The Adventures of the M&M Minis

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This is meant to be a short children's story.

Submitted: January 30, 2008

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Submitted: January 30, 2008



Once in La La land, there lived 5 mini M&Ms: Erica, Meredith, Rebecca, Angela, and Wanda. These M&M’s were the best of friends. They were always happy because they were free to go and do as they pleased. They had nothing to be worried about, as long as they stayed in the security of La La land.

One day, while the minis were out playing hide and seek Meredith and Rebecca searched for the best hiding place. All the best places in La La land were already taken, so they wandered further and further away from La La land. After walking for a little while, they came to the Land of Tubes. The Land of Tubes was where the M&M mini tubes lived. Meredith and Rebecca knew nothing about this, they just saw the tubes as the perfect hiding place.

After Angela had found Wanda and Erica, all three of them went to search for Meredith and Rebecca. They searched all around La La land, and still they couldn’t find them. Then, they started looking further and further passed the boundaries of their home. Once they reached the Land of Tubes, they began to search under and around and inside all of the tubes. Finally, after searching for what seemed like hours, the three friends found Rebecca and Meredith hiding in a tube in the center of the Land of Tubes.

The minis spent some time in the tube exclaiming over how great the tubes were to hide in and discussing plans for secret clubhouses when Meredith said she needed to get home. The M&M’s headed to the front of the tube, but somehow, the lid had slammed shut. They were trapped! It was then that Rebecca remembered a story that her mom had told her about the Legend of the Tubes. Rebecca relayed the story to her friends. As the Legend goes, there were things called People that actually ate M&M’s! These People used the tubes to first trap the innocent minis before they would eat them. Of course, hearing this caused the trapped minis more than a little distress. They began arguing and yelling about how to escape, but no one could agree on how to go about it.

Just as they started to lose hope, Erica had a new idea. In La La land, there weren’t only M&M’s, but Skittles too. Maybe these People only ate M&Ms. She told all of her friends to scratch the Ms that designated them as M&Ms off their chest and draw an S on instead, so whoever opened the tube would think they were lost skittles. The minis frantically obeyed. Just as Erica finished the last S, the tube opened and a hand reached down to grab them!

But just as Erica suspected, this Person didn’t like skittles, so he set them free. The M&M minis raced home to La La land as fast as they could, once again happy to be alive and free.


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