Would you jump?

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Suicidal thoughts.

If you could have the barrel of a gun held to your head, would you? What if your best friend did, took a chance and lost it all? Would you see the tears at his funeral?  Or would you deny he even died? Imagine this; you and your best friend, you'd do anything for, are happy. You express issues, then solve them together. But one day, he is no more. You're all alone. You attend his funeral, but do not cry. You scream curses into the crying room. Women stare, Men look appalled, children cry.You do not care. You walk away, as he left you. Why should you cry, when you planned to do the same exact thing that night?

Could you ever imagine your own death? Your own funeral? You'd suspect homocide, I believe suicide. Jump my dear, it's not that far, the ending's the best part. So long my dear wonder, you were my flower in the dark. You held me strong, my anchor's broken. Jump my dear, I'll catch you from above. I'll make sure you're okay, you won't see the arms wrap around your cold body, you'll be faded, but I'll catch my butterfly.

The voices say things. Things that shouldn't be said. They say those things in the back of your head. 'You're ugly, too fat, chubby cheeks.' The voices that lower your heart, that sinking in your mind. Beautiful, they call you a speck of dust, I call you a diamond in my eye. Can you find peace in this war on your sanity? Slowly insane to the point of the jump.


Submitted: January 24, 2013

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