Daemon Vindictae

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A body lie in ruin, and a boy has a chance to redeem himself, but at what cost and what of the past!

Submitted: September 03, 2013

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Submitted: September 03, 2013



The ground around the body was moist and cold, like the damp earth you find when you dig a shallow grave for a loved pet, but this time it was different, this time the body was mine. The damp was climbing my body like some ice spider making its way with slow movements that made my mind react in the same way my skin should have. There was a mind shiver that sent my senses reeling at this very idea but it mattered not because there was little I could do.

Although my mind was aware of what was happening my body was wracked with a dull numbness that only severe hyperthermia and the severing of my spinal cord at the sixth lumbar could achieve. I remember now, the car was coming around the corner; my bike and I were in the right place, but, wrong time. The silence of that moment, you know, the one when you realise you are going to die, was only something I had heard of in stories, but now I recalled the almost whoosh sound that locked up tyres and a wet road make when placed together. It’s not quite the star Trek doors opening and closing but close.

The pain was there and then gone almost in the same instant, I was hit, and I flew almost thirty feet then hit the ground after I straddled a few bushes on the way into the undergrowth. I can still hear the car stopping, what I thought was a reversing sound then the noise of my ruined bike thrown into the undergrowth with me to rot forever. They just left me for dead, and now I think I am or in any case will be very soon. The only thing keeping me alive at this point was my anger and the thought of revenge, yeah right wheelchair revenge, I chuckled in my mind at my own joke but the trouble was the joke was on me.

“Do you wish to see them pay for your death child?”

A voice was in my head and I knew it wouldn’t be long as my imagination was taking over and the trees in my line of sight looked like stringy limbed aliens that were about to probe my ass. But the darkness shifted and a presence was with me a more corporeal one and it held substance long enough for me to focus then look away in a split second, my stomach lurched and the base of my skull tingled with the touch of heat and flame as if five burning fire flies were dancing across my skin.

“I said do you wish to see them pay for this atrocity they have wrought upon you”?

The eyes were burning like a bright orange embers and I smiled as I remembered deep within my soul seeing this figure once before when I was a young child. I was sleeping and awoke refreshed as a four year old does at three am in the morning. The man dressed in a long flowing black jacket with a wide brimmed hat stood in the door way and asked me a question.

“Do you wish to go back to sleep, or spend an eternity with me by my side”?

I chose sleep and the figure I presumed to be my grandfather guided me back to me bad and tucked me in, but those orange eyes never left  me always there, as if peering into my very soul.

“Yes young one that was I. You see I have been waiting for an opportunity to talk with you again and as luck would have it here we are again.” It said into my mind and I could see the grandfather figure I had once before as a four year old boy.

I strained my eyes but I was too weak and the vision transformed into my mind so I would not have to strain any longer.

“Why are you here and why were you waiting for me?” I whispered into my mid dream as the thing lingered into my conscience mind.

“Because you are one of mine, a joyous thing of beauty to behold in this world of unthinking blind followers, and because you called to me my boy, you asked for me by name!”

I lay still now feeling the numbing tentacles of death removing the air from my lungs as they were slowly filling up with a mixture of blood and bile from my wracked ribcage and demolished pelvis. The air was thin and uneasy but my bran felt sluggish and thick like a congealed blood clot that the other red blood cells were fighting to push through while the white cells eat away the malignant dried up rotten meat.

“I didn’t call anyone” I breathed to myself, hardly any breath was moving out of my bruised throat now as my tongue was the size of a fat leach that had fed on the rear leg of a wallowing Bison.

“I said nothing” but as I thought it I remembered and the thing said “See I told you, you called for me in the dirt and despair that they left you in.”

It was right I remember calling them all the names my seventeen year old body could think of and the only image that came to my mind was that of grandpa orange eyes, I called his name the one he had told me that night when I was four and being tucked into bed. Grandpa told me that if I ever was in need of his help to call his name.

“Intikam Iblis”

I remember now the deepest recess of my brain remembered those two words, but why I do not know. The Words mean nothing to me and I have never remembered them until this very moment that I must have muttered them.

“That’s correct my boy you called my name, I was given it by the Turks as you call them, they fought many wars and required my assistance on more than one occasion but they sought to banish me into the pits of hell fire itself, but alas they failed and here I am roaming the realm between worlds waiting for my children to call my name and allow me to be of service once more.” It said with an air of desperate appreciation and anticipation.

“I called you because I thought I was dying” I thought to the shadow.

“I understand hate and revenge my son, and I can fix that if it is to be your wish, your heart’s desire.”

“I tried to move but the broken bones were protruding from the skin and ants were already taking the dead meat from my bones.

“What is it to be my boy, Death and a place by my side, for one who knows my name will never be allowed into the heaven’s gate?” ?t mentally chuckled to itself. “Or will you take on vengeance and retribution as a challenge to all who would try and stop the son of the dammed.” ?t trailed into my mind, burning a hole into my already fragile psyche.

“What are you? I must know before I give you anything of my mind or soul for that matter.”

“I am fear! I am retribution! I am hate and I am murder, but the answer you seek is in my name for I am REVENGE!” it now had a hold of my mind in a cold embrace but it felt familiar as if I had known all my life I was touched by darkness.

“The ancient ones called me by their tongue Daemon Vindictae. Or Demon of Revenge” it finished

The last breath I was likely to take was starting to rasp past my wind pipe and make its way to my collapsed and damaged blood filled lungs, and I whispered into its mind “Yes let me reap havoc upon those who would do me harm”

“So it is done” my demon said unto my soul and I screamed and heaved in absolute agony as my bones began to reknit themselves and time paused and replayed in my mind and in the physical plane. I was flying backwards through the air and I landed on my bike a full twenty seconds before the car was to hit me. I stopped and let the scene play out in my mind and the red car came around the corner with its windows down and the music plying so loud it was almost impossible to think. The driver swerved as he lost control right where I would have been and he sped past me as if I did not exist. The number plate read ‘LoveLife’ I hope he does because he won’t for much longer.

The shadow demon with orange eyes looked at me and said “You know what you must do son”

I nodded and made my way on my bike back into town and to find the red car with my life on his front fender. Ah the fun I will have now that I have the power of retribution within my hands, and they burned hot with hate.

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