The Checkpoint

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
The Check point is a story about two soldiers named Sebastian and Alexander.

I made this short story as a homework for my world literature class during my junior year in college.
I made this story because being a soldier is really one of my biggest dreams.

Submitted: March 15, 2011

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Submitted: March 15, 2011



September 4, 2000, at a province in Quezon, there hid a group of a huge syndicate that carries out drugs and unlicensed guns. At three o’clock in the morning, our Commander-in-Chief gathered us in his office for a huge plan to arrest the members and the head of the syndicate. My best friend, Alexander, and I were chosen to lead the team for this operation.

”Sebastian and Alexander, the two of you will be the leader of the group for this operation. That big group is too much. All of them must be arrested. Alexander, you’ll be in charge on Road Talisay along with your comrades, the hotspot, I’m expecting your full focus on this and you, Sebastian, on Road Virac, same tasks and that’s the safest place among all the barrios here in Quezon. Don’t disappoint me Sebastian and Alexander. I’m expecting a lot from the both of you. We can make it. Let’s do this team!”, their Commander said.

“Sir, Yes, Sir!” Alexander and I replied.

“For now, rest and have a nice sleep. Early morning tomorrow, we’re on to the operation.”, said their Commander.

When the plan was already done Alexander and Sebastian had a talk with each other.

“Bok, could you do me a favor? If I happen to die tomorrow and to totally abandon my family, could you please give these necklaces to my daughter and to my wife and tell them that I love them?” emotionally said by Alexander.

“Don’t say those words, Bok. We can do this. Think positive.” , I said.

“Bok, promise me that you’ll do my favor.” said Alexander.

“I promise Bok, I will. Let’s just be careful and let’s just always be ready for any circumstances that will come our way. Okay?” I said.

“Alright, Bok. Need to rest.” said Alexander.

Early morning, at four o’clock, we left the camp together with the team of Alexander and mine as well. While we’re on our way to our respective places, we planned on what we will do when we are already there.

“Alexander, don’t forget. You’re on the road where syndicates always pass by and Sebastian, I’m expecting a lot from you because on that road where you are assigned is the safest and the most beautiful place here in Quezon. Don’t let your laziness be on top of your mind. Don’t let them escape. Always stay focused and especially, always be ready for any circumstances that may happen, alright? “said the Commander.

“Sir, Yes, Sir!” Alexander and I replied.

When we were on their respective roads with our walky-talkies on, we immediately build our tents and ready our weapons. I was shocked on the place where we’re assigned to because it’s very nice. We wouldn’t worry for our food because the place is full of vegetation, there’s a lake and a river, and the place is very quiet. With all the things that we have seen on our designated and assigned place, we became complacent and forgot that we are on a huge mission and operation.

” It’s so relaxing here. There are so many vegetation to be the source of your own food and it’s very quiet here. I’ll rest for a while. Let’s rest for a while team.” I said.

Meanwhile, on the part of Alexander, he’s being restless on their place. Their very serious and focused with their weapons ready.

“Let’s be more alert team and also be careful. This is a huge mission. We can’t let this operation fail. ” Alexander ordered.

Four o’clock in the afternoon, there pass by successive vehicles carrying illegal fire arms and drugs onto the road where my team and I are assigned. We have no idea that the syndicate will pass by on our assigned road because we know that the group will pass by on the hotspot, the road where Alexander and his team is assigned. I didn’t know that the syndicates have seen us that is why we’re so shocked and we don’t know what to do when we saw the group that’s already near our tents. We have no choice but to follow the commands of the syndicates. Our weapons were got by the bad group because a while ago we became so complacent that we took our weapons off to relax and rest that’s why this happened.

“All of you lie and face down!!! No Moving!!!”


“Don’t ever try to escape! Or else………..I’ll kill you with my precious weapons.” said the head of the syndicate.

My team and I are just silent on our place where we’re lying and facing down. We were all tortured to death but the syndicate still keeps on beating us.

“Is that all what you’ve got? Is that all that you could do to us? Even if we all die here, even if you kill all of us, all of you will be caught, and be sentenced to death! All of your evil doings will end if that happens.” I comradely said.

“Ahh, you’re the brave one! Alright! Run! Run! Run! As fast as you can! Let’s see how courage you are.” said the head of the syndicate.

Out of my rage because I cannot resist the torture that we are all experiencing, I meet in combat with one of the members of the syndicate. I was stricken on my right leg that caused me to walk lamely.

“Who else? Such things like that or even worse than that will happen to you if anyone of you try to escape or to fight with us” said the head of the syndicate.

It’s already eight o’clock in the evening when the syndicates were already having their rest but still, they are spread out guarding us to not escape. I thought and tried to escape even though I’m walking lamely. I successfully escaped the place.

“I told all of you clearly to never try to escape on us or fight with us because no one of you will escape here alive!!!” said the head of the syndicate.

But the syndicates didn’t know and noticed that there were comrades spread out on the place and those were Alexander and his team.

“Raise your hands!!!” Alexander ordered.

“No moving!!” said their Commander.

The syndicate became obstreperous. At that moment, they all heard a large explosion that caught their attention and that caused some of the syndicate members to escape the teams because they checked the place where it happened.

The next day, I was shocked because there’s another gathering of all my comrades with our Commander. We are having a briefing about what happened yesterday. I called Alexander who seems anxious. I called Alexander but he just ignored me so I just thought of that Alexander’s having a bad day and it seems like he’s searching for something. While Alexander is walking and I, trying to accompany him, I was bothered because Alexander keeps on ignoring me as if he’s not seeing me.

After the very long walking, there suddenly ruptured the two of us. The both of us turned pale. A person prone. Wearing an army suit. And when Alexander lifted the body, we saw the chapa named Sergeant Private Mariano. Then Alexander hurriedly ran onto the camp while Sebastian shouted and shouted but it seems like no one ever hears him.

A soldier’s life is not a joke. You should be always ready to risk your life to protect our country and our people if you want to be one.

“Right now, I’m here, standing in front of a tomb that’s named, Sergeant Private Sebastian Mariano.” I said.

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