bed room king

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... its apice of my minde ..
if u are speling sensetiv u better skip my stuff

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012




u hate me so wat


sometimes it hurts, so wat

i take off my cloths ,so wat

other times,  i wonder why

u stick around

but than again so wat.


and even tough , i wonder why

 I still hope the risen never come around .

so i close my eyes ,and then again

chant my whispered

same old prier.


so wat so wat so wat !!!


i say it,  and then again, convince

 Myself that i don't care

so wat ,so wat ,so wot !!!!

so wat, today and tomorrow is another  day.

i wash my face, and look away


u lay in bed

and reach ur hand

so i obey 

my bad room king

 Never sugar cone his steer .


so wat, so wat ,so wat !!!


my bad room king

 loves his coffee  black.

he kindly reminds me  every morning

so i would never forget.

oh ,he knows me well

so he never buys me roses

i hate those and he knows all about that


so wat wat so wat 

and i long ego misplaced my smile

 don't even know where

sometime i look here or there

but its ok coz my bad room king doesn't mind

so wat so wat I say

so wat ..

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