A Scene From Gemini's Story/Ian's Story.

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A short scene in which Brian and Tom try to comfort Ian, who thinks he's written the death of a girl before it actually happened.

Submitted: October 30, 2008

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Submitted: October 30, 2008



Cast: Ian, Brian, and Tom

A hallway of the high school, Ian is sitting with his back against a wall, downstage center. Brian and Tom enter from stage right. Ian is a solitary loner type. Brian is a smart helpful friend and Tom is a total goofball. At the start of the scene Ian is depressed but deep in thought.


Brian: Hey Ian, why are you just sitting here? Your class starts in like fifteen minutes. You can’t miss Chemistry again or Professor Grant will kill you.


Tom: Yeah. “There by eight, or surely you are late.” Wouldn’t want him “granting” you some extra homework would you?


Ian: I just don’t feel like going to class guys. Not after what happened.

Brian: Not this again….

Tom: Ian, you’re not responsible for what happened to that girl. You didn’t even know her. She had just moved into town the week before.


Ian: But I knew her. I swear I did. It’s almost like I had met her before.


Brian: Dude, we’ve known you your whole life. If you’d met this girl before, we’d know. Especially if that story you wrote had any truth to it.


Ian: And THAT’S the strange part. That story described the whole event in detail. She was lying in the snow…


Brian: Wow, we live in northern Washington. There is always snow in Spokane during the winter.

Ian: But the car. It was the SAME car.

Tom: A blue Camry? Not exactly a rare car around here. My mom’s got one; Brian’s mom’s got one…


Ian: She was wearing the red dress, and the blood was everywhere. I know the details perfectly.


Brian: It was Homecoming night Ian. Every girl in town was wearing a dress. Not to mention the theme, “Sin City: The Dance”. Everyone was wearing red, black and white.


Tom: Plus it all doesn’t matter. You’re writing didn’t cause her death, and you can’t write the future. The truth is Ian; you probably added that death scene right after it happened. You have been having those weird dreams. This was all probably just another one. I mean not even the driver saw you at the scene. You imagined the whole thing.


Brian has a realization, but neither of the others notices. Ian is not totally convinced.

Ian: Yeah…You’re probably right. I guess the whole “Gemini and I were madly in love and she got hit trying to confess her love to me” thing doesn’t actually fit…but it seemed so REAL.


Tom: Dreams often due. I have wild dreams all the time. Last week I was attacked by this giant cyborg Ape. It was freaky. I thought I was going to die.


Ian: HAHA! Mr. Win as a Cyborg, right? That was a crazy day in class. Anyway, I do need to get to Chemistry. Thanks guys.

Ian exits stage left.
Brian: Tom…Something there doesn’t add up.
Tom: huh?

Brian: Ian wrote that scene months ago. Remember, Mr. Win loved it so much he let him direct a group on it for presentation to all the acting classes.

Tom: Oh yeah! I was the driver. That was an awesome scene.

Brian: But the details are exactly the same. The name of the girl, the clothes she was wearing, the car. Ian wrote her death before he even knew her. What if he did write her death?

Tom: That’s impossible dude.
Brian: Oh and Cyborg Ape men from the future are realistic?
End Scene

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