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A little short story for Mikey CD Humour me contest. I dont know how funny it is but hey I tried I usualy write dark stuff so be kind

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



Tim Peterson was walking back from school on a cheery late august afternoon with the sun still peeking through the dark clouds, thinking life is great. At sixteen he was a successful geek at school and he was starting to fit in with the current in control crowd at his school where technology is king and not the jocks anymore. He was just one of many in a crowd and although he was smart and tech savvy he was still not the highest achiever in the school although he had a talent for chemistry and electronics. His mind was racing as he walked looking up at the semi conductors on the street posts thinking about how he could harness the electricity within the thick wires and make the world a better place if only he could devise a way for fluid to hold and safely conduct the electrical power for his entire neighbourhood or even the world. He closed his eyes and drifted off into his own world of knowledge but was still walking at the same time.

“Ouch” followed by a thud as he hit the dirt and felt his head where he had walked directly into a street post as he was off in his world. The pain drove his mind into another place and fir the first time although in pain and a growing egg on his head was forming his mind cleared and he saw a way for the electrons to pulse and in his mind’s eye hold capacity of electrical conductivity. He saw the fluid; water based soluble fluid with an array of hard chemical compounds from copper to brass as titanium swirling in the viscous fluid. The ions and neutrons conducting and holding charge as his mind raced.

“That’s it a liquid semi conductor” he said softly to himself. He raced home, his mother Julie Peterson a single mother since his father walked out on them only four years earlier for his secretary watched as he screamed in the house and as he was running upstairs swinging his school bag she said “Tim what’s that on your head, have you been fighting young man”

“No ma I ran into a pole on the way home” the voice trailed off as he ran up the stairs and entered his room.

“Now, let’s see if I’m right” he said in his own mind as he worked the chemical and fluid balance on his computer simulation program. The compounds swirled around in the false 3D world and the computations matched his thoughts. “well bugger me, it just might work” the implications were amazing you could have water and electricity delivered to your house in one single flow, and have a filter to remove the hard compounds housed within and not lose any electrical charge.

“Holy shit I will win a Nobel Prize” he again thought to himself.

It took weeks to get the exact combinations correct and he filled a water pistol with his compound mix that had a built in agitator in the holding tank that was a perpetual device using the housed energy to run it. “I will run it at 210 volts to start with and see what happens” and he attached a plug from the power socket to the clasp at the back of his one litre capacity water pistol made of all plastic components. I had my gloves on so if there were any leaks I would not get a shock. I aimed the water stream at ametal light switch I had set up so the water would hit the metal plate light it up and then stop when the stream stops hitting the metal surface.

“It’s now or never Tim”I steadied my hand and just as I pulled the trigger the bedroom door burst open and mum said “Tim what’s going on in here?” my finger still on the trigger I turned and the first drop of my electrified fluid hit her square in the chest and she fell like a wet fish convulsing on the ground. I panicked and Fluffy, mums half bread Shitzu ran in the door at the same time and some of the spray hit him on the arse. He sort of flew for a split second but then landedon mum as his body jumped from the power of the electric shock.

I stood there for a split second taking in the travesty and then I pulled the plug out and ran over to mum and Fluffy. She was breathing but fluffy wasn’t I panicked, plugged the cord back in and hit Fluffy with a small squirt, his little eyes sprang open and he ran down stairs smoke and static making all his hair stand on end. I ran to teh bathroomn and wet a hand towel from the bathroom and wiped mums face as she came around.

“wha.....what happened Tim” she stammered softly.

“You touched a live wire I had laying about and got a shock” I said being as sorry as I could imagine.

“Wow I feel like someone knocked the wind out of me and drained” she continued.

The days passed and I worked out that I could house a battery on my back with enough electrical charge to last me about thirty minutes and a specially built three litre water cannon with a battery powered spray that was drawing all the energy it required from the electrified contents. I had a grounded suit I had build from bits of wet suit and thin neoprene. It was black with a yellow stripe and I added a Lightening bolt to the chest as well as a rubber mask and special non conductive goggles. It was sort of hot to wear but I could fix that in time. I rode my bicycle to the local park at dusk and waited for the night to come and for someone to require the assistance of ‘SHOCK BOY’

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