Oppresed By Fat

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I'm tired of being oppressed by the weight of fat asses

Submitted: May 11, 2010

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Submitted: May 11, 2010



I met a qurky girl who believed she wasn't fat

I swear to god she was the same size as me but twice the size around

The weight was undpredictable by every physics scale

The food she ate was full of fat the amount it was proufound

I was a man of my mid fourties

And her she was the same

I swear she gave me herpes

Of that I am ashamed

But I was running out of choices

Everyones fat now even me

Cause of fast food peer pressure voices

My penis I no longer see

My fat and your fat is taking over the world

To our love now latters we shall never climb

Thank god to freaks like the chinese who made a freaking sword

Now thank god for their robots my fat forever slimb

My fat is fat

My ladies fat

Gay sex only for long hairy fists

Cause dicks and pricks and french fried sticks

The fat forever exists

A small little pupil slid out of my lady

After nine months of never knowing

My girl woke up with a baby

My emotions ever flowing

Feed him up

Don't let him die

Fill his face before he cries

Or he'll get cold

Its fourty below

His fat layer must grow

The baby had some sort of metabolism problem which kept him on the go

His apparent biological ailment made him never grow

Forever this lad my lad he kept so skinny

And in the house he died

Johny got run over by his momma

She fell asleep on the couch and to her side

There lie her precious baby

She fell off the couch and no one

Could hear the fucking baby even cry

So the news real kept going and the fat ever continued growing

Until the earth could no longer exist

The earth became a fucking star and the big bang reoccured

Cause all around the world the food consumed never stopped

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