A young boy is excited to do a science lab at school, but things take a turn for the worse when he gets an ingredient of the lab in his eyes.

~~Science class mishap
This is FICTION and NEVER happened
8 year old Christopher was super excited. They were going to do a cool lab in science class today! When Christopher got off the bus, he raced to his classroom and put his stuff in his assigned cubby that he shared with his best friend Charlie. He then sat down at his desk and got a book out to read until class started. A few minutes later the bell rang to start school, so Christopher put his book under his seat and got out a piece of paper and a pencil, ready to start class. When the teacher (Mr. Bolt) announced that they would be doing the experiment today, Christopher almost jumped out of his seat in excitement, but he remained where he was. Mr. Bolt explained that they would be seeing what happens when they combine baking soda and vinegar. “Ooh! This is going to be so cool!” Christopher whispered to Charlie, who sat next to him. “I hope we get to be in the same group together”. Charlie whispered back. Mr. Bolt put the groups up under the projector in the front of the room. When Christopher saw his group he also saw that Charlie was in the same group too! “Yes! We are in the same group together!” “Awesome!” Charlie said. They also had two girls that seemed like they were very happy to be with them. They got their baking soda, and their vinegar, and started the experiment. They had been working for 5 minutes when Christopher screamed. He drooped the vinegar bottle and was holding his eyes and crying. “OW! OW! MY EYES! HELP!” Christopher screamed. Mr. Bolt got up from where he was helping another group and rushed over to Christopher. He was crying and covering his eyes. “Christopher what happened? Calm down and tell me.” Mr. Bolt said. “It’s in my eyes! I was holding the bottle and it got in my eyes! It stings! Help!” Christopher cried. “Okay, come with me.” Mr bolt said has he picked up Christopher. He got Charlie to go call the office and tell them he was coming. “It is 6803 on the phone, then just tell exactly what happened, okay?” Mr. Bolt told Charlie. “Okay” Charlie said. Then got Mrs. Turner from the classroom next door to watch his class, and then he rushed down to the school nurses office (the nurse is Mrs. Bear). When he got there the nurse jumped up and took Christopher from Mr. Bolt. She tore his hands away from Christopher’s face, and saw his red, puffed up eyes. “One minuet he was happy and chatty, the next screaming.” Mr. Bear explained. “Okay, well I am going to go call his mother, can you please call the Paramedics for me? I do not have anything to treat this in the health room.” Mrs. Bear asked Mr. Bolt. “Sure.” Mr. Bolt Said. 6 minutes later the Paramedics were in the nurse’s office. (The station is right across the road from the school. Coincidence? I think not.) They had determined that he should just so go see his family doctor, but that they would bring him there in the ambulance so they could help clear his eyes while they traveled. Christopher cried the whole way and fought with the medics who were trying to help him. They eventually put him in restraints so they could try to clear his eyes of the vinegar. Nothing they did worked, when they got to the hospital, they decided to take him in the Emergency Room. They took him to the ER and were directed to the vision unit.  When they got there the doctor (Doctor Bell) was already ready with a special kit designed to get vinegar out of eyes. “Thank you medics, I can take him now. You guys are relieved.” “Yes sir, thank you sir” the paramedics said, and they turned and left. “Well now, let’s see what we have here. Oh my, that is a lot of vinegar in your eyes, but this kit should do the trick. It might tickle, but it should do it. Here we go.” Doctor Bell said and he picked up the first solution. It made Christopher’s eyes foam up and made him scream even more. The doctor followed the directions in the kit, and after working for 20 minutes had one eye clear of vinegar. He set to work on the other eye, which took up to 30 minutes to clean. Once he had cleared Christopher’s eyes, he rinsed them out with water, and took him to an eye testing center to check his eyes, both were fine. He finally went to let Christopher see his mother (Christine) and to talk to her. “Hello mam, are you Christine? Dr. Bell asked a lady in the otherwise vacant waiting room. She looked up from the book she was reading, and saw Dr. Bell carrying her son. “Yes sir I am.  How is he?” She replied. “Can we go to my office and talk for a minuet please?” Dr. Bell asked. “Okay” Christine said. They went to Dr. Bells, officer, where he told Christine about what happened, how he treated and cleaned her son’s eyes, about the eye test and about the condition of his eyes right now. “Both of his eyes are totally fine, but he may complain of itchiness. For a day or two.” Dr. Bell said, finishing his little “speech”. “oh my goodness.’ He was so excited to do this lab today too. He even got up early so he would be ready. He had been talking about it for a long time.” Christine said. She then turned to Dr. Bell and said “Thank you for curing my son.” “You are more than welcome Mam.” They talked for a few more minutes, then Christine and Christopher went home.
Christopher made a full recovery, but did complain of itchiness. Doctor Bell prescribed some eye drops to help with the itchiness. They helped a lot. Christopher came back for a check-up a week later and passed with flying colors. They were all glad that his eyes were working normally. Christopher was happy to go back to class, except he was very careful around the vinegar.
The end.

Submitted: March 17, 2014

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