Pulled over on a bike

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Having just gotten a new bike, 11 year old Dylan can't wait to ride it. So, when he sets out to go for a ride, he doesn't expect what happens next...

Submitted: March 17, 2014

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Submitted: March 17, 2014



~~Pulled over on a bike
This is FICTION and NEVER happened
11 year old Dylan was happy. He had just gotten a brand new mountain bike and was getting ready to ride it for the first time. He got it from the garage, put on his helmet, (his mother would not allow him to not have one), walked his bike out of the garage and closed it. He turned left and hopped onto the road. He rode to the main road through his city. He rode to the ice cream parlor 3 miles away and stopped and got some ice cream. He then got back on his bike and started riding back home. About mile 2 he heard a siren behind him and looked behind him. He saw a police car with the lights flashing behind him. The cop inside the car was pointing at him, and then at the side of the road. Dylan obeyed. He put his arm down in the “slowing down/stopping position and then put his arm up to a right angle to say he was turning right. There was a turnoff into another neighborhood to his right and he turned in, pulled over,and stopped. The police car stopped behind him. “Oh crap!” Dylan thought. Dylan wanted to look back, but kept his face forward, hands on the handlebars. When the cop had finished on the radio, she got out and approached the kid with caution. When she got up to the back of his bike, she touched a metal part to “print the bike”. She then tapped the kid on the shoulder before turning to talk to him. “Hello kid, I am Officer Crystal, do you know why I pulled you over today?” “No. I do not know why you pulled me over.”  Dylan said, scared. “Oh, well back at the ice cream parlor, you failed to give a signal that you were turning. So you failed to signal.” Dylan was confused, and it must have showed on his face, because the officer tried to explain in younger kid language, as Dylan was still a kid. “You didn’t put your arm out to tell me that you were going to turn. When you turn on a bike, you need to put your arm like this to turn left, like this to turn right, and like this to slow down or stop.” She said as she demonstrated the three bike turning hand positions. “Oh, okay. I’m sorry.” Dylan said, now close to bursting into tears. “Am I going to get arrested?” Dylan asked, holding back his tears. “No, I am going to give you a ticket though. Do you have an ID on you by chance?” Officer Crystal asked. Dylan nodded and got his wallet from his pocket, then got his school ASB card from it. He handed it to Officer Crystal and then put his wallet back in his pocket. Once the cop had gone back to her car, he rested his head on the handlebars of his bike and started crying. He was getting a ticket and he was only 11 years old! It wasn’t fair! He heard the cop get out of her car and start coming towards him. He struggled to regain his composure. He was not going to cry in front of this cop! When the cop got back to him, he had regained his composure and wiped the tears from his eyes and cheeks. The cop started talking to him again and she said “Kid, I have decided that I will ticket you only for not signaling, and not for not having rear reflection flasher. Okay?” Dylan just nodded. The cop then handed him his ticket and his ID back and asked him if he had any questions. He didn’t. The cop then told Dylan that he could go. Dylan nodded again and peddled off. He peddled straight home.
When he got home, he put his bike back in the garage, closed it, and went inside, crying. Dylan’s mother (Lilly) had been working on something on the counter when Dylan had come in, and she knew something was wrong. She told Dylan to sit down at the table so they could talk about why Dylan was so upset. Dylan sat down heavily. It took a minuet for Dylan to calm down enough to talk to Lilly. He finally said “I rode to the ice cream shop, and bought some ice cream with my allowance, and then I started to ride back home when a cop pulled me over. I stopped and she came up to me and told me that I had not signaled that I wanted to turn back at the ice cream shop. You know I have to turn right to come home, and I thought I signaled, but she didn’t seem to think so. And, and, well, she gave me a ticket.” He brought the ticket out of his pocket and unfolded it, placing it on the table in front of his mother. Lilly looked at the ticket, and then at Dylan and said “I’m sorry the cop gave you a ticket, but there is nothing we can do other than pay the fine. I will pay half if you will agree to also pay half. The ticket if $50, so that means that we both have to pay $25. Are you okay with that Dylan?” She said as she looked at him seriously. Dylan nodded again. “I have $20 in my piggy bank upstairs, so I will do jobs to earn the last five I need to pay my half of the ticket. Okay?” Dylan said, thinking. He was trying to determine what jobs he could do to earn $5. He could not think of any, so he asked his mother. “Well, you could wash all the windows downstairs (they live in a 2 story house) and I will pay you $5.” Lilly said. “Okay.” Dylan said, nodding. “I am also going to talk to your father about this tonight. This is a serious thing Dylan. I hope you understand that. Do you?” asked Lilly. Dylan nodded. “Do you think he will be mad?” Dylan asked, scared again. “I don’t know.” Lilly said.

Later that evening, Dylan finished the last window and went to go tell his mom that he was done. He ran up to his room and got his $20 out of his piggy bank, and then went back downstairs to talk to his mom. “Mom, I finished all the windows.” Dylan said. “Great! After dinner, we will go to the bank and get the $5, and then we can pay for your ticket.” Lilly said. “What ticket?” Both Dylan and Lilly whirled around, and there was Dylan’s father (Robert), just home from work. He is a police officer. “I got a ticket on my bike today. I rode to the ice cream parlor, got some ice cream, and then was riding home when an officer pulled me over. She gave me a ticket for “not signaling when I wanted to turn.”” Dylan said. “I thought I heard your name being ran over the radio, but I was handling a call, so I wasn’t paying that much attention. Which officer was it that pulled you over Dylan?” Robert asked his son. “I think it was Officer Crystal.” Dylan said, thinking hard. “I thought so. She is a stickler about those things.” Robert said.

After dinner had been eaten and the dishes taken care of, lily and Dylan climbed into the car and went to the bank. They got the $5 dollars that Dylan needed to pay the ticket with, and then they drove home. Once home, they grabbed the ticket, filled in what they needed to fill out to be able to pay the ticket, and sent the ticket to wherever tickets go.

Dylan still went on bike rides to the ice cream parlor, but always remembered to signal when he was turning. Even when he turned 16 and started driving. He always signaled.


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