Dead by Default

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

A mad scientist created a cure for human's greatest weakness, mortality. But something went wrong in the experiment. And he created the complete opposite of the virus. Humans started to transform into ravenous monsters that are immortals, and can only be killed by a bullet to the brain. Brian, a sixteen year old boy along with his best friend Steve and his dog Beak set out to find the truth about this horrible event. In their trip they will not only find things about themselve's but the obvious truth that they are surrounded.

Table of Contents

chapter one

You know the feeling like when you're just hanging out in your room with your dalmatian and then suddenly the world threw something unexpected at you. Sucks right? well that's what happened to me, all I can say for now is welcome to the club-of flesh eating freaks. Read Chapter

chapter two

day 0 hour 2: so yeah.. I got passed the grim and horrible death of my mother. I was almost killed there. But hey the party isn't done yet! what surprises are ahead this time? Read Chapter

chapter three

Hey!hey!hey! if youre reading this. then you are a reader just make sure you didn't skip chapters 1 and 2.
or you won't follow where this story is going. have fun! I'm the author talking to myself. Read Chapter

chapter four

If you have passed my long lamenting about how Brian and Steve passed those freaks congratulations! you're now in the interesting part of the story. or so they say... Read Chapter

chapter five

Steve is a stupid moron but he's my best friend' I just wish he wouldn't put us in any more trouble again..*rolling eyeballs*
Read Chapter