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"Crush" Funny, how a symbol of destruction is openly used as a feeling of attractiveness and strong liking.

Submitted: August 19, 2013

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Submitted: August 19, 2013



Woe are crushes, sadness and remorse,

But only dedicated to a simple course,

The course that takes us to a world of pain,

A world of vanity, a world of shame,



And when these crushes hath unfold,

We're often told to not be bold,

But perhaps boldness is the only way,

Or will it lead me to somber dismay?



Woe are crushes, brutal and cold,

They can't be bought; they can't be sold,

Into happening they cannot be cajoled,

But peeked in thy eye, the future, it foretold.



The future known, yet we try,

Only for more regret to come by,

For Patience is the only key,

To be lost inside of me.



Woe are crushes, pubertal and faultless,

Only there to make us restless,

Causing us unease, causing us pain,

Causing all reasons to be lost in vain.



Reasons that could lead us to sanity,

Lead us to reality, out of this memory,

But it’s not our decision to make,

As it’s something we just can’t afford to take.



Woe are crushes, brutal and cold…

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