Lady Macbeth's Suicide Sonnet.

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A sonnet I wrote in my English Literature class that's written in Iambic Pentameter (10 syllables per line). I tried to do it how Shakespeare would, using the same method :) It goes:
First Quatrain: Introduce a theme
Second Quatrain: Explain further
Third Quatrain: A twist
Fourth Quatrain: Summarise/ end the theme.

Submitted: July 09, 2014

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Submitted: July 09, 2014



In person, it seems I have changed as much,

There was a time that horrors stirred me so,

But now I feel incapable of such,

The state of fright I cannot ever show,

I made my lord's ambition truly real,

I did not know the outcome would be so,

But now I feel there is no way to heal,

From the act I feel we have sunk so low,

It is sad to leave you in this way,

Some peace and forgiveness I long to find,

I am going to die, to waste away,

I hope god can save my twisted mind,

In once quick act, I took the good away,

But in this new self I cannot bear to stay...




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