Operation Love

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I thought about the act of love as if it were a made thing.

Submitted: October 05, 2011

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Submitted: October 05, 2011



Love is a word that’s used quite often

But how do we fall in love?

I think over time it is forgotten


It starts with the optic nerve

As our eyes will see what we like

And look for the right shape or curve


It then travels quickly to our mind

In a wave of lust, need and excitement

Like a seeing man who was once blind


Our bodies smile and secrete smells

We release our true selves bit by bit

To move to fast can destroy the bells


We then move to truth not perjury

And forsake all others in life

By having closed heart surgery


Our individualism is first to go

With common sense and beliefs

 We are left with nothing to show.


The blindness that occurs with love

Is often just a smoke screen

To create a partnership without a shove


The body is an amazing machine

That can take all this abuse

And still function outwardly serine.


I am not saying that all love is bad

In fact I have caught it myself before

But most times was left empty and sad.


To undergo the procedure and then survive

Is the greatest feeling on earth,

And can make you fell so very alive


If you should not survive as you might

The operation of falling in love

Just remember don’t walk towards the light


Because try, and try as you might

The floating rejected, battle weary

Will infect you and steer you all right


Down a path that is full of  fear

And cause loneliness and pain

For the satisfaction of creating the tear


A sustenance that comforts those above

Is no real damn reason for us all

To stop trying to fall in love!

© Copyright 2017 Ian Dawn. All rights reserved.

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