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When a hurricane interrupts a cub scout den meeting, the leader has to watch the boys for days while the storm rages outside.

Submitted: March 17, 2014

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Submitted: March 17, 2014



This is FICTION and NEVER happened
The sirens had been activated but this was not a drill. It was a hurricane.
All the kids involved in this story are 8 years old and are cub scouts.
Day 1
Sawyer had been talking to his friend Nick while his leader – Mrs. Seely was talking to the group.  They were outside so the siren was very loud and it made Sawyer jump. Mrs. Seely stopped talking and looked around. When she saw the dark clouds looming over them, she decided they had better get inside. She had her group of kids get up, and she walked them into her house. They had been in the backyard of her house. Once in the house she turned to Sawyer and said “Sawyer, go to the phone and call your parents and tell them you are safe. Them ask them to start a calling chain to let other parents know that their kids are safe, and don’t come get them. They will stay here with me until we get the all clear. “Okay.” Sawyer said. “Be quick about it Sawyer.”
Sawyer called his mother and repeated Mrs. Seely’s message, and then hung up. He then turned to go find the storm cellar, but realized he had no idea where it was. He started knocking on doors around the house and finally found the door that led to the cellar, but it was locked. He knocked again, and another boy came up and unlocked the door and let him in. Once Sawyer was in, they locked the door again, and then went down a long stairwell to a room that was apparently underground. This was not a typical storm cellar, it was a room that had a cement wall, then two pieces of steel, and then another cement wall. It was about the size of a typical playroom and was stocked for every need. Except food. Mrs. Seely had the boys sit on the ground while she went to go find games and toys. When she opened the closet door, there were lots of toys, games and books for kids. She turned to the curious boys on the ground and said “Have fun!” Sawyer did not need to be told twice. He quickly got up and went to go get a book. He found one that was called “Tom Sawyer.” He went over to Mrs. Seely and poked her. When she looked down, he said “This boy has my first name in his last name!” “Very cool! Do you want me to read it to you or do you want to read it by yourself?” Mrs. Seely asked Sawyer. “Um, could you read it to me please? Sawyer asked, a little worried she would say no. He was not a very good reader, so he would not be able to read this book very well without help. “Sure I can. Let’s go over and sit on the couch and I will read it to you. She said, smiling. They went over to the couch and started reading. About 15 minutes later, the doorbell in the cellar went off, so Mrs. Seely got up to go see who was at the door. When she finally got to the door and opened it, there was a man standing on the doorstep. He had on a uniform that said “American Red Cross Disaster Relief Squad.” The man spoke first “Hello mam, I am with the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Squad. I am supposed to tell you to stay in your house and in your storm cellar. Hurricane Kinney is coming fast.” “Okay. I will. Thank you.” Mrs. Seely said.it started to pour down rain and the wind kicked up. “Goodbye mam.” The man said. “Goodbye.” Mrs. Seely replied. She closed the door, went back to the storm cellar door, let herself in and locked it again, then went back down and started reading to Sawyer again. They had been reading for about 4 minutes when the power went out. The room was completely dark. All the boys screamed in fear and some started crying. Mrs. Seely called out to come to her, and every boy came over to the couch and cuddled with Mrs. Seely. She then got up went over to the wall and started feeling for the wall mounted flashlight. She found it and turned it on. It was working. She walked back to the couch and sat down with the flashlight on. She started reading Tom Sawyer again.
2 and a half hours later she finished reading. She looked around to find all of the boys asleep. She got up, and went upstairs to get snacks for the boys and herself. When she came back down, the boys were still asleep. She set the snacks down on a table and found a book for her to read herself. She was about halfway through the book when Sawyer screamed. Mrs. Seely jumped up, the book landing on the ground and hurried over to Sawyer. She found him awake and scared. When he saw her, he held out his hands to have her pick him up. She did. The scream had awaken other boys and they were scared as well. She sat down on the couch again and let those boys who were scared be with her. She offered the food to the boys that she had gotten earlier. The boys ate eagerly. Mrs. Seely checked her watch and was surprised to see that it said 9:03 PM. She turned to the boys, who were still eating and said “boys, what are your usual bedtimes?” Sawyer spoke up first and said “8:30.” “Okay, well it is 9:00 and we need to get to bed. I will get sleeping bags from the closet and we will sleep here tonight.” This brought a bad reaction from one boy, who was named Kelton, He said “um, I need a C-PAP machine to breathe at night or else I will stop breathing.”  He said as he looked up at Mrs. Seely with big worried eyes. “Okay, well, I don’t have a C-PAP machine and there is no way your mother can bring yours over. Can you handle one night?” She said, trying to think of something she could do, but nothing came. Not knowing it would be much longer that 1 night. “Yeah, I guess so.” Kelton said. “Thank you, I’m sorry there is nothing I can do.” She then went over to the closet and got the sleeping bags. She had just enough for all of them, which was a group of 4 kids and one adult. She got pillows out and stuffed animals out for those who wanted them, mainly all of them. She then said good night to each boy individually and then got in her sleeping bag on the couch. Everybody else was sleeping on the floor.
Day 2
The next morning, or when Mrs. Seely’s watch alarm went off at 7:00AM, she woke up, turned off the alarm, and went upstairs to go get some food for breakfast. After she had procured food, she went back downstairs, locking the door again, and laid the food on the floor, which consisted of, brownies, bread, jam, peanut butter, cookies, juice boxes, and chips. The first boy to wake up was Sawyer. He saw Mrs. Seely putting the food down on the floor just like last night. He got out of his sleeping bag, still in his Cub Scout uniform. He had not had anything to change into the night before. He crawled over on his hands and knees to the food and started talking to Mrs. Seely “Good morning Mrs. Seely, how are you? “Good morning Sawyer, I am good. How are you? There is some food for breakfast here. Eat what you like.” Mrs. Seely responded. Sawyer ate happily until he was full, but saved food for his friends. Eventually, one by one, the boys woke up and started eating. Mrs. Seely joined in and pretty soon they were laughing and talking like nothing was wrong. Once they had finished eating, Mrs. Seely put the food in a corner for later, and the boys started to play with toys, read a book, or play games with each other. Once Sawyer decided it would be a good idea to play tag in the room. He got two other boys, Kelton and Jordan to play with him at first, and then all 8 boys were playing tag together. It was very fun until Kelton ran into the wall and fell backwards. He started crying, getting in the fetal position. Mrs. Johnson told the other 7 boys to sit down where they were and that she would deal with them in a minuet. Sawyer did not like the sound of that. Anyway, Mrs. Johnson went over to Kelton and checked if he was okay. “I’m okay. It just scared me, that’s all.” Kelton said, calming down now. “That is good. Go over by the closet for a minuet while I deal with the other boys. Kelton obeyed. Once he was over there he picked out a book and started to read. Mrs. Seely had finally had enough with the boys roughhousing. She told each boy to go to a separate corner and get on their knees. She then told Kelton to go outside for a minute and he again obeyed. Once the door was closed, Mrs. Seely let loose her scary side. She yelled at the boys and told them that if they were her own kids, she would have sold them to the kid jail. She told them she understood that they were restless and needed to run around, but that they should have asked her if they could have gone outside to run around, not run around inside and get someone hurt, like Kelton. She then told the boys that they were to stand in the corner and not talk, move, or sit down. She then let Kelton back in and Kelton and her played together until dinner time, which was about 1 hour. When dinnertime came Mrs. Seely let the boys in the corner come eat, and then sent everyone to bed early. The power was still out, so there was daylight coming in from the door. Mrs. Seely got a blanket, some tape, and put the blanket over the window, making the room completely dark. Everyone was unhappy. They all didn’t sleep very well that night

Quick note
(At 1:53 am, the whole third and second floor of the three story house collapsed. Those were the floor with all the bedrooms in it. They had to sleep in the storm room underground. It was at least heated the kitchen was on the first floor. Nobody heard the collapse except Mrs. Seely).

Back to the story

Mrs. Seely woke up confused. Was someone crying, or was that just her dream? She checked her watch 2:26 am. She then looked around, and as her night vision improved, she noticed a sleeping bag that was moving slightly. She got out of her sleeping bag, and went to go see what was wrong with the boy in the moving sleeping bag. When she put her hand on the bag, the boy jumped about a mile, and then he uncovered his face. His face was tear streaked and he was crying. Mrs. Seely asked what was wrong and the boy (named Kyle) said “I’m homesick.” Kyle said. Mrs. Seely picked up the boy and held him. She went back over to the couch and sat down. She tried to get the boy to calm down. After 5 more minutes of him crying, he finally calmed down. “Do you want to go back to sleep now?” Mrs. Seely asked Kyle. Kyle nodded. Mrs. Seely got up and carried Kyle back to his bed. As she set him back down, she whispered in his ear “Kyle, I’m sorry I yelled at you earlier. I hope you will forgive me.” “I do forgive you Mrs. Seely.” Kyle said, smiling. Mrs. Seely smiled back. She then got up and went back to bed.
Day 3
The next morning was pretty much the same as the yesterday morning, except that Sawyer slept in and it was Kyle that was up first. There was food to eat and they played with toys for a while. Sawyer then went up to Mrs. Seely and asked if they could call their parents. Mrs. Seely said yes, but when they went upstairs (for the first time in 3 days) to get a phone, the line was completely dead. Mrs. Seely tired her cell phone, but there was no service. Disappointed, they all trooped back downstairs to what some of the boys secretly called “The Kid Prison”. They played with toys and Mrs. Seely read them a short book, they ate dinner, and then went to bed. But they wouldn’t be there for long.

Sawyer woke up with a jump. He had heard someone knocking on the door! He was sure of it. He got up and went over to Mrs. Seely, who was sleeping on the couch and woke her up. “What do you want? Oh, Sawyer, what is it?” Mrs. Seely said sleepily. “I heard someone knocking on the door! Im sure of it!” Sawyer said, excited. Mrs. Seely got up and grabbed the flashlight, and went to the door. Before she opened the door, she told Sawyer to go back to bed. Sawyer opened his mouth to object, but remembering the yelling at he had gotten yesterday, closed it and went to bed. Once he was snugly in his sleeping bag, Mrs. Seely turned on her flashlight and opened the door. On the other side of the door there was a police officer standing there. “Hello mam. I am Captain Peterson. I believe that this is the Seely house?” “Yes Sir, this is Mrs. Seely.” Mrs. Seely replied. “I have received many reports that peoples kids are here, is that correct as well?” Captain Peterson asked. “Yes sir. We got caught in the hurricane, and have not heard the all clear. Has it been sounded yet?” Mrs. Seely asked hopefully. “No mam, we are in the eye of the storm, the calm part. The storm is supposed to restart in about 15 minutes, so I suggest you stay down here. How many kids do you have with you at the moment mam? Captain Peterson asked. 4 boys. No girls besides me. My own kids are off at their Grandparents house in Washington State. These are just my Cub Scouts.” Mrs. Seely said. “Okay. Thank you for your cooperation mam. Good Bye.” Captain Peterson said saluting Mrs. Seely. Mrs. Seely waved the door when the cop turned to go. She decided that except for Sawyer, she was the only one who knew about the cop coming by. She went back to bed, but she did not sleep very well. “The storm was halfway done. This was going to be long, long time trapped in room with hyperactive 8 year old boys. Great.” She thought.
Day 4
7:00 am. The alarm was once again going off and they could tell the storm was still raging, because the lightning flashed through the door window. Mrs. Seely had taken off the blanket from the window last night when after the cop came. The power was still out. The food supply was low in the room, so Sawyer volunteered to go upstairs and get food for the group. “Okay, go ahead, get whatever you want to out of the pantry.” Sawyer rushed up to the pantry and grabbed as much food as his little hands and arms could carry and rushed back down to the “Kid Prison room”. He knocked on the door and jumped when he heard a loud BANG! He looked back and saw the big tree in the backyard coming down. On the house. The door opened and Jordan opened it. He yanked Sawyer in the room and shut the door just as the tree hit the house. Destroying the kitchen where Sawyer had been just a minute before. Sawyer just dropped all the food and kneeled down, crying. He was terrified. Mrs. Seely got up from the couch and went over to Sawyer. She picked him up and carried him to the couch. She knew that he was traumatized, and that it would be hard to get over that. Kelton came over and sat down on the couch next to Mrs. Seely and Sawyer. He started trying to talk to Sawyer to help him calm down. Sawyer stopped crying and started talking to Kelton. He was not able to keep it together for a long time and eventually was crying again. Mrs. Seely just stroked his back and talked to him calmly until Sawyer finally fell asleep. Mrs. Seely put Sawyer in his sleeping bag and told the other boys to keep quiet. They were quiet for about an hour and a half, and then suddenly they were loud. Mrs Seely put them in corners and told them to stay there until she let them go. No talking, moving, or sitting down. “I am getting very close to spanking all of you. Is that what we need? A spanking?” all the boys shook their heads quickly. “Well, then when I tell you to do something, do it! Or else I will spank all of you!” all the boys nodded. Except Sawyer. He was still asleep.  Mrs. Seely then went to the couch and started reading a book. 10 minutes later she said “Okay boys, you can come out of you corners now. But BE QUIET! Or else.” The boys went back to playing with toys. 15 minutes later Sawyer woke up and started to play with his friends. Suddenly there was a noise outside the door, and Mrs. Seely got up to go see what it was. There on the other side of the door were the boy’s parents and a cop. Mrs. Seely opened the door and let them in. When the boys saw their parents they jumped up and ran to hug them. Both the boys and their parents were crying tears of relief. The cop was here to make sure everyone was okay.

Mrs. Seely had the tree professionally removed from her kitchen, and she repaired her house. The parents were thankful Mrs. Seely took care of their children for them during the storm, and they helped her repair her house.
Everyone will remember this experience forever.
The end

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