Regressive Schizophrenia

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It could truly be me.

Submitted: May 12, 2010

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Submitted: May 12, 2010



Sometimes there is no where else to hide

So I regress inside my mind, my head

There I supress the untouched memories

My mind contains it all

My imagination doesn't shut it face

It is fully human now

My creation

Inside My Head

Here I find a network of safety

A balance of gravity

Between the good and the evil

Which continually disrupts my day

However in my mind there is balance

Zanadoo and silence

I may be swaying back and forth

But my mind tells me the others aren't there

Nothing to be scared of says Mr. Imagination

He is there to protect my mind from the doings of this world

The dystopian world no longer exists and

The Utopia can only be found in my mind

There are things in which I can not deal

Theres making money and managing my love

Complicated unpredictable undesirable love

Love that supresses my boyfriend and admits another love

Money more money and things in which I can not be dealt

So I regress opress and undress to escape the world

And dissapear inside my head where

There is no more going here or there

A time where no responsibilty exists

A place only I can access

A creation of passion of my mind

I own and your access is denied

But I so strongly fear that I shall go there and never return

Sometime I fear If I stay in this zanadoo to long

They will come to take me away

They will find a way to access the most private of thoughts

They the outsiders are always there

To scare me and my insanity away

I can't even own my insanity

My mind is of someone elses control

How if I can't express my philosophy

It is identified as beezle bub

My best friend

It can't express

So an ending to my life perhaps would be better than

The needles the screaming the lasting embarasment of my despise

The forever robe of my disguise

I regress inside my head

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