Son, Oh Morning Star

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic
Third piece

Submitted: August 27, 2016

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Submitted: August 27, 2016



Blood Notes

Is there a magic spell, I can use to make this work well, like why am I alone in this earth or should I say he'll
Why am I invisible what do I have to do
How do I make girls fall I love me and not I love with you

Feels like I am a ghost forever I'll walk alone
Trapped in a place so distant 
How came I am the only person
Stuck in a prison in my mind I am my own again
No soul tied I am fortunate to have misogamist motives through my head
Gosh now I know why people would rather be dead

Getting harder to impress binary fluid genders where is the logic in this

So girls hate men 
What the fuck are they thinking back then 

"Okay let's kill all men"


If women went on an Island and no men were surrounded then how would they reproduce I guess there plan has just ended.

"There's so many genders"

male or female, there is no other you either have a penis or a vagina
Why is the world so dark can't satan get enough soon this will be all but a memory.

"6 billion people and not one for me"

I can't take it anymore 
I wanna close my eyes pull the trigger but first I wanna say more

Girls like girly men
Men love muscles females 
Never again would we fix this situation

Lgbit rights who ever made them I hope they have problems sleeping at night 
I am not against it
I am dead inside so I might aswell end it now 

I rather be in hell where no transgender shall dwell. 
For we all are burning in the lake of fire.
We all are facing an end
New world order in our hands
So pledge allegiance no standing against if all hope falls 
We will be faithful servants
And never die again

The time has come to rise
We all are burning up inside
Look behind the mask of opposition
They are all just puppets to the illuminati that fails to be hidden

"I have come to rid this world of gods existence so pledge now forever be silent I have walked this earth for many years I will rebuild my throne as the world passes in years"

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