Barren Lands and Acid Rains

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Submitted: June 13, 2012

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Submitted: June 13, 2012



Oh, I have walked across this barren land

And I know the way like I know the pain

Many times has this cutter stood her last stand

Many times have I stood beneath the acid rain


Some dance to remember, you see?

But some dance to forget their ugly past

But forgetting feels like fighting the a battle on sea,

When your boat is sinking until you stand your last


All I’ve ever needed is for someone to hold me,

Someone willing to put up with this life

Someone to love me unconditionally

Even if my life is filled with constant strife


Is that so hard for someone to do?

Just hold me until I stop sobbing?

Someone only willing to say things that are true

Willing to love me, even though my head is throbbing


All I want is for this mess to end

I want to forget every last memory

And not find out the road has a new bend

At the end, I don’t want to be as hard as emery


These tears roll down my face

Taking streaks of black with them

Why does everything have to be so hard I have to brace?

Why can’t I just go “AHEM?”


Why are people constantly beating me down

Farther and farther into a pit I do not want to go

Some days I feel like I just might drown

I just want to be able to walk to and fro


These flashes of anger fill my eyes

Stinging, burning, thrashing emotions

Everyone only says “She tries”

And I know I am only going through the motions


If I put in too much more, I’ll sink

If I give anymore of myself, I’ll die

I’ll be gone before you can blink

I’ll be gone before you bat an eye


Just please watch out for me

I want to make something out of this life

But I need to turn this life down to a tolerable degree

And hopefully get rid of all this strife


So just look for me, that’s all I ask

Because if I go, how long will the last?

Please, just hand me that flask

And I’ll shrink to the point of no more mass

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