Unoticable Difference

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Proof that minuscule differences keep us forever interested.

Submitted: May 11, 2010

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Submitted: May 11, 2010



The clouds they seem to never change

My mind they could never catch

One would think

But I looked at them as a child wondering

A marshmallow or a bunny

A dog or cat

As a matter of fact just yesterday

My mind was caught again

Staring to clouds

The color and the possible destruction

The snow the gray the night

That bolting speed of light

Clouds forever changing

Forever entertaining


And if clouds weren't enough to proof

I stare at fire longing


Forever listening to the crackle

The flame

The smell

The slow exchange of energy in fire

Of orange of blue

Of coals

It will forever keep up staring

Destructive productive


The clouds the fire they destroy

They entertain and keep

Us calm

But now we must not forget to employ

The humans the people

We can't forget

They capture imaginations

Of many in the world

The strange

Like the fire like clouds

The capable

Of good

Of pretty uninimaginable success

Of destruction

Difference maintains interest

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