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Yet another poem, again feedback would be appreciated please.

Submitted: April 24, 2013

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Submitted: April 24, 2013



What’s it like? People say
Go on, describe it!
It’s the best feeling in the world some reply
It’s the worst feeling ever
Others will say

Go on describe it, tell me what it’s like!
Well you know what? I can’t
It’s impossible to even begin to convey
What it feels like inside

One moment it feels like I’m on top of the world
The next?
Well it feels like my world has been torn apart.
It’s like a topsy turrvy world all the time:
Good then bad, high and then low

A warm fuzzy feeling whenever we meet
Heart beating faster and the world outside forgot
Whenever we’re together and even when we’re not
You’re all that I can think of forever on my mind

It’s the best feeling in the world,
Realising that I can love someone this much
But wait what’s that?
Yes, it’s the worst feeling ever as well
Because you are oblivious to my feelings for you

It’s funny how people will ask
What’s it feel like?
Go on describe it!
Tell me what it’s like to be in love!

But you know what?
It’s impossible to describe it,
No words can ever describe just how much I love you
The overwhelming feeling  inside of me
And the utter agony of going unnoticed

It feels like my heart is on fire
Every minute of every day
Burning, and burning a never-ending fire
A fire of my love for you,
It’s unquenchable as I am helpless, there’s nothing I can do.

But even these words  don’t do it justice
All they are is words, nothing more
No words can convey this feeling inside,
No, you can never understand,
Not until it happens to you

So let me tell you right now
There’s no point in asking
What does it feel like?
No point in saying
Go on describe it

Because you know what?
It’s impossible to tell
Impossible to describe
Impossible to convey through words of any kind
What it feels like inside to love someone as special as you.




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