I know I'm supposed to be imaginative but this is ridiculous!

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The ridiculous side of fiction.

Submitted: June 26, 2012

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Submitted: June 26, 2012



After reading stories on Booksie for a number of years, I've noticed a very unrealistic, unbelieveable and frankly hilarious theme running throughout many of them.

Firstly- Twighlight has been written, re-written and re-re-written: if I have to read another 'novel' about a blood-thirtsy yet charming, romantic and loving animal I may just give up on vampires altogether. Please, someone, make vampires scary again?

Secondly- Imagine being kidnapped, tortured, subjected to all kind of horrors and... falling in love with the kidnapper? hmmm.. Now I know stockholm syndrome is a known issue, but really falling in love with your kidnapper after a few days? And why? Oh he might be a brutal, uncaring, monster who has held you against your will and subjected you to all sorts of horrors... but he's tall with goldenhair and beautiful blue eyes"... so all of that can be overlooked. I can be imaginative, but even elves and fairies are more likely than that story line.

Thirdly- Please don't post a story if you can't use a comma. It makes the flow of the story IMPOSSIBLE to follow and time is wasted re-reading and re-reading just to make sense of a simple sentence.

Fourthly- Werewolves. boring. No one cared about werewolves really until twilight- now everyone is writing about werewolves. Vampires the same- realistically if you find out your potential boyfriend is a werewolf you aren't going to be sticking around let alone falling in love, imprinting etc etc.

Fifthly- Erotica is not so erotic if the word "c*nt" is used anywhere in the story.

Sixthly- Being beaten up, manipulated and raped is not going to make a girl swoon, or fall deeply in love with a stranger/their boyfriend.


Don't get me wrong, I love dipping into others' stories in booksie. This article was most written in jest, to poke a bit of fun at the overload of stockholm syndrome/vampires/twighlight/werewolves stories. These stories more amuse me than annoy me, and maybe I should avoid them altogether... but then I'd have nothing to moan about would I? ;)




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