; they are jeans”, Damon picked a shirt and a pair of shorts, “here try this on”.

Sindel walked out of the changing rooms with the clothes on, however she had put them over her space suit.

“Oh Lord, this isn’t how it works Sindel, you have to take off your suit and then put these clothes on!” A nearby person turned around and raised his eyebrows at Damon and Sindel; Damon faked a laugh and signaled that she’s a bit ‘crazy’. Sindel went back in, Damon heard the same faint sound he heard when the spaceship opened as she took her suit off, a few minutes later Sindel walked out.

“Wow”, Damon said in awe, gazing at Sindel from head to toe.

“What?” Sindel asked.

“Oh um nothing”, Damon awkwardly smiled and turned around hastily, then let out a deep breath, “go back in and put your suit on”, Damon’s eyes wondered around the store as he tried to avoid staring at the gorgeous Sindel, “remember to put the coat on, we need to pay for the clothes”. As Sindel went back inside to change, Damon walked around and began picking a few more shirts and shorts/jeans, he stopped and looked back at the changing room, “Oh God, why do I feel like I’m in love? With someone whom I barely know, heck, she isn’t even from this planet!”


The sun fell low, deep into the ground behind the dark skyline. A peculiar dark red hue spread across the vast land. It was a lot cooler now, Sindel hid behind the well-built body of Damon, playing hide and seek with the wind. Damon looked back at her, smiled. The royal mansion welcomed them home as the rusty gates opened up. Roofy ran outside and barked in delight at the sight of his old friend, and his new companion.

Damon got down and picked him up, “How ya doin Roofs? Hey Sindel, shall we head back to the grange to sort out the problems with ya spaceship?”

Sindel had a thin smile as she nodded, attempting to conceal the sorrow within her.

The truck sunk on the beefy tires as Damon loaded the trunk with tools. Sindel itched Roofy’s neck whilst he sniffed her and made her a new friend.

“C’mon, we’re set to go”, said Damon.

“Can Roofy come with us?” Asked Sindel.

“Um, yea whatever”, as if Roofy understood what was going on, he jumped around in delight and barked in joy.

The mind-wrecking journey began again upon the miserable path of thorns. The truck welled with tears as the rocks pierced his sturdy but old tires that were near death. The old creature coughed, but continued to work hard and smiled as two people were laughing inside it and a dog was running around, happiness was inside this mighty beast. The truck halted a few yards away from the door of the grange, Damon hopped off and let Sindel help Roofy off.

“C’mon, we can’t take too long, we should head back before it gets dark”, Damon informed Sindel.

They entered the grange to the spaceship, just as they had left it. Sindel walked over and manually opened it as it had no energy, she pulled out a 10x10x10 cube and handed it to Damon, it was transparent and sparks of blue light were bolting inside it.

“Is this…?”

“Yes. It is the infinite source, but it is missing the core”, said Sindel glumly.

Damon asked, “Can I open it? “

“No, that is the problem, if you open it, it will either disappear or attack something it is attracted to, and that could be dangerous. The core used to absorb it and keep everything together. Without the core they are individual bolts. Everything in the universe works as a team, no one is an individual, that’s we need a core for this infinite energy to work”, said Sindel.

“A battery can store energy, or a small accumulator”.

“No, it won’t work, nothing will work. It’s getting dark; you said we shouldn’t stay for too long. Let’s go”, frustrated, Sindel kicked a small stone and barged out towards the truck, Roofy backed away and whimpered softly.

“Damon sighed, picked Roofy up and walked back to the truck as well, “Don’t worry Roofs, we’ll fix it for Sindel. She will be happy soon, don’t worry bud!”, whispered Damon.


“LOAD IT UP, ‘URRY UP BOY!” Deep voices bellowed outside in the farm. Sindel woke up disturbed; it had been quite a while since Sindel had last slept, perhaps a few millenniums, she couldn’t remember.

Beep – Beep – Beep; “TAKE EM OFF, ONE AT A TIME, TAKE EM TO FARM NUMBER 3!” Sindel dragged her aching body off and peered through a gap in the curtains from afar, several men in blue and red overalls were loading off sheep, a few in the distance rode a tractor up and down the farms, whilst some were watering the gardens. Monday, it was a dreadful day for everyone else but Damon.

“Damon? Damon…? Damon are you there?” Sindel slipped on Damon’s coat and searched for Damon’s presence in the castle like mansion. Roofy ran up to Sindel and leaped at her while barking a ‘good morning’, “Hey Roofy, where’s Damon?”

The dog leaped off her grasp and ran elsewhere, ignoring her question. She sighed disappointedly as if she expected an answer. Sindel walked outside and gazed at the sight of men at work, and animals hungrily munching their way through the fields.

“Err…who are ya meant to be?” Asked one of the farmers, “Damon got no gal…”

“I am Sindel, From Planet Rathum” Sindel replied with a smile, “Where can I find Damon?”

“Err, seems like yer had too much to drink ma’am”, the man chuckled softly, “He’s in the grange, though he said aint nobody gon enter without his permission”.

“It’s fine I’m allowed, he’s fixing my spaceship”, with that Sindel walked towards a small jeep, “Could you please drop me there?”

“She sure is cuckoo”, whispered the man to himself while shaking his head, “Sure ma’am”.

After reaching the grange, the man looked back several times at Sindel, and then drove away. Sindel slowly entered and quietly closed the door. She scrutinized the area and found Damon lying flat on the floor like a dead man with a bottle of whiskey in his right hand. She walked over to him, this odd stench was unbearable for Sindel but she avoided it. She kneeled beside him and romantically stared at his face, his wavy short brown hair, the peaceful eyes concealed by the guardian eyelids. His thin lips that sat under the shadow of his elongated nose, the little stubble that was scattered all around the bottom half of his face.

“Whaa, wherrre…wheree am I?” Damon abruptly got up and hastily looked around tangled in past memories. Sindel immediately backed away, acting like she had only just entered the grange. “What am I doing here?”

“I…I don’t know, I think you should ask yourself that”, Sindel nervously replied.

Damon looked around and allowed his mind and conscience to settle in.

“Wait, wait I can remember this, Roofy – Truck – House – Truck – Bottle of whiskey – Grange – Space ... Ah! The spaceship! Of course!” Damon bounced up in delight, “I fixed it, Sindel! I fixed it!”


Sindel walked over and placed her hand on the outer shell of the capsule; electric bolts ran from her fingers around the ship and the doors opened, creating the same faint sound Damon had heard. Sindel smiled and took a deep breath before entering; Damon followed her in and looked around in awe. It was magnificent. She reached towards a panel and placed her hand on it, another bolt of electricity was fired. A larger panel opened and a holographic image appeared, it was a light figure in the midst of what seemed to be a room.

“Sindel, my darling, we are losing, the Demons are far more powerful than us. However we still have hope on our side, Sensei told us that only a true warrior from the sinned dimension can save us, Sindel you have to find whoever it is and bring them back, you have to!” The crooked voice of King Mal faded away as well as the panel.

“Who was that?” Questioned Damon.

“My King. Our King.” Sindel solemnly replied, “I remember everything now, but I have failed. Though the spaceship is working, it won’t travel for long, we may reach home, even that is doubtful, as the finite core will not hold the energy forever. But there is no way that I will find the warrior now. I will have to go home alone, and face the same fate as the rest of us souls”.

“I am coming with you!” Damon cheered.

“Don’t even think about it. You aren’t going nowhere, I don’t know the consequences you would face as a mortal undergoing trials to pass the holy shield without permission, plus you might not even…”

Damon put a finger on her lips, “ain’t there gon be nothing that will stop or hold back my love for you. You may not know what love is but I do, and I love you.  I would miss you all the time, think about you all the time, imagine myself running towards you in slow motion wearing a brown suede vest, and most of all; I would die for you”. Damon let out a large breath as he shivered, frightened of what her reply might be.

“I…I love you too Damon”. Sindel said silently with a small grin, trying to hide it.

“You do!?” Damon was excited now and blood rushed rapidly through his veins, “Lets go then, we don’t have time, we have to save us all. Let’s go”.

“Damon you can’t come, this isn’t your battle”

“Hell! It is. It is for the soul within me”, Damon proclaimed, “I am coming with you, please don’t try and stop me”.

“You don’t even know how to fight! You don’t know how to escape, this isn’t a joke, and these are Demons. Demons aren’t merciful, they will torture you Damon”, she moved closer to Damon and placed her soft and cold hand on his cheek, “please don’t do this Damon”.

Damon placed his hand over hers and pulled her body closer towards her, “back at home you souls don’t have love, you don’t know what love is. But here on earth we do, and it is the most powerful emotion. Nothing can stop it, no warrior, no other human, no Demon”.

“I just don’t want to lose you Damon”, a tear helplessly trickled down Sindel’s face, the first ever, as she rested her head on Damon’s chest.

“You won’t”, whispered Damon, “that’s what is so unique about love. Now let’s go, we are wasting time”.

The two of them walked into the shuttle and lay down in the box, the shuttle closed and as they lay down an absurd liquid began filling up the coffin like box.

“Just to warn you, there might be a bump on the road so stay strong, we will be passing through the sinned dimension into the pure dimension”, Sindel winked as she grinned at Damon, and then lay back in the box. The lid automatically sealed itself and the liquid seeped into Damon through his nose as he tried to breathe. The more he took in, the more pain he felt, endless pain. A thousand needles pricking his body, his nails being peeled off, his eye’s being gouged out. Blackness.


“Sindel you have to find whoever it is and bring them back, you have to!” King Mal’s voice echoed in Sindel’s semi active mind. She had failed. The entire realm of humanity would come crashing down, as the majestic warrior remained unfound. ‘No, this cannot be the end. I will not go down without a fight whatsoever. I may have failed but… no, this cannot be. Our souls will continue to reign; we will have to ward off the demons somehow…but how. I am not the true warrior nor is Damon, and we do not have enough energy in this ship to find the true warrior. Oh well, may the spirits be with us, for that’s all I can wish for. What was I to do anyway; they all put their hopes on me before I had any hope myself. I do not have the strength, the wit, nothing! I have only been trained to fight, but I am not a high-ranking officer, why use me? Why did the King, why did the souls all choose me? I still don’t know how I could find the hidden and mysterious Warrior if I had time and energy. There are trillions of places he or she could be! How am I supposed to know how they look, or where and what and…enough. This isn’t my problem; it’s the King’s. We are all doomed and it is his fault. Not mine, his. He should never have sent me; I did not ask him to place his trust in me. It’s his entire fault, surely. Even Damon would agree’, Sindel’s thoughts barricaded her mind from grief for a mere second, then all the grief rushed back in, ‘The king put his trust in me, I did not prove myself. I am a good for nothing soul, and now stuck in this idiotic body that Damon keeps staring at uncontrollably. Anyone else would have done it; they would have suffered just as much as me and still be going. They would have fixed the energy source, they would have done everything with great power and right now we would all be cherishing the victory over the Demons, whereas I am heading right into the den of failure without even trying’. Sindel’s mind was soon clotted up with darkness as the liquid consumed her body inside the box. The oddly shaped spaceship was now many light years from earth, picking up top speed and sprinting back home as if in a hurry, like a soldier after several years on the battlefield heading back to greet his family. The stars and the planets whizzed by and everything in the surrounding soon turned white has the spaceship flew home at top speed. After what felt like seconds, Damon woke up within the liquid and struggled as a different kind of pain surged through his entire body, a pain like none other, as if his body was being ripped off his bones and then being reattached. His eyes exploded in agony and fear and he opened his mouth to scream, but the liquid hushed him and covered his mouth. Fists, clenched, struggling to breathe, bones cracking, skin ripping, hair falling. What was happening? Then BAM! A deafening sound exploded in Damon’s ears, wrecking whatever was inside. And… silence, peace, everything was tranquil. ‘So…I’m guessing I’m in the ‘pure dimension’ now’, chuckled Damon as he pondered. Blackness.


“Damon…Damon…Wake up Damon”, Sindel patted Damon’s cheeks softly, then began shaking his body.


“Hush, not another word please. I hate it when you go ranting on, bombarding me with questions. We are on Planet Rathum, the home of our souls. But there is one major problem, we can handle it later though”.

“Oh, greetings then”, chuckled Damon cheerfully, “What’s the problem?”

“We should both be souls...but we are still in our bodies”.

“Probably a glitch”, Damon grinned, but Sindel did not find it funny, “Sorry”, said Damon apologetically with his large puppy dog eyes, then he laughed and held her hands in his as he sat up, “Who cares? As of now our problem is that Demon dude, let’s go and kick his backside, shall we?”

Sindel laughed too and whipped her hair to one side romantically, bent forwards and pecked Damon on the lips then winked, “Lets go Mister!”

Damon sat there in astonishment and slowly got up to his feet, “Wow”.

They were in a forest, just like Earth, Damon looked around confused and asked Sindel, “Hey, you sure we aren’t back on earth?”

“Yes I am sure, I told you that home looks a lot like earth”.

“But how can I breathe?”

“This is your Home Damon, of course you can breathe”. Damon just nodded, acting as if he understood the logic. The weather was wonderful and calm and it seemed magical. Everything seemed magical.

Suddenly out of the blue, a quick light whipped at Sindel and she let out a squeal as she fell to the ground. The light then transformed into a man. He had little hair on his head and a very long, brusque white beard that touched the ground. His eyes were round and his nose was long and crooked. He was very short, a bit taller than a dwarf. He wore a white robe and leaned against a well-crafted bamboo cane, though it seemed like he did not need it. His smile was as refreshing as Damon’s, and a blessed scent dispersed from him. He looked like an angel.

“Sensei…SENSEI!” Sindel rose and ran towards the old man and wrapped her arms around him. The man howled in laughter as he hugged her back, “SENSEI I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN SO LONG!”

The sensei let go of Sindel, “My, my, you have grown Sindel. It is good to see you. And you Damon”, he nodded at Damon who stood there with his mouth wide open, gawping as his eyeballs hung low outside their sacs.

“How do you know my name?” Questioned Damon in astonishment.

“Never mind now!” Said the smirking man, “now that we have all said our ‘hellos’, we need to get moving. Though there is no need to worry as we have the great warrior amongst us, we still have to capture the Demon Lord and free the King and all of us Souls!” The sensei seemed to be delighted, as if receiving a special and long awaited gift.

“Sensei, I have failed the King, the souls and you. Damon is not the chosen warrior. He is just… someone that helped me get back here”, Sindel spoke softly, nervous of the Sensei’s wrath.

But he only smiled and looked back at the two of them, “Needn’t be sorry Sindel. You may not have found the warrior, but at least you found yourself”.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Asked Sindel, confused of what the Sensei said.

The sensei chortled again, “Never mind that either! Come along now”. Sindel did not bother asking the Sensei again as she knew he had his reasons. The three of them silently walked towards the castle, the grandiose castle, and the mighty one.


“Hold my hands”, the Sensei instructed the two of them. They held his hands and he moved at light speed. In a split second they were resting against the walls of the castle, “You are at the back of the castle, Sindel, it is now your job to slay the Demon Lord with the help of your companion; Damon. My job is done here. Good luck and may the spirits be on your side!” With that the sensei sped at light speed into the distance.

“I’ve done 3 years of Muay Thai and 2 years of Kick Boxing, I could make a good Warrior”, chuckled Damon.

“Hush, follow my lead”, Sindel waved him on.

They silently crept towards a rocky part of the castle, Sindel gripped a few stones that were set firm in the building, and climbed with minimal effort up to the second floor of the castle. Damon however, managed too, but struggled and nearly fell to his death several times, ‘Wait…would I die?’ Damon asked himself.  Sindel helped him climb through the tiny window and he tumbled onto the ground.

“Ouff”, cried Damon silently. He got up and to his surprise found no dust marks on his jeans…magical! They sneaked into the floor above the main hall, the Hall of Thrones. Upon the throne, sat the almighty, great, the most powerful and the omnipotent…. Demon Lord. Sindel gasped at the sight and slouched against the wall.

“C’mon Sinde…”, Sindel immediately covered Damon’s mouth and shook her head, telling him not to utter a word. Damon crouched back as Sindel stood up slightly and peered over the wall. The Demon Lord was not there anymore, ‘Where could he have gone?’ wondered Sindel.


“Looking for me?”  A crisp voice echoed in the hallway. Sweat trickled down Sindel’s back and her mouth went dry. Her hands were moist as the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. She slowly and cautiously turned around to face the deadliest of the deadly, the meanest of the mean, and the maddest of the mad; Lord Hardor, Lord of the Demons. A glistening black streak of hair ran down the middle of his fiery red head. His arms exploded of purple with multiple scars bleeding red. Inside those scars was a spiky chain made of gold, oozing out blood. The scars and gold chain ran all over his body. A sickening feeling engulfed itself at the top of Damon’s esophagus. He tried gulping it down but it wouldn’t work, ‘MMA ain’t gonna work here is it?’ Damon asked himself, trying to make himself laugh.

“Ah, the fear. Delicious.” Hardor bellowed in delight, “Two souls in mortal bodies, and in this realm too! How exciting!”

“You wretched creature!” Cried Sindel and she leaped forwards towards the monster, he easily whipped his elongated arm and smacked Sindel across the hall.

“Now, now, no need for such harsh words, my love” Said Hardor while snickering at the injured Sindel, “What are you waiting for, boy?” Hardor summoned Damon, “are you the true warrior?” Damon shivered and did not reply, as a result of this Hardor erupted in laughter and roared out of amusement, “THEY SENT YOU? I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT MAL HAS DONE. I expected a worthy warrior to battle, not some loon!” Hardor moved towards Damon, Damon had nowhere to go as his back was stuck to the wall.

“It will all be over soon”.

Sindel rose, “Don’t you dare touch him”, she darted towards Hardor who stepped back and stuck out another hand, and sent Sindel flying into a pillar.

“The entire army of Souls could not defeat me, how do you plan on doing so?” He turned around and faced Damon, he tightly gripped his hand around Damon’s neck and lifted him in the air, “Where’s the cries, boy? I’m going to rip out your soul!” Said Hardor in enjoyment.


“Ah, that anger within you, the fear, delicious!”

Damon chocked and kicked around, trying to impact the beast, but nothing would hurt him. He tried pulling off Hardor’s hands but the grip was far too powerful for him. ‘Well, this ended quickly’, Damon let out a small giggle despite all the pain, Hardor shivered as Damon did so and frowned.

Sindel observed what had just happened from a distance, and smiled, “So you do have a weakness don’t you?”

“What are you on about?” Hardor chucked Damon away irritably and faced Sindel, “I? I…THE GREAT…”

“Yes, you”, Sindel stood up awkwardly and in pain yet still managed a smile. Hardor shivered again and frowned even more, “Are you hungry? You seem a bit hungry…but what could you be hungry for…hmm lets see”, Sindel placed a finger on her chin and a hand on her hip and sneered at Hardor, “You are a Demon so you don’t eat…ah…you’re hungry for fear, aren’t you?” Sindel winked at Hardor who backed away and growled. At this point Damon knew what to do, with all his might, all his power, and everything he had, he stumbled forwards and barged his way through the pain towards Hardor, he leaped off the ground. The confused Demon turned around in haste but Damon’s fist already collided with the side of Hardor’s face. Hardor staggered backwards on shock when Sindel raced to Hardor and swiped at his legs. She smiled at Damon who smiled back, Hardor screamed once again from their happiness.

“We were a happy society, and we shall be, because I am happy”. Sindel spoke proudly.

“No...”, Hardor whispered in dismay.

Sindel let go of another powerful blow, Hardor groaned loudly and boomed in pain. It was all over.


All the Demons had lost their main source of power, the hidden Soul’s felt victory rush into them and they left their refugee hideouts to help the others. Other Soul’s were freed and the Demons were captured in unbreakable cages, including their Lord, Hardor. Damon saw millions of white lights approaching at once, heading towards the castle. He smiled and gazed at the wonderful sight. Several of them were cheering in joy, others talking about the battle. At the very front was a larger light, ‘probably King Mal’ thought Damon.

“Damon! Lets go down and greet everyone!” Sindel screamed joyfully.

As the two of them, holding hands, began to race downstairs to meet the King and his companions, Sensei whizzed in front of them, “And where do the two of you think you are going?” Questioned the Sensei slyly.

“Um…to meet the King?” Replied Sindel.

“You can’t. You are in a mortal body, such bodies are not allowed past the holy shield, but the two of you did it somehow. The Guardians of the Souls will be looking for you and the punishment could be severe. You have to leave, and hide”.

“What? What are you…” Sindel stuttered.

“Leave now, if the King finds out that the two of you were involved, then he will try and defend you against the Guardians of the Souls. But they are not like Demons, they are far more powerful than them, and we are of no match. You must leave; otherwise the entire realm shall be obliterated”, the sensei sighed, “You must go, both of you. The Two Great Warriors. Stories will be told about the two of you, but no one may know whom you really are. Now leave, may the peace of the Souls be upon you”.

With that, he slowly vanished, leaving behind a peaceful smile that lingered in their eyes. Suddenly the voices and cries of joy attacked Damon’s and Sindel’s ears again.

“C’mon, I know where the spaceships are. Lets leave now”, Sindel urged Damon on.

“HO HO WHERE ARE THESE GREAT WARRIORS I HEAR OF?” Mal’s prosperous and booming voice forced Sindel to turn around and head back to the King, but she knew she couldn’t as it would bring disasters upon the Souls.

“Sindel, hurry!” Exclaimed Damon.

“I’m coming”, she whispered.

The two of them took off again and headed to the hangers.


The beating hearts, sweat trickled down their cheeks, they held hands in fear, the fear of being caught by the Guardians. Fear was everywhere. Agony, misery, all concealed inside them. Deep down Planet Rathum, somewhere far off near the boiling core, inside the unbreakable cage, strung by multiple chains, The Demon Lord smiled.



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